Shades of a Virgin wife (6)

Efua Anika

So it’s my birthday today and I’m just a little bit cherry not all too excited for a party but Louisa won’t hear of it. She and Denise have way other plans. I don’t know why Denise is all over my business, she even had to come all the way from Asaba just to mark my 26th birthday. I’m old and I don’t want anyone telling me that, I sure can do that by myself…thank you!

Mass today was just perfect…speaking about love and all. Like I asked the Angels to tell God just what I needed to hear! I came back feeling a little bit relived and just lazy enough to lay me down when I heard Louisa shouting my name from the bottom of the stairs. I mean, it’s my birthday…I’m allowed to do whatever I want and I don’t want to go out. I just want me some creamy velvet chocolate cake with a bottle of expensive wine and another heart-thrilling season of ‘power’. It’s another year again and I don’t think I’m getting married anytime soon. What a waste of years!!!

So today’s reading said be ambitious for higher gifts; it said love is the greatest gift of all, love is patient, love is kind, love is this, love is that. I ask, where is the love? Where do I find this greatest gift? I mean, I’m not getting any younger. I want my own man, I want my own kids, I want someone who will truly love me. It’s a shame I can’t tame a man for myself, I can’t forge my own man or can I? I thought I almost had It’soyha, I mean I tried to act cool, I tried to give myself to him but he didn’t take me then, he just toyed with me. Oh yeah, I know he wanted the cookies but I wasn’t ready to break myself just to get him! Haba…I’m not that desperate or maybe I am. Maybe I should just call him up and let him have me. Oh that would be cool…I could have myself a precious lifetime gift…I could have my first birthday sex! Oh my, this is so exciting and then I can keep It’soyha. I know what he wants, I can just keep taunting and teasing him with it till I make him mine. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do, I’m going to dare to be different today. It’s time to take what’s mine, It’soyha is mine and mine alone.

As I punch on my phone to quickly book a flight to Asaba and surprise It’soyha…[oh you don’t know me, I even know where he lives, oh don’t ask me how…I just do!]…Louisa comes from behind and grabs my phone.

“No phone time yet Efua, Denise and I are taking you out! Stand up and get dressed, we don’t have all day.” She clapped her hands as she reached out to drag me up

“Give me back my phone” I squealed in protest “I can do whatever I want, it’s my birthday”

“Stop acting like an overgrown baby and dress up…you aren’t getting this phone till you do so”

With that, she stormed out of the room leaving me crying like a small child. I wanted to surprise It’soyha, he is mine and I’ve kept myself for him, why is Louisa blocking my shine? I look at the door forlorn…there goes my birthday sex! Oh well, God has other plans.

Sluggishly I dress up in a bid to annoy the two stupid girls staring at me and making me change clothes like I was going to meet Barack Obama! It’s just a dumb 26th birthday, why were they so excited on my behalf? Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to God for adding another year to my life and keeping me till this day but what’s the need to go all out about it?

Finally, we head out of the house and I heard Denise make several calls to some of my girlfriends and I wondered why she’s inviting people for my special birthday take-out. Gosh! My friends can be so dramatic, girls though. I watched Louisa as she drove away with a smile too mischievous for my liking; what’s going on in her head and besides where are they taking me to? I sat quietly, looked out the window as I thought of my sordid life.

Some minutes later and I see us at ‘The WheatBaker’…hmmm, my girls have enough money to spare. I smiled sheepishly, grinning from ear to ear as we climbed down from the Hilux. I wonder what else they have in store for me. We headed inside but as I just needed to pee at the moment, I left for the toilet and let Louisa and Denise go in before me.

I headed to the Grill-room after I was done and what do I see? A bunch of my other friends seated smiling back at me, a large red velvet-white chocolate cheesecake, and an ice bucket of moet et chandon. Awww…I love my friends!!! I smiled as I sit just in between Denise and Louisa after I had gotten a warm hug from Ehis. I looked around and noticed that the room was full with other group of boys celebrating. Hmm…I probably am celebrating my birthday with some other guy. I don’t want to share but I’ll let this pass, I smiled as I turn back to listen to my friends talking and talking about me as they ate and drank. I couldn’t be more excited.

I noticed someone walk in and just out of my curiosity, I looked up and oh my goodness…this woman walking in just walked in with a baggage of class. I couldn’t stop staring, I wondered how many kids she must have had to still have this amazing curves. Even as old as I think she was, she still intimidated me. I just knew right away I wanted to be like her and even better. I allowed my eyes walk with her as she ended up at the guys table and I saw them all gathering to embrace her. Were they all family? So beautiful. I turned back to see Ehis talking to me.

“Stop getting distracted Efua, it’s your birthday today. All attention should be on you and not on others.” I smiled as I looked at her. Ehis, always having my back.

We laughed, talked about future plans and then Clare announced that she met a guy. Oh my…the girls were suddenly excited! Clare finally met the man that matched her dream and here I am, just a wretched soul. I tried to be very excited for her but truth was, Clare was stealing my attention.

