So I finished with my project, after creating questionnaires and travelling up and down to meet with/interview Forensic Analyst, Patrol Police officers and Investigative Police Officers. Most of them gave me a tough time though because they thought I was spying on their business (which cannot even be possible because there is nothing to spy on).

The men in the Force Criminal Investigative Department (FCID), Alagbon kept asking me whether I wanted to be a police woman or become a female Investigative Officer because they rarely have students’ come over to interview them or ask them questions about their jobs.They gave me headaches by asking me questions they thought I should be able to answer because according to my letter, I was studying Law at a renowned University.

They particularly wanted to know why I had a keen interest in Forensics and I had to be patient enough to state to them precisely why I was interested in Criminal Investigative matters and how it was carried out in Nigeria with a specialty to Crime-Scene Investigations. I did this not because I wanted then to know why I cared so much about Forensics but because I needed them to become warm and friendly to me in order to assist me in my project. I mean I needed my “A” so badly and I didn’t want a mere interview to jeopardise that.

The Patrol Police Officers were especially nice and friendly. All the Fifteen divisions I frequented had something to tell me or a complaint about the Nigerian Police System. They were excited to hear that a student was paying particular attention to the issue of Criminal Investigations. They were ready to offer all the assistance they could render and I was sincerely grateful. When I even asked for a letter recommending that I actually came to them to do empirical research, they readily provided one.

I was extremely delighted when after submitting my entire project to Prof. Okorafo, he read it with a smile and asked for a day’s extension to further read into my work. The next day at 11.42am, I walked into the faculty and headed for his office.

“Good Morning Sir…” I greeted

“Good Morning Nwanneka, how are you?”

“I’m fine Sir and you?”

“I’m as you see me” he replied admist smiles “Yes?” he continued as he looked into his files for what I do not know

“Well, Sir, I came to see if you are done reading my project”

“Oh yes, I have read it. Check the Secretary’s desk, I dropped it there.”

“Just that…? No good job, you did a nice work, I recommend your project as a nice research well conducted?” I thought with a frown as the smiles on my face disappeared

“Hmm…Sir, is there any corrections I need to be aware of, any mistakes or any thing you’d like me to add?

“Oh, you’ll see the few marks I made on your work. Change your abstract to past tense and correct some of your footnotes. Again, like I’ll always remind you, put a comma after your surname and put an accent on my O to signify that it’s a traditional name.” I rolled my eyes after he said that because I didn’t see how that was possible when I was typing with my laptop except I used a black pen to indicate the mark he readily wanted and because I knew he wasn’t looking at me “You followed the faculty guideline?”

“Oh yes Sir, I made sure to follow that!” I replied flatly

“Oh then, there you have it. You have no problem, bind your project according to the guidelines and submit before the faculty deadline.”

Faculty daedline? Eh…I am not aware of the deadline oh. I thought every supervisor was to set a deadline for his/her students’? Was there a general faculty guideline? I began to ponder on my feet.

“Any thing else, Nwanneka?”

“Oh no Sir. Erm…Sir,”


“Please when is the faculty deadline?” I asked confused

“I wouldn’t know. Check the notice boards, ask your mates or talk with the Faculty general supervisor. He gives the deadline, he would know.”

“Thank you sir” that was all I could muster to say as I turned my back to him and left the office with pure disdain. I mean, why would my supervisor behave like he didn’t care about what I was doing? He was meant to supervise me and tell me when I did wrong or right or what I need to to attain right. He was just so aloof. I stopped at his Secretary’s desk, signed my name on the paper he provided and took my project file.

As I headed toward the faculty walkway, I opened the file to peruse what he had done to it and see if he made any relevant corrections. To my uttermost suprise, there was none. Just a red biro stain on my abstact, my footnote in Chapter 1 and my Title page.

“Haba now, did this man read my project?” I thought

“How come there was no corrections?” I asked no one in particular. I became worried for fear that I might have done rubbish. I took out my phone and dialed my friend.

“Hello…” She began

“Hey Ekene, what’s up?” I began as I tried to tuck my file into my handbag

“I’m good jare. What’s up now, did you still meet Prof.?”

“Asin eh, I’m just leaving his office oh”

“Well, did he say you can bind?”

“Yes oh, suprisingly, he approved that I could bind. I don’t even understand”

“Ah ah, what do you mean? You’re even supposed to be happy now, your work is flawless. I read it, i mean, at least you are done with your project, not like the rest of us still struggling to finish Chapter 3 & 4.”

“See your head!” I said laughing “Is it just to finish abi finish well? The man did not even make any corrections and he said I should go and bind. I mean which supervisor behaves like this? Not even one correction, na wa for my supervisor sha.”

“So what do you want to do now? He said to go and bound.”

“Ha! No oh, I’m going to meet Barr. Bamisaye oh, let him read my work and make neccessary corrections before I bind rubbish. Thank God the man is my friend and I can even get to ask him about the faculty deadline for submissions since he’s the head of our project affairs.”

“Ye…there is a faculty deadline?” She asked wide-eyed

“So my supervisor told me oh, he said I should ask.”

“Okay, please tell me when you find out oh. I better continue working on my project then if I want to meet up. Have you eaten yet?”

“Nooo, I’m even hungry self. Did you make anything for both of us?” I asked grinning knowing fully well that Ekene would have been on top her bed the whole time she went back to the room.

“See who’s asking me that kind of question. Abegi, buy food when you are coming back oh, I’m so hungry I can’t even cook something for myself.”

“See you, lazy girl but you’ll have to wait a bit, I need to see Barr. Bamisaye and give him my work.”

“Okay now, no problem…take care.”

“You too. Bye!” I said as I ended the call.

I punched at my phone again as I proceeded to dial Barr. Bamisaye. I called him twice without any response and then I left him a message. As I took a step forward, my phone beeped twice. One was from my girlfriend, Zaram and the other was from Barr Bamisaye. I quickly opened Barr. Bami’s text as I read. He instructed that I wait for him outside the faculty office as he was going home, so I retraced my steps back to the Faculty and just as I got there, I saw his Red Mustang car driving out. He stopped right in front of me and wound down his windows.

“Good Afternoon sir” I started with a half-smile

“Ehnn…Good Afternoon Nwanneka, how are you?”

“I’m fine Sir…I’m sorry to bother you Sir.” I said scratching my hair

“Oh, it’s okay, no problem. Where is the project work?”

“Here Sir…” I said as I handed them over to his half outstretched arm through his car window. “I’ll like you to look at them and make any neccessary corrections.”

“That’s okay but you won’t have them back today oh.”

“Oh no Sir, I completely understand. So when can I come to get them from you?”

“Say by next week Monday. Today is Tuesday now?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Okay then, I hope Monday is not too far for you to get back your file and effect any corrections I will make?”

“No Sir, Monday will be fine.” Even though I badly hoped that he could have finished them by Friday so that by Monday, I could have them already bound, I still smiled and pretended I was okay by the Monday idea because I was in dire need of his help.

“Okay then Nwanne, till Monday.” He finished with a smile

“Bye Sir.” I siad smiling as he drove off.

I checked my phone to see what Zaram had texted me with, then I realised I was supposed to be at the meeting for our class yearbook. Sighing as I heard the rumbles made by the worms in my tommy, I ignored their cries and headed back to the lecture halls hoping that I would get there when they were almost about to leave.


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