Maiden of the  night,
Through the corridors of my dreams
I approach your queenly  sight
Luminous beauty
Ethereal creature of the sea
Lead me down the ocean stair
To the depths of our watery lair
Your servants  from upper waters descend
-thier coastal queen – they readily attend
Rushling  swishy swashing  thier fish tails
To come squeal to you gossips of immortal tales
Let me sip from your immortal lips,
That life giving kiss
Nestle your lips on my lips,
And let’s make haste to make the running night slow
For you know my spirit returns to my body
When the moon loses it’s glow.
O!  Succubus, make me forget this spiritual tryst
So when I wake up in the morn to the reality that the sun brings
Let me  blame the sticky liquid on my trousers on wet dreams.

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