Just as I proceeded to clink on my wine glass and ask for my presents [because I’m usually greedy and I want more], I heard someone behind me whisper “Efua Honey…”

I turned my back in disbelieve and my heart couldn’t stop racing. “It’soyha?” I closed my almost open mouth in shock…I just couldn’t believe this…is he real? I reached out to touch his face, oh my…he is real! “Wha..what are you doing here?” I swallowed some spit

“Happy birthday Honey. It’s your birthday today, you didn’t think I’ll forget your day, did you? And besides, I needed to give my baby a lovely birthday present in person.” He grinned as he took my hand in his

I couldn’t mutter a word, this was just a dream. It couldn’t be real, it couldn’t. “Efua, I know I haven’t been the best man lately. I know I’m not the perfect man that you always had stored up in your head and I know you know I’m just a crazy asshole but that don’t stop how much I feel about you. Ever since the night I met you, your ass and your face have been stuck up my head…I can’t even erase it.”

I chuckled as I heard him say ‘ass’, some men just won’t change.

“I know…I’m just a douchebag…but for you, I’ll be anything” he continued. “For you Efua honey, I’m willing to try. I won’t promise to be perfect, and I won’t promise to stop looking at pretty women pass me by but I’ll promise to always have your name printed in my heart…I promise to love you unconditionally…I promise never to take away your smile and all this cannot be perfect without you by my side.”

I looked at my friends and they were all flashing smiles at me. This can’t be, was it planned? How come I didn’t notice him walk in? Has he been in the room all this while? My head is spinning…I’m definitely not excited; I’m nervous, scared and shaky. I wonder what he is up to…does he want to date me now?

I managed to speak out “It’soyha, I’m confused, what are you saying?”

Slowly, he knelt beside me and I heard all the girls gasp in amazement. No, he can’t be doing this…no It’soyha don’t…please don’t, I say to myself in terror.

“Efua after I met you, I realized my life was incomplete. I don’t think I can spend another year or month without you; I want to wake up every morning to your pretty face, I want to hear you smile every day, I want to come back from work and make mad crazy love to you every night, I want to make babies with you after a while of undisturbed years with you, I want to go on my vacations with you, I want to grow old with you, I just want everything with you.”

I tried to wipe off the tears that threatened to fall off my face but ‘Soyha’s grip on my hands won’t let me move my hand. I swallowed several spits as I felt a terrible headache, I thought I was supposed to be excited but I’m scared at this sudden outburst. I don’t know how I feel right now. I looked at him below me as he reached out to his pocket and brought out a small box

“Efua…” I put my palm across my lips as I gasp, “please will you do me the favor of becoming my woman? Be my wife. Marry me” he looked at me shyly as he gave me a wanting look

I was disarmed. I had nothing to say. I couldn’t control the tears that fell off my face. I couldn’t stop sobbing. My entire body was shaking. I heard as Louisa and Denise whispered a Yes! Yes!! Anthem in the background.

How could It’soyha just think he could walk in and out of my life anyhow? How could he think that he had the key to my happiness? How could he leave me for 4 months only to come back on my birthday and ask me to marry him? How I loathed him right now but my heart still melted for him. How could I hate him so much and still love his lips? How could he look so handsome even without trying? How could he look so confident even in his nervousness? I felt way intimidated by his control of emotions.

So he loved me all this while and he made me think otherwise. How does somebody do that? I felt that was cruel.

Today was my birthday and nobody was going to intimidate me with any foolish proposal. How do I know he’s not toying with me? oh yeah, I know, I want so badly to get married and worse still, I want It’soyha but this man kneeling in front of me does not seem like the It’soyha I know. It’soyha is cynical and cold; this man below me is warm and sweet. I was confused.

I heard Louisa whisper my name and I come back to reality.

“Efua, will you marry me?” It’soyha asks again holding out the 24-karat diamond ring.

Such a beautiful piece of diamond…I thought. Is this man real? I pulled my hand from his grasp as I struggled to wipe my flowing nose and dab my make-up soaked face.

I couldn’t breathe. My heart was coming to my throat, I felt like i was going to puke. My head was spinning, I couldn’t control the wave of emotions flowing through me and before I knew it, I stood up and walked out of the room leaving everyone even the guys at the other end staring back at me.

It’soyha Utibe

If it was the Efua I knew, I was sure she was going to diss me. However, I didn’t expect her to walk out on me kneeling before her. I had thought she was going to talk back and asked me who gave me the audacity to come at her like that.

Efua hated been defenseless but I had thought that she would have said yes, given the fact that the last time we truly spent together, she had asked me to marry her.

I was confused, I was utterly disappointed and I wasn’t sure what to do next as I stood up. Do I go back to my friends in shame? Do I just forget about Efua and the little thorn that kept pricking my soul every time I thought about her? Do I swallow my pride and go out after her? Do I wait for her to cool down and come back to me, hoping she’d say yes?

I had never been entirely confused like this in my whole life! I looked at my mum as she approached me with smiles beaming down her cheeks. My mum…always had to have the last laugh.

