I had always thought that no matter how happy we were in love, no matter how we could not live without each other, things would certainly be fine, but I was wrong. In love, no matter how inseparable we might be, there will always be problems. Maybe I failed to realise that fact, maybe I overlooked it just too much that it began to affect my husband and I, I really don’t know. Many questions lay unanswered in my mind. Why did our love life suddenly become dull? Why did things happen the way they did? Why did my husband suddenly start staring at me like there was a fault in my star? You might be wondering why I write in riddles but as I write on and as you read, the answers may be clear to you! I myself do not know what lies ahead but maybe in the end, there’ll certainly be a happy place for me.

I had always dreamt of a perfect life, a successful career as a lawyer, a beautiful love life, an amazing husband and most of all, a happy home. Of course, it rarely happens that all these things I wish for be allocated to one person but yes, anything can be possible if God wills it. Lest I forget, let me introduce myself to you. I am Etse Al’Abiku, the second and the last child of the Al’Abiku’s.  I’m a graduate from the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. I majored in Law and I’m proud to say that I already have my masters. Did I mention that I have an elder brother, Obamhe, who is married to a nice lady? Oh well, I do and I miss him all the time because he is never always around.
I have so many likes which I think is really awful. I love the colour white, though people think it’s absurd. I love dancing and I enjoy salsa dances especially. My hobbies are numerous that I really don’t know my favourite. I enjoy reading novels of all kind, I love writing things, I love to talk a lot (how it makes me feel at ease), I love making cool friends, I enjoy singing and most especially, i love cooking (and I think that will make me an exceptionally good wife). I do a lot of exercises to help me keep fit and healthy. I love food, all kinds of food, I have no speciality. I enjoy laughing which makes me like comedy a lot.
Right now, I have no love life though I’ve had so many boyfriends in the past; none really made it far to end up been so close. Anyways, I hope I meet the man of my dreams; a great dancer, sweet talker, intelligent, handsome in all ramifications, humorous, a good poet and most of all God-fearing. I know it’s hard nowadays to find such a guy but as I earlier said in the beginning, nothing is quite impossible for God to do plus it won’t hurt a girl to dream just a little. So my first greatest wish is that, once I find that man, whoever he may be, I hope that our relationship will lead to marriage, one that will be the talk of all both young and old. We will live together in peace, have three great amazing kids and a home filled with love and laughter.
My second greatest wish is that, my husband and I will spend our 25th anniversary on a cruise. It will be a beautiful evening with candles lit everywhere under the starry skies and on top the quiet ocean, just my husband and I, smiling at each other, dancing like we just met and falling in love all over again.
My third and last greatest wish is that, my husband, my children and I, will celebrate my 50th birthday together at our home with all my grandchildren. These wishes I pray they come through.
As I lay here on the grasses at the garden of my home, I think of all the beautiful things that life has to offer and why such things could be so seemingly tempting. Not that material thing mean so much to me but of course, without them, things would really be difficult and because we really need them, things like riches, cars houses, jeweleries, shoes, laptops and phones become an essential part of our life to ease things up but then people tend to forget the most important things such as love.
Love makes the world go round. It’s just like the air we breathe, the song we sing, the rhythm we dance to, the words we speak, the feelings we express, the care that we give and very importantly, that attribute that makes us smile even when we feel irritated and makes us laugh even when we so badly want to cry. That feeling of love is what I just can’t wait to experience; it seems to be taking forever.



  1. Hmmmm, your book of possibilities is full of life, in the sense that I felt the life all over myself as I read through it, I could feel this life working through and through and coming alive. I wish you all these wishes and hope that they come through. Above all may Christ enkindle in u the power of his love.

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  2. Looking at the topic of the book
    The style the approach and the abstract mood on both ends (the writer and the reader). I give a kudos to the writer for the typical expression of herself and her thoughts and aspiration (wishes) which seems to be the same of every well mannered girl who wants to make a name for herself in future.
    The work was well mannered and understood. It’s a lovely biography of a woman who thinks outside the books and sees beyond, acknowledging that she has little or no control of life that it is God who controls all and has all and she gives all references and gratitude to Him.
    Well such stance and attitude should be imbibed by most ladies such as her and probably the world would be much more better.
    Wonderful work Derby. Happy I read it.


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