Shades of a Virgin Wife (5)

PS: I’m sorry that this post came a week late…been busy at law school and all. So somehow I tried to curtail the length of this post but as much as i tried, it just got longer. Please, forgive the length and just enjoy! Gracias Readers…

As I lay inside the covers, I wonder in my mind what It’soyha may be thinking. I’m quite impressed at his calmness I must say but then it leaves me very perturbed. What will be the fate of our non-existent relationship? Will I see him again after this weekend-get-away or not? Or will he be mine forever? It was left for him to choose what he wanted with me but I knew he wasn’t in for any commitment. He didn’t look like the commitment type of man. I could tell by the way he looked at other ladies even when we spent times together. It was obvious, I wasn’t going to deny. I sighed as I curled to the left corner of the bed; just then the room turned dim and I felt him climb in and lay in the covers. I wanted to turn around and cuddle with him but I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t want to lead him on in any kind of way, so I lay still at my corner.
Utibe It’soyha
I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do next. Hearing all Efua had to say, I must say…I was impressed. She didn’t strike me as a virgin and even yet, I find it hard to believe but deep down, I’m excited knowing that no man had touched the goods I so badly wanted for myself. I rub my temples as my mind race in agitation. I didn’t want any commitment and no, I wasn’t ready to share my soul with anyone but Efua had this charm I just couldn’t ignore. Truth was, I was scared shit of marriage and all the garbage it brings…the kids, the same woman all the time, the we-share-everything-together-attitude, the we-must-tell-each-other-everything-in-a-bid-to-be-honest, the regularized freedom. Aarghh, it was just so depressing!

I stood up, walked toward the wall and switched off the lights as I climbed the bed. I noticed Efua shift a bit and instantly, I knew she was still awake. I studied her shoulders gait as I reached out to touch her hair. I was drawn to her and I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled closer to where she lay curling herself at the corner like a spiral ball and cuddled her close. I felt her freeze in my arms as I planted a soft kiss on her neck. She just laid there still and quiet but I didn’t stop. I put my hands inside her boogie shirt as I roamed my hands over her slender stomach and round the curves of her breast. I felt her hand on top mine as she tried to stop it from roaming round her body. I flexed her hands against mine and held it tight against her stomach. I didn’t want to let go, I couldn’t even let go. I just wanted all of her but then, I remembered her warnings.

[Efua’s Mind…]
Kiss me please, I implore him in my head but I can’t move. I am paralyzed with a strange unfamiliar need, completely captivated by his doings. His sudden hand movement around my stomach area caused me to freeze and shiver at the same time. I felt fire run through my vein and it seemed like I was burning. I was hot, even with the split AC in the room, I was still hot. Damn It’soyha for doing this to me…I thought. I wanted to move out of his embrace, in as much as I wanted to cuddle with him, I couldn’t bare the feelings that erupted in me with his hands round about me.

I tried to squirm out from his hold but he held me tighter. Don’t do this…I pleaded within me, please don’t! I opened my eyes to see and prayed silently that this moment will pass away.

For a while, I thought he had fallen asleep behind me till I felt him turn me gently to my front as he lay on top of me. The look in his eyes was dark and shrewd, even in the dark I could see him, I knew he had evil intentions. I swallowed spit as I tried to maintain my calm.
Utibe It’soyha
It wasn’t an easy decision for me as I proceeded to climb on top her. It was either a lose-win situation for me. Either I had her tonight or I waited to marry her. I couldn’t wait for the latter, I picked the former. Her facial curves were so beautiful I couldn’t stop my hands from running through her face. I planted soft kisses on her face and neck and Efua didn’t resist. I began to wonder if she was playing games with me.

Sooner than I expected, she began to respond to my touches and somehow along the line, we shed off all our clothing. This was nothing I had ever experienced before, this was extremely intense and relishing. I didn’t know I could have so much pleasure from just foreplay and kisses. There was ultimately no need for sex at this point plus Efua was been difficult. I won’t deny, it turned me on the more because even as she was being difficult, she didn’t stop touching me. And then, I applied the use of my fingers and mehn, did she scream? She was so tight beneath my fingers but her continuous moans and gasp made me want to pleasure her more. However, at every thrust of my fingers, she pulled out her hips from my fingers but the way she arched her back and pushed her legs forward told me different.

