Shades Of a Virgin Wife (8)

PS: Sorry this post came pretty late. I haven’t been feeling too well and the weather has not been quite friendly. Do have a lovely read. For those who are coming here for the first time, here’s an excerpt from the last story, you can click on it to read… “We have to work on you keeping still while I touch you. You are way too responsive. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it, it’s just that you make my work too easy” he nuzzled on my ear “like keeping perfectly still while I do this, can you do that?” I shook with excitement, it obviously wasn’t going to be possible to keep me still beneath his touch.

It’soyha’s Memoir
Location: Gerald Avenue, Bourdillon
Date: 5th December, 2018.
Time: 9:18pm
Mood: Scared

I have never been so scared, confused and used in my entire life. This can’t be happening to me. It must be a big joke. I’m wondering how and when I got to be like this. Everything was going just fine or so I thought. My life couldn’t have been any better till this afternoon. So I guess you are wondering what is getting me all worked up and all.

Last you heard, Efua and I had our very first sex and need I tell you how awesome I felt after that night with her. I was extremely delighted, I felt I was rolling on ice. It didn’t take long, Efua and I got married by September and I could tell I was the happiest man that day. I believed our love wasn’t going to be tragic, so I didn’t pay much attention to some certain details.

Efua had this dream wedding which I just had to make come true. So we got married on a cruise somewhere in the interior waters of the Pacific Ocean with all our families and friends on board. It felt like a family vacation after a twenty years reunion. I was ecstatic to care much about any spending. Efua wanted a fairy tale wedding and I was too glad to oblige her request. At every turn of my head to look at her, I just kept smiling. I was finally getting married to her and nothing was stopping that.

Yeah, we had a midnight reception because our wedding occurred in the mid-afternoon with all the priests present trying to figure who was to handle the occasion. Mum had brought all the priests she was close to and Efua had invited her two uncles who were priest to administer the wedding rites, so basically we had eleven priests present at our wedding and it felt more like an ordination than a marriage ceremony.

Somehow, I was glad Efua got her way since her uncle, Reverend Father Abba had headed the ceremony and the other priests had just barely supported. I remember vividly the vows we took as the priest led us on…

“Do you It’soyha Utibe take Efua Anika to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, to cherish and to love, in sickness and in health, in richness and in poverty, in sorrows and in pains, in joys and in grief, till death do you part?”

“Yes I do” I said smiling hard as I continued holding her hands “I sincerely do, because you Efua make this moment seem like magic and I see nobody but you. I am not even confused about this decision with you” I said looking into her almost teary eyes “I am used to being used by others, so I love when this took me unexpected and I’m going to care for you with every fiber of my being because Efua you are perfect, deserving and sincere and I know I don’t deserve you but I vow to be the best husband I can ever be, to take good care of you, to support you, to understand and treat you right, and love you even when life kicks in.”

The priest smiled at us and looked towards Efua as he asked… “Do you Efua Anika take It’soyha Utibe to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, to cherish and to love, in sickness and in health, in richness and in poverty, in sorrows and in pain, in joys and in grief, till death do you part?

Efua smiled as tears ran free down her cheeks “Yes I do and I solemnly add that I will love you It’soyha with every strength that I possess and I will be yours and only yours forever.”

Together we looked at the priest as he acknowledged our vows and added “What God has joined, men must not divide.” He then proceeded to bless the rings which we then exchanged. That moment was a spectacular one for me. Trust me, I never ever believed that a wedding would have this so much effect on me until I was standing facing Efua and hearing the priest say “You may now kiss the bride.” I didn’t believe I could shed a tear but I did as I leaned in to kiss my bride.

We had our honey moon a week after our wedding at Nashville, Tennessee. The two weeks and three days was exhilarating and sex-filled. Efua was becoming a bad girl and I must admit, I loved her the more. I didn’t dare look outside for any other girl, Efua was my all in all. We agreed to wait for two years before we had kids so Efua still remained on the pills. I felt all was good, I never had any reason to doubt that anything could have gone wrong for the two years we have been married even till today.

I know you know today is my birthday but for some strange reason, I feel its doomsday. Efua had called in earlier today at the office to say she had a beautiful surprise for me and urged me to be home early. I could swear by the tone in her voice, she sounded nasty but what did I care, I was excited by my wife’s call.

Ever since we got married, Efua always had a surprise package for every event; my birthday, valentine day, our engagement anniversary, our wedding anniversary, even our first sex anniversary which was coincidentally her birthday [oh yeah, we kept tabs on that day, I can tell you Efua was crazy like that.]

