PS: So I couldn’t continue the story yesterday due to some factors. Well, its’ here now so do enjoy your read. Cheers!


“Why was Tobe unhappy?” Dupe managed to ask

“You see, her trip to Switzerland, Geneva precisely, was a trip that Tobe funded. He had applied for her visa and paid all her expenses for the trip. You see, some girls could be very ungrateful. He was the same person who bought her the house she is currently staying in, bought her a car and even an iPhone 6. So I mean, he has all right to be very unhappy with her. I mean, he couldn’t even imagine that she was asking him for a refund and then instead of politely asking, she sent her brother. How condescending! He just quietly asked her to make a list of what she had bought for him and the extent she had added her money so that he could refund her with the proper amount. He left her house after that and went home.”

“Are you serious? Why is she behaving like that? And why didn’t she just tell him that she was tired of their relationship?”

“According to her, she didn’t want to continue the relationship with Tobe. She said she just wanted to have fun and not do something serious. Fortunately for Tobe, his friend from the UK came in on saturday. The friend had come in to Nigeria for business and guess what? It was the same girl that had given the friend the contract. When his friend had asked Tobe how his madam was supposedly doing, Tobe just told him to leave her matter. That was when the friend, surprised at Tobe’s response, had told Tobe how he had gotten the contract he came for through her. Funny enough, the friend then told Tobe how he had suspected that she had been sleeping around to get her business contracts. There was even a time Tobe said she credited his account to the tune of 3 million Naira and when he asked her how she got the money, she had vaguely said good business deal. He had just waived her response and thought she was talking about the contract she had bagged at Four Points; Sheraton, when they had been searching for a job for her. His friend even further told him that she had gotten several other contracts for 3 of his business colleagues who were in the UK and France. Tobe said he just became confused. So, instead of confronting her, he called her up on Monday evening on his way back from work and told her to meet him up at Mega-Chicken. He had thought she would not be there when he got there but funny enough, when he got there, she was there taking chapman and punching at her phone. When he sat beside her to start a conversation, she hurriedly told him she was busy and that she didn’t have much time to waste. He asked her why she had pretended to like him all the while only to break-up like this. You see, girls can be very funny…”

I scoffed when I heard her say this as I shook my head…”as if you are not a girl also.” I thought.

“She just bluntly told him that she was tired of their relaationship and needed it to end. He asked her the reason she was tired of the relationship and she said she was just tired. He didn’t even bother to accuse her of stuffs his friend had told him about or ask about the veracity of those statements. He just offered to drop her home and my sister agreed. I mean, can you imagine?” Tina continued

“I mean why did she agree to let him drop her? Didn’t she come out with her car or what? She keeps feigning innocence as if the man is stupid.” Dupe stated

“Chill babe, hear the story” Tina said excitedly “As he was driving towards VGC, he asked to see her phone. She asked him what for? But he just insisted that he would like to have some of her pictures she took while abroad since she has refused to send them by herself without his asking. When she then offered to send them via Whatsapp, he told her that he wanted specifics so that he could at least remember how she looked the last she had fun before they bbroke up. She then gave him the phone almost reluctantly and he began scrolling through her pictures admist the traffic. He became delighted when the road became clear as they approached Ajah. He drove a little, stopped the car in the middle of the road and asked her to get down of the car…”

“Oh my God! He did that? What about her phone?”

I was sitting beside them wondering the same thing too, thank goodness Dupe asked.

“Phone? He refused to hand it over to her, when she kept screaming for her phone, he just threw it beneath his car seat and told her to get out of his car. According to him, he told her she had enough money to buy herself another and that since he had bought her this one, he’ll keep it and if need be, he’ll break it! She started crying there and he screamed at her to get down. Tobe just sped off after she managed to get down and left her on the road.”

“How did she get home?” I thought since I couldn’t possibly ask

“This is so bad babe. How then did she get home?” Dupe sounded worried

“When I asked Tobe the same thing yesterday, he said he didn’t care anymore. Somehow, she would have gotten home. At least, she had another phone with her and she could call any of her friends to come pick her up. So would he bother?”

Can you imagine all these? Just for the sake of love or money, I’m confused.” Dupe lamented.

“My dear, that’s the world we live in today. Too many ups & downs…” Tina finished.

I sighed as I tried to get a good look at both ladies who had just divulged a whole relationship story to the hearing of whoever cared to listen in the bus filled with 18 passengers plus the driver. Funny enough, we were seated right in the middle, so anyone could hear what they were saying if they paid close attention like I just did! I wondered if they too had a perfect relationship life or if they just set out the early hours of their mornings spent in a bus to discuss relationship issues.

Just as I proceeded to pray the beads of my Rosary, a guy seated right behind me started to speak into his phone.

“Hello Sade, how are you this morning?” he started.

“And I thought I was done with people who knew how to enunciate their English and speak like they were talking from their nose…” I pondered as I rolled my eyes. I began to wonder if the guy behind me was trying to also show off his good English accent like the two ladies beside me had just done or maybe he had waited to hear the last of their story before he made his call. Whatever the case, I wasn’t exactly happy.

“Hey, Sade can you hear me?” he asked.

“Wow! You sound like shit!” he said sharply “Are you jinxed or something?”

“Hian!” I muttered and scoffed at the same time “Which one is jinxed again?” I made a mental note to check that up.

“Wow, wow…you should get off that bed and take some water babe…you really sound like shit! You better not tell me Bayo left you with a hangover.” He waited to hear her speak, then he continued “You know there are two things that are particular to me, Red wine and Hennesy. I love one and hate the other. Oh yeah!”

“Gosh…when will this be done with?” I thought, I mean I really wanted to pray but with all these distractions how could I?

PS: I’m sorry to cut this short again but like I said last time, its’ too long to write all at once. Enjoy! Happy Eid Il-Mubarak and have lots of meat.


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