The “SKILLS” you need to succeed even in Nigeria


One of the most important changes of the last couple of years is that digital technology has transformed almost everyone into an information worker. In almost every job now; I mean like the Banking industries, the Estate surveyors, the Law firms, the business organizations, the Tax Revenue forces, the Architects, the Engineers, and the Medical practitioners, these people use software and work with information to enable their organization to operate more effectively. That’s true for everyone from the supermarket store worker who uses a handheld scanner to track inventory to the chief executive who uses business intelligence software to analyze critical market trends.

So if you look at how progress is made and where competitive advantage is created, there’s no doubt that the ability to use software tools effectively is critical to succeeding in today’s global knowledge economy. A solid working knowledge of productivity software and other IT tools has become a basic foundation for success in virtually any career in Nigeria and beyond.

Additionally, attitude is everything. One skill you must equip yourself with here in Nigeria is having the skill of maintaining a positive attitude towards anything and everything that comes your way. Like I will say, “a good attitude speaks louder than whatever you may have to say”. Be receptive to people, you never know just who might be your helper.

Communication skills and the ability to work well with different types of people are very important too. Still, despite all the ‘advantages’ of anonymity and ‘work alone’ convenience, it is important to go out and meet and interact with others. No great things were ever achieved alone. You always need others to help you in Nigeria– if you want to be a success. It’s because I realize the value and importance of networking that I joined the USA Embassy IRC and became one of their students earlier last year and because of this, I am free to attend any career fair or seminar they organize for students and even graduates.

Plus, I didn’t realize that having the passion to do things for people freely was a skill. It took me a while to figure out that actually been a volunteer required skills and I took my time and learnt how to be one. I tell you, if you want to build a successful career in Nigeria, then you must be prepared to armor yourself with the skills of volunteering. Agree to be that student/ graduate volunteer they need at a workshop, an awareness program for youths, a business meet-up, a seminar or even a conference. You never know what you might learn that day or who you may meet. It could even be another chance to network with people in your field of preference or other like minds. One great thing about being a volunteer, is that it boosts your CV/Resume and most employers want to employ people who know how to give back to their community freely without any grudge. Look at it as a way of fufilling your “Personal social responsibility” to your society.

Again, having the skill and passion for ongoing learning can never be undermined. I place a high value on having a passion for ongoing learning. When I was pretty young, I picked up the habit of reading lots of books from our study and sometimes from the home desktop because my father thought me how to and because he made me do book reviews every night. It’s great to read widely about a broad range of subjects. Of course today amazingly, it’s far easier to go online and find information about any topic that interests you.

PS: I hope that in one way or another, even if small, these message has helped you a step further. You can also drop comments if you so desire. I hope I have left you with something to start up your Monday as I did last Friday. Cheers!


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