I was confused at the mixed signal she was sending me. I knew she wanted it but at each time we got closer, she withdrew herself. I decided to play the games of her twist and turns and proceeded to use my mouth on her. At first, she ran away from the bed and I thought that was funny because her ass kept jiggling.

Quietly, I walked to her and kissed her full on the mouth… “Trust me Efua” I started as I kissed her nipples “I won’t hurt you”.

[Efua’s mind…]

Oh please, spare me! I hear my conscience telling me… it wasn’t like you are doing anything that bad, you are with somebody you care about, what was wrong with that? Give a little of yourself Efua, stop holding back. Who knows? He just might be the one, don’t go chasing him away with your so difficult attitude, no man wants that. Every man likes to feel needed, show him that you need him. Give him some pleasure…haba, he came all the way to spend the weekend with you and you hand him an ultimatum just like that? Show him a taste of what he wants, let him play with the cookies…just a little, he’s just a baby and we all know babies cry a lot. You don’t want that now, do you Efua? You know…, as ladies, we aim to please!

I sigh as I let him put his mouth in my area and I can’t explain the pleasure that ran through me. I was shaking, my legs were quivering. What was happening to me…foolishly I blurt out, “It’soyha, my legs, I can’t stop the shaking.”

“Just trust me Efua…shhh and enjoy.” He smiled wickedly at me. He carried me from where I was standing beside the curtains and placed me on the floor.

The coldness of the tiles seeped through my butt but sincerely, I didn’t mind. Funny enough, I was having fun, I couldn’t believe myself. I wanted more, I craved more but he was purposely not giving me more. I felt a sharp pain around my groin and hardness of my nipples. It was so painful, I had to touch myself at the nipples.

It’soyha looked up at me and smiled “Crazy you…” I heard him say as he moved up to kiss me.

I moved my mouth aside not wanting him to kiss me with the same mouth that came from down my area

“Come on, it’s all you I have in my mouth…are you saying you hate the taste of you?” I put my hands over his lips pushing him away as I struggled to stand up from underneath him.

“Where do you think you are running to?” he smiled as he dragged me by the legs and pinned me down, kissing me forcefully.

“Eww…” I said making a face

“That’s for you, not me.” He replied as he continued kissing me and I just felt my body respond without further objection.


[It’soyha’s Memoir…]
Date: 21st July, 2016
Location: Creek Waterhouse, Asaba
Time: 09: 45pm
Mood: Excited but anxious

So for the past five months, I have been restructuring myself and branching out my business especially at Abuja and Lagos and I’m amazed at the massive turnover. Work has been beautiful so far and I can’t be more grateful to my mum. She has been a source of strength to me.

More so, with friends like Dayo and Habeeb, I mean, you just have the world spinning at your fingertips.

Well, I haven’t been particularly close to Efua since the last time we spent together at Radisson Blu Anchorage and I can’t say I’m more disappointed at myself than at her. Oh please, don’t say I left her…she gave me an ultimatum to marry her and well…I’m just not ready at the moment.

I did talk to her a couple of times after that weekend-get-away but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I really wanted her and her ass for myself. Seeing that I couldn’t get all that, I withdrew and I am pained at my decision but a man’s got to do what he has to do.

Good thing however is, I found Lagos to be quite resourceful for my business during my few stay there and I mentioned to my mum about branching out. Amazing thing…my mum already had the same idea and business proposal ready for Abuja and Lagos. I just couldn’t be a step ahead of her now, could I?

Dayo and Habeeb seem to be confused at my complicated self since I met Efua. I seem to have cut down less on women and drinking at the club and bars. I remember when Habeeb called in at my office one Tuesday afternoon during lunch and we sat down in the sofa at the middle point of my office room, to have a lengthy discussion about Efua. I didn’t know my friends had grown interested in my likeness for her so when I stopped going to Lagos frequently to see her, I thought naturally, that they did be happy but I was wrong.

“Soyha, what’s up with Efua?” Habeeb had started after we had talked about the new project finance management at Effurun, Warri.
“What’s up with her?” I retorted with eyes wide open
“I’m asking you, not the other way round. I can’t know what you ought to know.” He crossed his legs
“Habeeb, why the sudden interest in Efua? What’s up with you now?”
“Haba, I should be asking you that…what’s up with you. Have you two broken up?”
I snorted “Broken up? There was never a relationship!” I stood up as I walked to get two small glasses from the bar at the rear base of my office and poured in some red wine for both of us. I knew Habeeb was quiet because he was trying to sink in what I had just said and I knew he wanted me to further explain.
“Habeeb, stop looking at me like that, we weren’t even dating at all. Efua is fine by the way, so we cool.”
“How do you know that she’s fine? When last did you talk to her?”
“All this questions you’re asking me…when did you become her father?” I took a shot of the red wine and slammed my glass on the table
“Na you sabi. Hope you are okay sha?” he looked squarely at me “Dayo and I are worried about you, don’t give us high BP oh! We haven’t found our wives yet.”

