Career Tips For Young Adults

PS: So some of my friends asked that I spice up my blog with additional things not entirely stories and I thought…well, that could be a brilliant idea. So I decided that I’d make Friday, “Career Friday” for adults like myself who have just graduated from the university and are looking for where to fit in, in the job market; if you fall in this category, then honey,this piece is for you.

Enjoy this one written by my dear friend *Miss Anyanwu Carolynda*

So you are a young lawyer, engineer, accountant, investment bankers or unemployed graduate looking for a job and perhaps skeptical as to your prospect in the market place. Relax and go through these tips.

First, please calm your nerves and only entertain a little bit of fear sufficient to propel you to achieve your goals. The good news is, there is a job in the market place you alone can do perfectly. However, you have to earn that spot. A mentor once told me that Success is 90% preparation and 10% grace. In essence, you have to prepare yourself in order to capitalize on the opportunity when it arises.

Second, as a job seeker, you must be passionate about your profession. Remember why you enrolled in the University to study the profession initially. Although, some were forced to study the given profession. However, you must decide whether you will practice your profession or otherwise. Nowadays, we do things for the money without getting any job satisfaction. Only passion for your profession can keep you going when the job gets tiring. Yes, a job can be tiring. Do not be in it for the money alone. Please be passionate about your profession and enjoy the satisfaction you get from your job.

Third, you must possess the adequate knowledge and understanding of your profession. No employer is willing to employ a person with good results and no brain. If you feel you don’t appreciate your profession well, pick up your books and try to understand your profession. Try to fall in love with it over again.

Fourth, as a job seeker, you should have some skills that set you apart from your peers. Something extra that makes you unique … #thewowfactor. It could be your good communication skill, brainstorming skill, marketing skill, customer service skill, listening skill, negotiating skill, networking skill, IT skill, as the case may be. Let say you are being employed to render the services of an accountant, however, you have this way of talking to clients or customers that make them like you and want to keep coming to your workplace, perhaps the way you complement their looks etc. That my friend is your unique selling point i.e customer service skill, which distinguishes you from your colleague. If you have not developed your skill yet, you still have time to do so.

Fifth, as a job seeker in the 21st century, you must be Internet savvy. You have to know your way around a computer system, Internet etc. Why?, this is because some job opportunities are advertised on the Internet; some interview test are computer based; some interviews are conducted via skype, telephone conference; sometimes you may be asked to forward your CVs and Cover letter via email etc. Also, it is imperative for you to establish, manage, update your social presence through the various social network platforms like Facebook, linkedIn etc. Sometimes, the employer may try to look you up on such platforms to know your online networking abilities. You don’t want to go posting incriminating or unintelligible things on your Facebook page as the case may be.

Sixth, you must have a top notch Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter free from typographical errors. Tailor your cover letter to suit the specific position you are seeking for and sell your skills, knowledge and abilities effectively.

Seventh, embrace the mindset of endless possibilities. Believe and know that you can get your dream job. #Nokidding. As I earlier wrote, only entertain a little bit of fear sufficient to propel you to achieve your goals. Any amount of fear other than that is an error. Be forever positive, even if you get a turn down, do not give up. Learn from your mistakes and send those CVs and Cover letters. Good or bad, never remain static, even if it hurts, make sure you keep moving… #Lyndacaroquotes.

Eighth, get yourself a mentor in your given profession.

Ninth, you should take interest in local and International news. Subscribe to journals and regulatory bodies in your profession. Also, some interviews could be on current affairs as it relates to your profession. Always know what’s happening around the world, in your profession, new policies, new laws etc. Gain access to the right information on the Internet, look for job seeker’s websites and platforms. Job opportunities are advertised online, send your CVs and Cover letters, and apply for graduate trainee opportunities as the case maybe.

Tenth, never stop developing yourself. Go for conferences, seminars, workshop as it relates to your profession. Desire to be better than you were. Use your money to develop your intellectual ability. It shows your willingness to learn. Don’t wait until you get a job and your employer sends you for trainings. Learn something new!

Eleventh, know your location. That is the particular local government, state, country where you are meant to thrive in, where you are meant to succeed and survive in. For example, if your village is your location but you refuse to go to your village because you feel there is no activity and insist on staying in Lagos State, I tell you any effort you make to secure a job in Lagos, will have no effect. It will be the case of one putting water in a basket. Determine your location for your exploit, determine the right location for the purpose of limiting your job search to that particular location. If you miss your location, you miss your allocation.

Twelfth, for the purpose of interview, you must learn to dress your worth. No playing with your looks, wardrobe choices, colour pattern etc. Work on your poise and elocution, how you carry yourself, how you sit, walk etc. Learn to talk politely without being misunderstood, learn to talk without gesticulating a lot and minimize your use of word filler like “emm emmm”, “yea”, “as in” etc.

Above all, God over everything. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you…Philippians 4:13. Landing a job is made easy when God is in control, #Matthew6:33 say “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well”. God makes the issue of location, grace, favour, access, a thing of the past.

I wish you God’s grace and speed as you go out to achieve your dreams. Happy New Year.


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