Today, Ama, my best friend, had her birthday party and been who she was celebrated it at night. Of course, I didn’t want to go because I knew it would surely affect my sleep but been her best friend, I couldn’t decline. No matter how hard I tried to make her see reason, my adamant friend bluntly refused and obliged me to come. I did agree but never did I know I was going to meet someone who I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!
Location: Cocaine Villa, Ph/Rivers
           Ama’s birthday party was the bomb. She had really planned for it that nothing could have possibly gone wrong. I arrived at the party early in anticipation to leave early as I really didn’t want to miss my bedtime. The party went well but not till I noticed him. It was dancing time and since Ama also loved salsa, she hired a group of salsa dancers. Watching them dance was so amazing, it seemed like I was in another world. Just looking at the beautiful movement of their legs and with the swinging of their slender bodies, I felt I needed to join such a gorgeous and graceful combination. Sooner than I expected, people began to join the dancers and I quietly joined not wanting to be left out. We all danced to the rhythm of the song and quite suddenly, I felt someone look deeply at me. I don’t know how or why but I felt it! Stopping in my tracks, I turned around and our eyes came in contact with each other. I really can’t pen down the wave of electricity that flashed through my bones, the pride of lions that marched and pounded rigorously through the forest of my chest or the ripples of water that bubbled up and down in my tummy almost causing an avalanche. I realised he had a bit of a cute smile as we looked on at each other. Averting my gaze, I left the dance floor and hurried away to meet my friend. Recollecting what had just happened, I prayed silently to meet him again or not, I wasn’t quite sure. I don’t know why the thumping of my heart increased again but as I looked up, I knew why. He was chatting and laughing with my friends. Oh,that cute smile. I was more astounded when Ama introduced him to me as a friend of her boy friend. Why haven’t I noticed him before? A tiny voice inside me whispered. He looked at me, smiled again and gave me a warm handshake. Oh, his hands were really soft, I couldn’t help but notice!
“I’m Franklin.” He said
“What a nice name.” I replied as I smiled and looked shyly away.
When Ama told me she was going to catch some fun with Joshua, her boyfriend, I pretended that everything was okay. What I failed to say, was that I wasn’t quite prepared for the effluxion of my feelings towards Franklin or that I wasn’t quite comfortable to be left alone with him. As soon as she was out of sight, Franklin sat beside me and somehow we began to communicate. I enjoyed sitting beside him and just discussing with him. He was fun to be with (or maybe because I just liked him) and frankly speaking, it seemed like we had known each other for years. We later joined the dancers on the floor and after a long while of chatting and dancing, it was time for me to go home. I realised suddenly that I didn’t want to leave the party and I knew quite well, it was because of Franklin. Funny enough, what I didn’t realise was that he wanted me to stay but as our thoughts lay only in our minds, we pretended to act like we didn’t care.
         Before we left the party, I thought to collect Franklin’s mobile number but as I thought over the issue again, I figured I’d rather wait and let him ask for mine first as I didn’t want to seem so desperate. I really thought that he was going to ask for my number, but unfortunately for me, I was very wrong. He only bade me farewell and gave me a quick kiss on my hand. I could only force a light smile as I hid the disappointment on my face.
Later on, I went home after seeing the last of Ama’s guest. I undressed, had a quick shower because I was too tired and lay on my bed. As I closed my eyes to pray a word of Thanksgiving to God for adding a year to my friend’s life, my thoughts ran down to the handsome and cute man I had earlier met. I smiled as I recollected our little chats but I was worried because I wasn’t so sure I was going to see him again. Sighing deeply, I started my prayer.

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