I tried to get home early today but I couldn’t make it in before 5:35pm. I had noticed her car in the drive-way so I assumed she was home waiting patiently however when I got to the front porch, I smelt a rat. The house was unusually quiet and the lights in the foyer were switched off. Was Efua upstairs playing hide and seek? I had thought. I moved bit by bit wary of the dim-lit room as I sashayed to the corner of the wall where I switched on the lights and my goodness…what did I see?

I swiped my palm over my eyes to be sure I wasn’t dreaming as I gaped on at the broken glass door dividing the foyer, the sitting room and the dining area. In my curiosity and my bid to be sure that Efua was safe, I ran upstairs to our bedroom but she wasn’t there. I called out her name hoping to hear her tiny whisper of “I’m here It’soyha, safe me” but I didn’t hear her. I was devastated. I ran to her private study but she wasn’t there either. I checked the entire floor room by room but she wasn’t there, I was beginning to feel faint.

I went to her room where she liked to stay when she felt I was seeing too much of her but she wasn’t there either. Just then. I had a strong gut feeling to check her closet and when I opened it, the stench of the blood that greeted me almost gave me a heart seizure. My mind began to race at that very moment. Where was Efua? Who came into our home? What happened to my wife? I looked again at the closet and there was blood on some of her clothes. It seemed like she tried to change from bloody clothes. It looked like she had been in some sort of fight in here. I closed the door feeling nauseous as I ran down the stairs trying to understand the scenario.

I moved past the shredded pieces of the glass on the floor as I examined the sitting room; there were scratches on the leather seats, Efua or somebody had been struggling but for what? I gently moved to the dining area and lo and behold I saw two heavenly pretty cakes, scented candles and a small card standing on the dining table looking at me. Efua had made me some cake but where was she? I opened the card and smiled. She had inscribed the words “You are mine alone & I love you.”

I dropped the card on the table as I headed to the kitchen and saw lots of Gourmet dishes she had prepared. As I turned, I saw little blood splattered on the wall. Oh my goodness…I mumbled…even here too? I couldn’t take it in anymore. I dialed her phone and heard it ringing in the sitting room. Just then, I realized Efua had been kidnapped. I quickly placed a call to my mum and she called the police.

I sat outside on the stairs wondering what had occurred. I felt bitter as I heard the sirens of the police men. I didn’t trust the Nigerian police to do any good but silently I prayed and hoped that they would somehow find my wife. I couldn’t lose Efua just after two years of marriage, I wasn’t ready to become a widower. My mum came in just in time and after the police had secured the area and promised to investigate more in the morning, I packed a few of my things and left with my mum.

Louisa Aniebet

So I got the news from It’soyha that my friend was nowhere to be found and I can’t seem to place it. Who would want to kidnap her? Why would anyone want to kill Efua? Efua has always been a sweetheart. I couldn’t fathom one reason anybody would have, to get Efua out of the picture. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I tried to understand the scenario It’soyha described, it didn’t seem like a break in.

It has been two days since Efua went missing and not a single news. If she was dead, then where was her body? If she was kidnapped, why haven’t they called for a ransom? After I was allowed at the crime scene yesterday, I tried hard to fit the puzzle together. From the look of things and the explanation of the investigative officer that Mrs. Zika Utibe found to investigate the matter, it seemed Efua had been struggling with someone after they had had a fight in the foyer, breaking the glass and in a bid to ignore the person, she headed to the kitchen to continue the dishes and the person had walked in, hit her on the head and pushed her on the wall, causing little blood to splatter across the wall and on to the kitchen cabinet.

What didn’t quite add up was how the blood got to some of her clothes in her closet. However, the investigative officer had said that Efua didn’t die immediately by her head contact on the wall because the splatter of blood shows that there wasn’t enough damage caused at the head region to have caused her to die. So maybe she had tried to run upstairs in a bid to hide and the person had found her and killed her. Now to me, those were mere speculations. There was need for a forensic expert. How do we know who is responsible without a forensic expert? The only suspect here was It’soyha but I hate to believe that he would do that to his own wife. If he did, why report the crime?

I sat down confused than I had ever been. Just then, I heard someone at the door.

“Hello” I started as I opened the door to see a petite lady standing before me

“Hello…sorry I’m looking for Louisa”

“Yes, that’s me. Can I help you?”

