This is really interesting and I thought I’d share this with you all…I hope you all enjoy it?


Lagos, Nigeria.


The bus stop was crowded with lots of unsmiling people with varying destinations, waiting for the buses that would convey them there. All of them were in a hurry. Some, were running late, others were tired of waiting and the rest were in a hurry for the sake of being in a hurry.

Somewhere in the midst of that crowd, Ochuwa cursed herself for not getting up at 5:00am when her alarm went off. She knew very well the life of a lagosian who didn’t have a car and had to depend on public transport to get to work. She ought to have been out early to beat the morning traffic and the crowd of people like her who would obviously be waiting at the bus stop too. She sighed. Her boss was a perfectionist with a bad temper and so she didn’t take lateness lightly. She…

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