I laughed at his sarcasm. So he was concerned about finding a wife. “So when I’m I supposed to move to Abuja?” He asked me

“Oh no Habeeb, you are not moving to Abuja, you are moving to Lagos with me.”
“What? I thought I was moving to head the Abuja branch, why Lagos?”
“Are you joking with yourself? My mum already has her team mapped out for the Abuja branch, and Dayo agreed to stay here at Asaba and continue as the CEO. You and I are moving to Lagos and you are heading that branch.”
“What about you?”
“Oh, don’t worry about me. I already own the company. You just worry about yourself and get ready to travel to Lagos with me on Saturday. We are launching it on Monday, the 25th of this month.” I smirked
“Wow, just when I thought I was going to Abuja to find me some senator’s daughter! Now, I have to settle for hustling babes in Lagos, so cool.” He clapped as he poured himself some more wine.
“Habeeb, seriously? You’ve got to be joking.”
“It’s not your fault you still have the player attitude in you. People like me will like to settle soon enough but not with some low life girl but what can I do. Like they say, when life hands you lemons, make a lemonade out of it.” He huffed.
“Really Habeeb, there are nice rich girls in Lagos, you just need to stay in the high-life places.”
“Yeah I know, but most of them are not family rich…they have sugar daddies and all. So I heard, all those Lekki and VI babes, they not clean. Abeg, I’m looking for a politician’s child, I need my share of the national cake.”
I laughed hard “So is it now the politician’s child that is clean? You must be foolish oh.”
“Whatever, I don’t care…I don’t like Lagos jhoor.” He laughed it off as he patted my back and left my office.

Thinking back to that day, I know that Habeeb will not forgive me for what I’m about to do. I know Dayo would be mad as fury too. Sincerely, I would have loved to tell them but I myself is not sure. I can’t bring up foolish hopes.

[Efua’s Mind…]

So I got this promotion at work for senior-associate and I can’t say exactly how excited I am at the moment. Not only did I get promoted, my firm assigned me to act in their stead as Company Secretary for ‘Civic Towers’.

My intention initially was to pursue a Ph.D degree after I had worked for 4 years but with this new promotion and all, I don’t feel right about going away just yet. My birthday is coming up soon and all my friends are going haywire about it. I particularly for one is excited but I don’t feel like throwing a big party, I mean I’m just going to be 26…why all the noise?

Yeah, I know I got a promotion at work and all but my firm already threw me a small celebration, why should I do myself another?

Big deal you say? Nah, I don’t think so. Big deal should occur when I’m probably getting married that is if I happen to get married in the first place! Oh It’soyha… [Smirks]…that was just a long shot away from home.

I knew he was going to leave me, even after that night, with him teasing me and all, I knew he was still going to leave…they all do. “What’s the deal with you anyway?” Louisa had asked me one time

I just laughed her off but my friend Louisa won’t just let me. I think that was around Valentine period when I had a full house and my cousin Denise was around. They all wanted to hear about It’soyha and whether we did be going off to someplace nice for valentine. Naughty Louisa even asked if he was taking me to Ontario. Really? Ontario? What’s that? Even at that, I got a valentine present from him, I wasn’t too surprised.

Truth was, at that point I hadn’t told them there was nothing going on between us because It’soyha kept sending me nice stuffs so even if I had said so, they just wouldn’t believe. I knew it’soyha to be nice but I didn’t know why he kept sending me presents every now and then. I didn’t want to call him, I didn’t even say thank you, I just packed them away someplace in my home. When Denise and Louisa found out later at the end of February, they just kept casting stones at me. I knew what I wanted, dating someone I wasn’t going to end up with was what I thought futile. Denise said I was wrong to believe like that but I’m sorry my mind is made up like that. I find it hard to undo else I’ll be dating someone and not give my all to him. I didn’t want that.

Right from the beginning, even though I really did like It’soyha, I knew what he wanted…he wasn’t even thinking marriage. Why date him in the first place? This thinking about him is a waste of my time, I have other better things to do.