“I knew Efua and I’m sure It’soyha killed her.” She said too quickly

“Please come in” I quickly said as I looked at her in fright “Sit down please” I added

“Thank you.” She looked squarely at me as if I had just done her a pleasure

“How did you know Efua?” I asked since I didn’t even know she kept other friends.

“We met in church and she has been a great companion to me. We even attended ante-natal together.”

“Ante-natal? Efua wasn’t pregnant!”

“You didn’t know?” she looked at me with a shocked face “Oh, I see…” she nodded in affirmation “She didn’t want you to know since you were close to her husband. You know, her husband didn’t want her to have a baby and she tried to hide the fact that she was pregnant from him. She told me how he warned against her having a baby and how he beat her one day because she kept talking about a baby.”

“It’soyha beat her?” I asked getting more perplexed than ever

“I guess she didn’t want you to know because she thought it was all going to stop.”

“How did you even know to come here?” I queried

“Oh, Efua talked about you a lot. She told me how scared she was to tell you anything going on in her marriage and prayed that her husband would change. Did you know that It’soyha was cheating on her?”

“That’s not true! It’soyha won’t do that to Efua”

“So you think. It’soyha was cheating just after a year and 3 months into their marriage.”

“How did you know this? Did Efua tell you?”

“Oh yes, Efua did. You see, there was this time she wanted to surprise him at the office, however, when she got there, even before she stepped out of her car, she saw It’soyha going off with another lady. Now, I know you’ll say that’s not enough evidence but just hold on and hear the rest of it.”

“I’m listening ma’am, go on” I said shifting forward in my couch

“Well, when she first saw them together, she thought it was just a mere colleague or even a dear friend going for lunch but then, It’soyha leaned across and kissed the girl.”

“Ahh…” I exclaimed with mouth agape

“Efua didn’t believe it too but she let it slide and waited to see him after he came back from lunch with the girl. You needed to see how It’soyha welcomed her like nothing happened and even introduced the girl. Efua was cool about it, there was no reason to behave strangely, and so she just smiled. 2 weeks later, Efua was coming back home from work and thought it would be nice to drop by at her husband’s office and go out together for an evening take-out before finally heading home. You know Efua now, she likes to do things by surprise. When she got there, the office was quite empty, she took the elevator to the 6th floor where her husband’s office was but the entire floor was dimly lit. What propelled her further was the fact that she had seen her husband’s Rolls-Royce in the garage so she knew he was still up there. What began to occur in her mind was whether her husband was okay or what he must be doing in the dark. Tiptoeing to his office door, she heard strange noises she wasn’t sure of. Gently, she opened the door trying not to get caught, and what did she see? Her husband with the same girl doing it on the office table. She didn’t believe her eyes. She quietly went back to her car not sure whether to cry or scream or laugh at her stupidity. She said she was seated in her car for like another 8 minutes before she realized she had to quickly get away from the scene before her husband gets to find out that she was even there. She went home feeling sad but not enough to make her want to leave him, so she started asking for a baby, and I’m sure we both know what happened after that.”

“Lord have mercy” was all I could mutter.

“If you think I’m lying to you, ask It’soyha if he ever cheated on his wife. I wish Efua had taken my advice, I wish she had left him earlier, then she wouldn’t have died like this. It’soyha killed her!” she started to cry and I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Don’t worry…” I said patting her “We’ll get to the root of this matter.”

I wasn’t going to let my friend’s disappearance go away like that. Never!

Habeeb Bilyaminu Muhktar

It’s been 5 days since Efua went missing and I can’t understand what exactly occurred. So news has it that It’soyha has a hand in her disappearance. I am yet to understand why anyone would think that. Even if It’soyha was cheating, he definitely couldn’t have killed Efua. He loved that woman; that is one thing I was sure of. Now, don’t blame him for cheating. A man will always be a man. However, one thing I still don’t know is, who wanted Efua out of the picture and for what reason?

Efua was pregnant as the police reports and medical evidence say but no one knew except this strange lady from her church and the nurses at the ante-natal who claimed she came there regularly for her check-up and ante-natal sessions. How come It’soyha did not know she was pregnant? Why did Efua hide her pregnancy? What went on in their home? so many thoughts kept on in my head.

Oh true, I never knew It’soyha cheated on Efua until Louisa said it and It’soyha admitted. He had looked like the perfect husband and Efua had not even uttered a word of complaint to any of us. What else was he hiding?

I’m glad Mrs. Zika Utibe is really anxious to find out what happened to Efua and I’m glad she got forensics looking over at their home. I’m just pretty much sad for It’soyha because all this still points at him. The question was, how did he do it? Who was his instrument? He obviously couldn’t have done it himself.

