PS: I hope you all had a splendid Sallah vacation? I know it was just short four days’ but hey, it was at least a break from all the traffic and stress. So I hope you made judicial use of it because I sure did. Welcome back to the new week. Lest you didn’t remember, Thursday is Independence day (October 1st)…another public holiday, yay! Enjoy…


So mister right behind me continued his chappings and I really don’t want to bore you with all his discussions on the phone. However, when he started talking about how he was going to spend the Sallah break, I couldn’t resist hearing all of it.

“Obviously Sade, I’m not gonna rot away at home like you or sleep all day long. I’m gonna go out and have fun…” he waited and then continued “Hell yeah! I have my holidays’ already booked up. First of all, today I’m gonna close at the office by 3pm, then head out to a concert with Timi Dakolo and then end up at the beach till sunset. By tomorrow, which will be Thursday, I’ll be going for an art exhibition. You know Tinuke, the friend I told you about?…Yeah, that one, she’s gonna be exhibiting her paintings tomorrow and I’m exclusively invited to the pent house exhibition. Like yeah, I’m that bad! I got it all, what you got?” He asked laughing out loud

“Thats’ why you don’t have a car ni? Riding on a public bus and disturbing everybody around you with this nasty phone call. He even knows Timi Dakolo…” I mused.

“Sade love, i’ve always told you, you need to go out. Leave that crib of yours and go out. That’s what young girls who aren’t working yet do. How many times do I have to tell you that? Do you have to wait till I drag you out myself? I do that all the time love.” He finished and waited a while to hear her speak then continued

“Nah, I’m not done yet. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to still account for. So, on Friday, I’ll go swimming with my friends’, then afterwards, I’ll be going to the movies and then back home. On Saturday, someone is cooking for me, so I’ll be eating my heart out!” He started rollicking with laughter at probably what she said at the other end.

“Awww love, come on now, don’t be jealous. Its’ not a lady duh, Its’ a guy. You know how I told you about a book review I did 2 months back, remember?”… “Yeah, so deal came through for the guy and in appreciation, he’s cooking for me. So shall I say, Saturday I’ll be having an appreciation dinner? Maybe, I’ll go for ‘Guiness, Made of Black’ concert or not, I’m not exactly sure. Then, on Sunday, after service, I’ll be at home chilling and resting in preparation for Monday. So basically, that’s my holiday cruise in a rundown. So what’s yours?” He waited again a while and then spoke up

“Love, why do you have to be this boring? First of all, I’m not certain if I’ll be going for ‘Guiness, Made of Black’ concert but if I am, I’ll be sure to drop by you. Infact, don’t you have friends around? Go to the beach or something, betterstill get yourself a boyfriend!”

“Huh! Boyfriend ke? And here I was assuming he was her bf” I mused

“Seriously Sade, boys aren’t hard to find, just get one and a good one at that. Yeah, one that will be with you during the holidays’, not some runaway boyfriend. You really need one and get out of bed before you get some spanking from me. Life is too short to waste it all on the bed! Drinking is fun but it could be dangerous babe. Don’t say you didn’t hear that…” He laughed again

“Love you babe, be good now. Kisses” He ended the call and I sighed.

“Na wah oh. So he couldn’t wait to get to his office to make that call. He just had to do it in the bus?” I scoffed hard, looked out the window and realised we were just at Lekki roundabout as I began to pray.

The two bright ladies sitting beside me alighted just after they had echoed a “Bye Patrick” to the guy who had just made the phone call.

“Oh, so they even know each other? Birds of a feather…” I thought and continued my prayer admist my long journey to the office.


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