PS: I watched the movie “BLACK NOVEMBER” sometime early this month and need I say I was ashamed of my country Nigeria. The way we climb on each other oblivious of the sufferings we put them through, just to get what we want is applaudable. Corruption really starts from us the people and till we learn to help each other immaterial of the fact that we are from different tribes, I believe it will be a step towards inviting success. However, in as much as we are a God blessed natural resource nation, we seem to be among the poorest of nations.
Poor countries are usually poor in money yet have most of the world’s natural resources such as gold, oil, coal or iron, because of this, the rich countries want to pay as little as possible for the goods they buy, which results in unfair trading. Many wealthy companies trading in wealthy countries purposefully set up factories in poor countries employing staff on poverty wages [This reminded me of the rubbish law we have on foreign participation in business in Nigeria, especially that of foreign portfolio investment].
Half the population in West Africa particularly Nigeria, goes hungry while they use the land to grow cocoa and mine minerals for exportation instead of making food for their own and providing necessary shelter and amenities for their people. It is quite annoying that over 75% of Nigeria’s population feed on below $2 per day; that’s roughly about #460 and then you ask, where is all the country’s wealth? These informed today’s write-up although the use of Nigeria’s wealth should be a topic for another day…

You and I need to direct our thoughts towards wealth and away from poverty or financial problems of any sort. What this means, is that by thinking thoughts of wealth you will attract wealth to yourself and eventually change your circumstances from poverty to wealth. (I use the word poverty in the sense that any shortage of finances constitutes poverty.)
You and I are the sum total of our thoughts. The power we possess is within us, not outside. The outside is the manifestation (the result) of our Inner Power. We all have the power to create. Thoughts are creative – even when used to destroy.
Thus, the outward manifestations or results of material wealth are goods such as a house, car, a holiday, or whatever object(s) that gives you pleasure personally, plus peace of mind. The results of spiritual wealth are peace, health and happiness. I’d like to think it is attaining an equal balance of both that results in the most satisfying lifestyle.
Let’s suppose you would like a large spaced house for yourself; start by going out to buy relevant magazines, look through them once a day, or at least once every other day. Study the houses, what designs do you really like? How much land? Is there a beach? Would you like a house by the waterside? 2 acres, 3 or 21 acres? What would you do with a property with 21 acres? Farm on it? Build estates for low cost housing? Keep Poultry and fish ponds?
What you are doing is three things:
A: Creating the Power of Desire – because when you know what you desire, and can impress upon your mind your desires, then invisible forces set to work to bring about your desires.
B: Fooling the senses – your conscious mind knows very well through reasoning, from all the information collected from the senses, that you are not surrounded by these items you desire, and neither is the money available to purchase them. However, by subjecting the mind to pictures of wealth, and by subjecting the mind to discussions concerning the finer points of your desires, the mind is being made to think thoughts of wealth.
C: Beginning to replace negative thoughts of lack with positive thoughts of plenty- If you desire a Porsche or a Vanquish, go and get a catalogue or brochure on the Porsche or Vanquish you would like. Go to a car store and look at the car, study the description and the design. Choose what color you’d like. What interior. Where there is a choice of interiors, check that the one you like can be made with the color car of your choice. What is the dashboard made from? Is there a choice of dashboards? If so, which one would you like? Fill the vacuum in your mind, (the space made by stopping thoughts of “How am I ever going to pay for the bills?”) with pictures and thoughts of your desires. Learn what your desires really are. When you really get down to thinking about it, they may be different to what you imagined they were previously.
You can imagine if you won a million naira on any lottery or Bet [NaijaBet] today, would you know how to spend the winnings, what good use to put the money to?
You should do! What is the point of money if it is not directed in a constructive manner? Whether it be investments for your future or your children, make plans. Decide on what you would do when wealth hits. It is NOT beyond a dream. It is at your fingertips. You just have to reach out and grab it. Anytime the pressure of life, school or work become too much just relax and let go. There is no need to consciously work all the way down the body every time, as it is not always possible. All you have to do is silently declare relax and let go; relax on the word ‘relax’ and let go on ‘let go’.
This can be done even as a student while you’re in school, working, walking or traveling, as long as the task at hand is not too demanding mentally, and you are not actually talking to someone at the time. In this way you are able to stay perfectly relaxed, whatever demands are made on you.
You will find that you have a lot more energy, physically and mentally, because tension causes tiredness of both. Also, after a period of practicing these relaxing techniques, your body automatically relaxes even under times of great stress. Every time you find your thoughts wandering onto the subject of “How will I pay future bills? Where will the money going to come from?” etc., command your mind to stop the thoughts and repeat to yourself, “I don’t want to give vitality and energy to problems. What I think about is what I am giving energy and vitality to. I want to give vitality and energy to wealth. I must think wealth and abundance not lack.” Don’t think I’m being all psychological here, I’m not…I’m just saying what I feel works sometimes. Be mindful, it may not apply to you if you start playing mind games.
Don’t limit yourself on this. If your desire is a 50 acre land somewhere in the high of Lagos, your village or even outside the country with horses, choppers and race cars, and a large especially designed penthouse or loft, don’t say, ‘I’ll never be able to afford that, so I’ll look at a ‘practical’ house, the average size anywhere in Nigeria and have like two cars instead.’
Feel free to dream your dreams and realize that the goals you are setting for yourself will help you achieve those dreams. No dream is too high to reach ~ just unreachable if not given a chance! [I think…]