“Soyha boy, you should have let me know you were going to finally agree to get married” she reached out to embrace me “you should have asked for help from me, your aunts or your uncles. You can never do a proposal all on your own, my boy. Who told you you could honey?”

I looked at my mother, she always knew it all but couldn’t I do something to show that I could be my own man? Even a marriage proposal gone wrong in her sight…I just couldn’t let Efua go. I had to get her, and she had to enjoy her day. It’s her birthday, dammit! What right does she have to be all sad?

“Mum not now” I said in closed whispers as I noticed all my friends come around to gather me. I didn’t want to be wrapped in all their negativity.

I stormed out in search of Efua, she had built a rage within me…a rage of passion. I walked around for quite a while and I must say, Efua was good at playing hide and seek. I put my hand into my pocket as I stared around for a while wondering where she might have gone to. She had to be somewhere in this building, where could she have gone…I thought.

Then it hit me…the restroom! I started scampering around the female restrooms till I got to the female restroom at the reception. As I walked in, I prayed silently to find her and as I turned to face the rear end of the restroom passage way, I saw Efua sobbing quietly, sitting on the floor with her knees pressed together up her chin. She looked miserable and I couldn’t believe I did that to her. I didn’t mean for this to happen…I didn’t.

“Efua” I said as I reached out to her.

“Get away from me ‘Soyha, I don’t want to talk to you!” She yelled

I silently put my hands around her as I squatted beside her. I couldn’t bare to see her this way. I didn’t want her to be this way.

“Efua, I’m sorry if I hurt you…I sincerely am.”

“Don’t touch me ‘Soyha” she buried herself in tighter “Just go away, please. Just go.”

“Efua, I can’t go away. I’m stuck on you! I won’t go anywhere.” I hugged her tighter as she cried cracking in my embrace

“It’soyha you have no right to ruin my birthday party. I don’t know why I’m in your embrace but I’m not going to marry you.” She cringed and cried some more.

I knew how hard it was for her to let her guards down. I knew how hard it was to let me in, up her perfectly carved out wall. I knew she didn’t want me breaking that wall. I knew she loathed the fact that she couldn’t stop loving me and more.

I hated the fact that I was drawn to this complicated lady. I hated the fact that I couldn’t stop thinking about her ass. I hated the fact that she stole away my joy every time I thought about moving to other women but I just couldn’t. I hated it and hated it but somehow I loved the feeling I got whenever we were together.

I loved the way she holds me, even right now. I loved the way her hair smelt in my nose. I loved the feel of her skin against mine. I loved her every smile and I wanted to be the reason she always had to smile. She made me feel like a new born and I was certain I didn’t want any other man to take her away from me. I liked the fact that she was pure and I had to be her teacher. I was excited that I thought I was going to burst and I just needed to hear her say yes. I couldn’t believe I was this desperate.

I pulled her up and made her look at me. “Efua, please say yes to me. Marry me. I love you honey and I promise, this is not a lie.”

She wiped her tears, turned away from me as she proceeded to walk away. I didn’t want to lose her. I couldn’t bare to. Efua was so unpredictable. I didn’t want her leaving me.

Like a mad man, I ran towards her, pinned her to the wall and kissed her. All the emotions came surging up my body, I couldn’t deny. I didn’t want to deny. She fought back, slapped me hard but I didn’t care. She was mine.

I held her fast to the wall and kissed her again. This time softly. I took my time with her lips and like I imagined, she responded with all her pent up passion. I felt it inside me.

Suddenly, I tasted salty water mix in my mouth and I opened my eyes to see her closed eyes dripping with tears. I reached up and kissed her face. She held me closer and kissed my neck. My goodness, the feel of those lips!

This was not the right spot for this. I wanted perfection. I wanted my first time with her to be something I could look back to and smile awkwardly. All our insane make-outs always drove me crazy and craving more, but I wanted to make love to her at the right place.

I kissed her again, this time with full raw passion and she responded too eagerly I was afraid of this new Efua. I loved this. I kissed her as I heard her mumble…”I love you ‘Soyha, I’m just scared of you leaving.”

I pulled back as I searched her face “I won’t leave you, ever.”

She moved her face aside not wanting to compromise anything.

I moved her face to face me “Trust me Efua…I won’t. Will you marry me now?” I asked feeling scared now more than ever.

I mean after giving me a hard-on on just a mere kiss, I wondered how I would feel if she said no again. I didn’t want to think of it. I will just kidnap her…I thought as a small smile creeped up my face.

She looked at me too unsure to say yes, but so afraid to say no. “It’soyha, I love you and I want to be yours badly but i…”

“Shhh…don’t say another word baby, Marry me and watch me spoil you.”

Just then I pulled out the ring from my pocket and slipped it into her finger.

“It’soyha…” I heard her protest weakly

“I know Efua honey. I love you too” and with that, I sealed it with another kiss and my body shook from too much excitement. I couldn’t believe that I was finally baring my soul to this woman. She got me loyal.


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