Ps: I am sincerely sorry for not posting for a while and some of you have been asking why? I will give no specific reason but I’ll just state the fact that I have been lately preoccupied with school and other activities. Enjoy your read and do post a comment. Thanks.

About a month ago, a male friend read my shoe shopping update and asked me later, which maga paid? This is not why I vexed, when I vexed was when he called all girls BEGGARS! I refused to give the “I am an Independent lady speech” on behalf of some of my girlfriends and I and for other like girls because I am aware too that a good number of ladies can’t give that speech. I’ll just discuss the subject matter in question according to popular understanding.

What is the rationale for asking men for money?
1). He is your guy, which is the same thing as parent for most ladies, and thus, he is directly responsible for your upkeep.

2). An Independent woman is a turn off for a lot of men, because men want to be with a lady who needs them, and the only way to help them fulfil their need is to be the needy.

3). After all, you clean, cook, wash, sleep with and for them. So it’s just sensible that if you take care of them, they should take care of you too.

4). Because men deserve to be punished for your woes, so as a sharp girl wey you be, the best way is to “chop” their money.

Why do you call women beggars?
1). When you see a girl, all you see is boobs and butt; although you met only a week ago, you are already inviting her to come spend the weekend. Now the girl is asking you for 1,500 airtime and you are calling her a beggar. Are you inviting her to your house to read the bible and pray the rosary or have a night vigil with the Holy Spirit?

2). She cleans for you, washes, sleeps, cooks etcetera. It’s her responsibility shebi but when she asks for something, she’s begging.

3). You did not go to college, you can’t even speak correct English, you be Omata boy but your eye no dey ground, you only look for yellow fine girls on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, bbm or any social media, they bill you, you pay, yet you call them beggars.

4). You are educated, arrogant, you form/claim big boy but to keep up with your status, you give when girls ask you then you turn around and call them beggars. 

I know that it feels good to have a man buy you stuff and take care of all your expenses but I’m not sure what the boundaries are or if there are any boundaries at all, but I do believe that there should be boundaries. I expect ladies to also please respect themselves and stop asking too much from men, he’s not even your parent or relation; he’s just a person you happen to know. I however do not have objections on relationships that are symbiotic in nature as long as there had been prior agreements.
As a conclusion, I will ask as my friend asked; when is it acceptable to ask a guy for money? Should ladies even ask for money or are they supposed to wait for him to offer? And to the men, I hear that a woman who doesn’t ask you for money is a turn off! How true is that and why is she a turn off, does it mean we are not allowed to be independent even if we are just dating? If true, then I wonder why you call women beggars!


13 thoughts on “MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!

  1. For me sha…i love it wn girls dnt makes me feel i rili owe her alot. Cos wn u demand den i feel i have fulfilled my part by givin all u want n so ders notin more not to/to give.;)


      1. As human beings we are opinionated. Good observation and analysis too. I believe its cool and traditional for a guy to spend For/on his girl. On the otherhand that shouldn’t be the rationale for dating.


    1. Thank you Nnaoma, I sincerely agree with you though sometimes it might be hard to let someone else pay your bills when you have all the resources to pay, especially when its the opposite sex. It makes one feel obliged to that person.


  2. Everything is individualistic but African males have a very twisted psych. If a lady doesn’t need you, Either physically, emotionally or financially, it means you are totally irrelevant to her and can be easily replaced. You better thank God when she asks u for something


  3. We shld be able to keep our money out of the relationship… however if we must bring it in, it shld b together and with some kind of understanding… I wld generally want to pick up my bills but if he insists no p… As long as he doesnt make me feel I owe him for it..


    1. I tell you girl!most men generally make a girl feels that she owes him a lot just because he pays her bill.I sincerely wish that money could be kept out of a relationship/x


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