Zzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz…screamed the alarm as it reverbrated on my dresser.

Zzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz…it screamed again, louder this time.

I snuggled my pillow tighter as I reached across to my dresser close to where I lay my head and snoozed the alarm. I peeped at the time, it was 3.50am. I sighed and continued my sweet sleep as I curled my legs beneath me.

Zzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz…screamed the alarm some 10 minutes later. Zzzzz…it continued as I lazily stretched my hand to snooze it again. I looked at the time this time around, it was just 4.00am.

“Ohhhh…” I nagged “Why did I snooze this alarm? I should have put it off!”

Stretching and yawning lazily at the same time, I got back to sleeping again as I prayed silently for the alarm not to go off yet.

Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz…I heard more loudly this time. Rolling up and down the bed, I let the alarm continue in its joyous melody as I squirmed on my bed wondering why in the 1st place, I had put on the alarm.

“It doesn’t even let me sleep.” I whispered to myself

Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz…”the time is 4.30!” I heard my alarm say. Jerking my eyes wide open, I sat up straight, muttered a thank you Jesus and stood up. It took me like 5 minutes to stretch my lazy body and bring it to life before I decided to head for the bathroom. Just as I took another step, I heard another Zzzzz…

I rushed back to my dresser and put off the annoying alarm. “This thing drives me crazy.” I said to myself

I looked at the time again, it was 4.38am. I went to have my bath after brushing my teeth and I was done dressing in less than 40 minutes. By 5.25am, I was through and ready to leave. I grabbed my handbag after putting in some fruits and a drink and headed out.

After some 20 mins of waiting for a bus in front of my estate, one finally stopped right in front of me and I can’t describe how delighted I was because I just benched the very last seat after 3 ladies had tried to run to get the space in the bus.

We began what I envisioned would be a fruitful and less-demanding journey [I use the word less-demanding because I just assumed that traffic would be more gentle than the days when I leave home by 6.15am. Waking up earlier today was due to the fact that I was supposed to be in Court with one of the associate Lawyers at the Firm I work with before 9am, which meant that I was to be at the office by 8am.]

However,, I was very wrong. By the time we got to VGC from Ajah, it seemed like everything was on a standstill. There was no movement, not even a single place to bypass or manoeuvre. Everywhere was blocked!

“Where are all these cars even going to?” I asked myself.

Sighing, I decided to see if I could rest my head against the window to at least sleep a little since my alarm didn’t afford me such luxury. Unfortunately, as the bus moved, the jerkings began and the bus began to swing my head here & there like I was a pendulum.

“I can’t even get a decent sleep in this traffic.” I lamented to myself. Funny enough I had this banging terrible headache and aching stomach [Due to the fact that I drank water and I hate taking water in the early hours of the mornings because my stomach reacts to it in a funny way. Yet, they say it’s a great therapy].

Just as I put my hand into my bag to get my Rosary & pray, I happen to hear the conversation of two bright ladies sitting next to me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I intended to use the opportunity to say my morning prayers but their conversation was too interesting that I was pulled to listen. I mean, for want of something to do since I couldn’t get a decent sleep, I began to eavesdrop [if you’ll like to hear me say that but I know I wasn’t eavesdropping, the conversation came right to me].

“I’m telling you…that’s why I don’t like relationships, they are always messy.” The first lady continued [let’s name her Tina].

“Nah, they aren’t always that way. Most are but not all.” The other lady replied [let’s call her Dupe].

“My dear, not only did Tobe care for her and all she wanted to do or be, he loved her so much. I can’t even believe that such love exists. You see, on Friday, Tobe called me to tell me that he won’t be coming to work early because he had prior engagements that might delay his coming early so he wanted me to know so I don’t start calling. He wanted to go to the airport to personally pick her up even though her flight was to land by 5.30am. He left his home at Abraham Adesanya by 3am to beat this Lekki traffic, just so he could get there early to pick her up.”

“Are you serious?” Dupe asked

“Of course, you know how she behaves. He didn’t want her to come and get all fussed up or angry and then probably pick a personal cab to take her home. He knew she could do something like that, so to avoid any trouble and because of love, he decided to pick her up by himself and be there on time.”

“This kind of love…” Dupe hissed “So what happened then?” She probed

“So as expected, with all the Lagos traffic, he got to the airport by 5.15am and waited 32 minutes for their arrival. When he finally saw her, he reached out to hug her but she didn’t even respond. She just walked on and started talking into her phone.”

“For real? Why did she do that?”

“Maybe she was tired of his lovey-dovey attitude. Tobe even said that he just smiled it off and decided that she was tired after spending 18 long hours on the plane. He said he reached out however to help her carry her luggages but she just pretended he wasn’t there and carried it all by herself. She only finally let him touch her luggages when he wanted to put them in the car boot.”

“Look at her…why didn’t she just put it in herself?” Dupe scoffed

“My dear, it’s a sad story. The entire time till he drove till they got to her house at Co-operative Villa, she didn’t even speak a word to him. When he inquired about how her trip went, all she had to say was fine! He tried to lead a conversation but all her replies were apt. She just stared out the window and kept pressing her phone when she felt neccessary. When they finally got to her place, she didn’t even say thank you or anything. She just took her bags and quietly went in. Tobe said he didn’t even know what to do, whether to go in with her or just go back home and prepare for work. He was just devastated.” Tina finished

“Why did she behave like that anyways?” Dupe inquired “There must have been some sort of a reason to warrant her behaviour”

“That’s the same thing I asked Tobe. He said that when he finally got to the office that Friday, he was just confused. He even went on to see her brother at his Marina office to ask if anything went wrong at home or so. The brother just sighed and told Tobe that his sister had already told him that she didn’t want anything to do with Tobe anymore and that she was tired of the relationship.”

“Wow! Why didn’t she just tell Tobe then?”

“That’s exactly the same thing Tobe asked her brother and he said his sister didn’t know how to tell Tobe. Tobe was furious and placed a call to her cell asking to see her. Can you imagine what she then said? That she was too tired to even come out of the house. Of course, for the sake of love, Tobe left the office and went back to Badore to see his madam. Her brother followed him and when they got there, Tobe asked her if she had anything she wanted to tell him or if there was anything wrong. She replied in the negative and pretended to be busy with her phone. Tobe who was now more pissed than ever, calmly asked her for his stuffs. You see, Tobe had given her $18,000 to buy some things for him when she was coming back from Geneva and she had collected the money to buy them. She left for her room and brought back 2 of the luggages she had brought back with her which she then handed to Tobe. She then called in her brother to tell him something. When her brother came back to the living room, he told Tobe that she had complained that the money Tobe gave her for the stuffs she bought was not exactly enough and that she needed a refund for the extra money she added to complete it. At that point, Tobe said he became very unhappy.”

PS: I’m sorry to cut the convo short but it happens to be extremly long in writing. While I was in the bus it seemed short but this has taken me by surprise and I intend to state everything I heard, so I’ll take it in bits and complete it in the next episode. Enjoy! Barka De Sallah.



  1. Lool, my friend called to tell me about my mistake and I have effected the corrections…I’ll like my readers to further help me with my Spellings or writings if they feel I have made a mistake. My bad [Hands on my face], thanks.


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