Habeeb Bilyaminu Mukthar

I finally found my way to Lagos with ‘Soyha yesterday, Saturday the 23rd of July and I can say Lagos has changed a whole lot since the last 15 years. I don’t really travel down to Lagos except when I have to go out of the country from Lagos so all I know about Lagos is just hearsay.

Oh well…I’m here now about to start a new life away from friends and family and I can’t say how sad I feel but like ‘Soyha said on the jet down here…there will be better days ahead.

So today is Sunday and ‘Soyha said he has a big surprise for me. I’m wondering what’s going on but my boy won’t tell me. Very typical of him to be unpredictable. I go along with the flow so after he comes back from Mass, he tells me we are going to “The Wheatbaker” at Ikoyi…I’m like why are we headed there and he says it’s a surprise.

Now thing is, I love to take my camera with me everywhere I go especially if it’s a new place that I haven’t been. ‘Soyha and Dayo keep telling me to start up a blog review about places and food but I don’t have time for that crap. If anyone wants to know how a place is, they should go there and find out themselves or better still, visit the site. I have other better things to do, like business and girls.

We get to Wheatbaker at about 1:45pm and mehn…will I say this place is so exotic!!! I love, I think this will be one of my favorite spot in Lagos till I find me another. So we head to the poolside bar to get some drinks and I’m thinking that this is the perfect venue for an exhilarating break away from all the stress and what not of life.

Later on we head to the grill-room and my goodness…the aroma! I forgot how much ‘Soyha loved food. Maybe this was part of the surprise because I just kept taking pictures of all I could see. We had a mishmash of flavors- Ribs, Salmon, barbequed chicken and a southwestern salad.

‘Soyha kept looking around and I wondered what he was up to. He ordered lots of food by the way and said some friends were coming over. I didn’t understand what he meant by that. Was Dayo and his other friends coming here too? How come Dayo was in Lagos and I didn’t know? Did he make new friends during his past visits in Lagos? I didn’t quite understand.

I wanted to think it was the latter before I saw two girls walk in. The small slender one seemed happy to be in the room and the other average not-so –tall one seemed extremely excited. I think she kept grinning from ear to ear. Soon enough, other girls came around to join them and they were so happy chatting away and making funny girl noises. I couldn’t resist so I took a picture of them. I looked at ‘Soyha, he was restless.

Some minutes later, Dayo and a few of ‘Soyha’s cousins walked in. I was confused, happy and mad. So Dayo was around and I didn’t know? Was this the surprise? What the hell was going on?

Dayo came to me to ask me why they were all at the Wheatbaker and I asked him to ask ‘soyha because I didn’t have a clue either. I looked at my wristwatch, it was 4:15pm, I looked at ‘Soyha and asked him with my eyes what’s up? He mentioned that we were waiting for his mum and I buckled up immediately.

How could he not tell me his mum was coming around? How could he catch me off-guard? What the hell was wrong with this my friend? Then I remembered, the launching was tomorrow…it was typical to have a celebration before the launch, what was I thinking?

I beckoned to Dayo and the others and told them Mrs. Zika Utibe was coming and you needed to see them. They were all looking grim and proper. Oh yeah…Mrs. Utibe had that effect on us all, she was a strict disciplinarian and she wasn’t one to stand nonsense although she knew well enough, how to have fun.

Just then, Mrs. Zika Utibe walked in and the air around us changed. I’m in no position to describe to you how pretty and sexy Mrs. Utibe is even at her mid-fifties, that is just far from my call, Mr. Utibe must be a happy man. We all surrounded her with hugs and warm handshakes. She looked so glamorous and happy. I knew how much she loved money and business, this launch celebration obviously was no joke. It’soyha welcomed us all and gave his mother the honor of doing the toast.

Just after the toast, ‘soyha announced that he had a little business to take care of. Just as we were all wondering what the other business was, I watched him walk away from us and towards the girls aside. He stood there for a while talking. I then saw him put his hands in his pocket and as I was still trying to understand why ‘Soyha would flirt openly in front of his mum, I suddenly saw him get on his knees.

Oh no, I couldn’t keep it to myself! I clicked my video camera on and called the attention of the others. ‘Soyha was proposing and I had no doubt that the girl shedding uncontrollable tears was Efua. ‘Soyha has beat us all to it even Mrs. Zika was amazed at her last son’s audacity.


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