SO I had wanted to write this post a long while ago but somehow I just kept postponing it. When Ekene of the “kinkAndI” made a post on it, I had started to type out my comment on her blog but then it got too long, I just decided i’d do a post about it…so here it is, a list of the things I am grateful for.

  1. I am grateful to God for the gift of life. I mean, He has saved me through soooo many things and I can’t just say I’m lucky to be blessed without giving an actual thanks.
  2. I’m grateful for the gift of friends. I don’t have much friends but the ones I have are the best of all and I can’t just go by without acknowledging how much they have come to mean so much to me [even when I fail to realise it or even accept it].    IMAG0962                  DSC_0887         MY FAVORITES…
  3. I’m grateful to God that I was able to graduate from the university safe and sound without any hindrance of any sort. I know lots of people that are still held back at school due to one reason or the other which may not entirely be their fault but God has pulled me through. DSC_1032                                                                  DSC_1019
  4. I’m grateful for the gift of food, it keeps me going strong and happy. The fact that I don’t have to beg everyday to feed myself is enough to be thankful for.
  5. I’m grateful for the gift of free water rushing down the taps in my house. I don’t have to go to the well or stream to fetch water. All I need do is put on the taps and the water just come rushing out. Not many people have that in their life and I realise that it’s just one of the teeny tiny things we all overlook. I remember the stressful days at school when I had to practically fetch water all the time and climb my way through the stairs to the 4th floor [Ha…it was a stressful something gaan].
  6. I got admitted to the Nigerian Law school…Yipee!!! This is particularly exciting because I thought I would never get here in good time but here I am.
  7. My Big sister is getting married and the entire family is delighted…not only is my big sis getting married but one of my favorite friends also got engaged in our final year at school and is having her introduction sometime in December. I sight good things ahead!         WP_20150517_009
  8. My little kid brother is now a grown-up boy! He just got admitted into a good secondary school [now in jss 1] and I can’t believe the years have passed. I’m growing old!
  9. My kid brother just got admission into the University of his choice to study one of the most amazing course I could ever think of and I have been grinning from ear to ear ever since.
  10. Lastly, i’m grateful for the gift of family…yes family. I wonder where I would have been without the love of my family. I have grown up to always know a full house and staying in a home with just two people is usually absurd for me. My family is the best and I love them any time, anyday.  All this things, i’m grateful for…what are you grateful for?

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