This I believe is one of the vital methods to condition your mind for success. “Just as you need your hair to be a bit damp before applying shampoo, so also you need visualization to condition your mind.” Once you know what your dreams are and you realize that they can become a reality, it is time to start putting these focuses into action.
This first technique you are going to use is used worldwide. So what am I saying literally? I’m saying make a picture from your mind, and see this picture in your mind’s eye. I’m sure you have heard the expression ‘a photographic memory’. We all have the ability to develop a photographic memory; to imagine something so strongly that it becomes a clear picture that you can see it in your mind, or imagination.
It is an extremely useful method of improving techniques for mastering such skills. So before visualization – or using photographic memory – the information has to be there so that the pictures you visualize are clear and correct. If the scale was wrongly remembered and practiced wrongly during visualization, it would be extremely hard to unlearn it.
These points apply to whatever the technique of visualization is being used for. Whether to improve a skill or to improve your lifestyle by visualizing what you would like. Life itself is given to what we think about, because thought has the power of creation. The results will be correct if the information pictured during the visualization is correct.
From the information gathered from the magazines and literature you have collected you will already have at least one item that you desire: at least one product of wealth.
Here are the instructions of how to obtain your desire, using the technique of visualization.
Let’s take a car as an example [I’m sorry I keep using cars, I happen to have a penchant for them]. Suppose your choice was a Peugeot Urban crossover concept…due to the literature you have collected and the showroom you have visited online, you would know the following information: the color of your car, the shape/design of the car, the color of the interior, the ceiling, the dashboard, shape of the Car seats, inside the boot, size etc. Everything even down to the smallest detail of what’s on the dashboard. What color, size and shape the steering wheel is.
So your next step is to bring that information to life in the way you want. Through the technique of visualization you can give life, energy and vitality to a thought of creation. There is no need to give any thought as to how you can afford the item in your imagination, forget that aspect abeg…for now. The finite cannot tell the infinite how to bring something to pass.
• Make yourself comfortable, in a quiet room [when you have the time that is]. Close your eyes, to avoid the distraction of objects around you.
• Mentally picture the Peugeot in all its detail, slowly, patiently, in a totally relaxed way. See the bright shiny new paint, of the color of your choice, the bright shiny chrome, clean wheels and new tires.
• Enjoy the beautiful design and shape of the car. Always use color. The brighter and more brilliant you can imagine colors, the stronger and better the results will be.
• Build a scenario around the car of your choice (in your imagination).
For example. See the car keys in your hand. Open the car door and ease yourself into the seat; shut the door. Put the key into the ignition; click the seat belt on. Start the engine and drive off in your car. You could imagine yourself showing the car to your parents, cruising with your siblings or a friend.
• Another important aspect of visualization is to couple it with feeling. To bring visualization alive and give it extra strength, feel the happiness as you drive around in your Peugeot.
• Lift your consciousness up. If you’re not sure what I mean, let me put it this way. If you were to walk into a room that had paint peeling off the walls, with damp patches on the walls and a smell of dampness, you would feel at a low consciousness level. If you then walked into the next room, that was clean, with newly painted walls, you would immediately feel better, uplifted, on a higher consciousness level.
It is important when visualizing that you work on lifting up your consciousness as high as you can; feeling as good as you can. The best and easiest way is to imagine that the Peugeot is already yours. How would you feel? Oh yeah, that’s it, that’s the feeling, retain it as long as you can.
If you only experience that sensation of lifting your consciousness for a split second at a time at first, that is excellent. With practice and in time, you will become proficient in retaining the feeling for longer periods. It is pure magic, all effort is worthwhile. It is an important part of achieving results.
Cheat the senses. The senses tell you that you can’t afford a Peugeot urban crossover concept, you’re only dreaming. Cheat the senses, ignore them, ignore rational arguments of the logical mind, and rise above that level of consciousness and feel the happiness, pleasure and joy that you would feel at owning a Peugeot.
Whatever your choice of desire is, that is how you go about visualizing them. Again, feeling is important. Raise yourself. Now you can see why it is important to actually know what you want from life. If you don’t know, then it is easy to end up with a life that is not to your liking.


However, take it with ease. Don’t crowd your mind with too many different ideas, dreams or desires. Jumping from one to another too quickly, will cause confusion. It is far better to concentrate on visualizing definite items or projects one at a time, until you become extremely proficient at seeing that particular visualization very clearly and easily. In this way you can build your confidence. As you achieve results from your efforts, then you can build on the results and the confidence gained.

So, do you see the benefit of going slowly and building on your results, and building your confidence?
If you start with too many ideas that aren’t developed into clear-cut pictures, the results won’t be very good. When you are visualizing, it can be likened to a sculpture. Once a sculpture is started, you wouldn’t leave it half-finished and start another one, because you could land up with several unfinished projects.
In the same way, if too many ideas are worked on, at the same time, the results would not be harmonious, but muddled and chaotic, as a reflection of your thoughts.
As long as you can remember the fundamental basic law, which is: what you think today, will become tomorrow. In other words, today, now, you are building your tomorrow, your future. It is up to each of us individually to choose what our tomorrows will be like.
To ensure your future will be what you desire it to be, ensure your thoughts are constructive and motivated by the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Above all, endeavor to be true to yourself and others. You now have the technique of a powerful tool, visualization, which can and will produce results, to begin planning a better wealthier tomorrow.
“To carry it out successfully, you need to have the ability to concentrate.” Unfortunately, in the society we live, concentration is not a faculty that we are encouraged to nurture. In fact, it does the opposite, it destroys our ability to concentrate.
Concentration has to be worked on and developed. It is essential for obtaining good results in visualization, and I would even go so far as to say that the ability to be single-minded and concentrate is essential for success in building a career and owning a business.
So in any career or business to develop, this ability is a boon. To be efficient due to concentration is to achieve more in less time.



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