The police had taken him in for questioning yesterday and I was afraid. The forensic analyst had found blood stain wiped off from the floor at the foyer and marks showing that Efua had been dragged out from the pool of blood. The question then becomes, who killed Efua and still had sufficient time to drag out her body, hide it and clean off the blood? Just who, I thought. We needed to find Efua’s body

It’soyha Utibe

I am so not myself right now. Investigations are still on-going but with the look of things, it seems I am the suspect. So many evidence against me I can’t even understand how I let this happen. There’s this woman who seems to know every little thing that went on inside my house and I’m shocked that Efua even kept her as a friend. Efua never kept friends. Apart from Louisa and Denise, Efua never really had anybody over at the house or anybody she was hanging out with. She was always in her private study reading or at work. She never had much time for friends. So for her to have had this strange woman as a friend is a surprise to me.

Now thing is, I tried hard to be discreet about my external affairs. I didn’t want to do anything to hurt Efua even though I was cheating, I tried to keep it away from home. I loved Efua and I still do but some women out there give it real good and I swear, I couldn’t miss that. Efua had my heart, my money and my body but those women out there, just had my body.

Thing is, I didn’t know that Efua knew I was cheating on her. How in heaven’s name did she even find out without saying a word? How could she have told this stupid strange woman who is now spreading such evil news? And why did she have to lie to the woman that I beat her when I never laid a finger on her? I think this strange woman is crazy because Efua will never do stuff like that. Saying things that never happened.

Funny thing now is, the strange woman is going about telling everybody that Efua was pregnant. Telling everybody that I didn’t want a baby and when Efua hinted that she wanted one, I got mad, hit her and told her to get rid of whatever she had planted in her belly, if there was any there already. Now, medical reports are flying everywhere saying Efua was pregnant and some other women claimed to have seen her at the ante-natal. I was never aware of that. NEVER!

I remember Efua and I agreed to wait for two years before having a baby. I also remembered one evening when Efua hinted that it’d be lovely for us to have a baby around the house and I reminded her of our agreement. She smiled and said somehow, the house was getting too lonely without a baby. I asked her to give me some time to think about it and she agreed.

Two weeks later, I told her I was willing to have a baby with her and she could stay off the pills but Efua refused. She reminded me herself of why we agreed to wait in the first place and that she had just been so lonely that day, she just said it.

Now, I don’t understand why I have to be the bad person who didn’t want the baby when it was Efua who was specific about us following our agreement.

Forensics came to our house, analyzed the environment and found blood at the foyer. The blood on her clothes were tested and it was found she was actually pregnant. Hand impressions of someone struggling were found on the floor of the foyer, they came out to be Efua’s. Funny how that was smartly wiped off from the scene.

Here is the story the forensic analyst finally came up with. Efua had been gone to the door to receive someone in. when they settled on the couch, they entered into some sort of heated argument. Efua been so vexed, had stood up to leave to the dining or so but the person had dragged her back to the couch while brushing off the elephant tusk hanging on the wall [the forensics found fingerprints on it] and Efua had begun to struggle letting her phone fall on the floor. She got free, came to the dining placed the card and scented candles there, arranged the table and moved in to the kitchen to bring out the dishes when her assailant accosted her there too and hit her on the head pushing her to the wall. Efua fearing that she might be killed at that moment ran away with fright. Looking at the occasion, Efua had decided to change from her kitchen wear to something nice, when the assailant whom she thought might have cooled down or should have left the house came right up to where she was in her closet and tried to strangle her [the piece of cloth on the floor of her closet rolled and twisted like a wire was a proof of that]. She broke free from the assailant’s grip and ran back downstairs when the assailant ran after her and immediately caught up with her at the foyer, and tried to hit her with the stick he was holding but accidentally hit the glass in the foyer. Somehow, he got to her and killed her there too, dragged out her body and hid it somewhere after which he wiped off all the blood on the floor.

Now, the police had said it was easier for me to kill her that way because the assailant had enough time to cool down from when she left the kitchen to when she was in her closet. If it was somebody else, they would have ran after her immediately to kill her but only her husband could have waited and in the privacy of her room, right in her closet, still go after her and want to kill her.

With all the stories here and there, there was enough motive for me to want to kill Efua. My mum has been looking at me like the devil himself. I wonder if I am ever getting out of this. Now, I am the worthy suspect. Great. Just great.


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