Shades of a Virgin Wife (Final)

[Efua Utibe’s mind…]
Location: Somewhere in Fugar
Date: 25th of January, 2019
Time: 09:17am

I packed my bags not sure where next I was heading but convinced none the less, that I had to leave this town of mine. I had spent one good month wallowing in self-pity, it was high time I did something meaningful with my life. I dropped my bags in the boot of the car and headed back inside to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. I looked at the picture of my parents on the wall again, how pictures tell a lie…they looked so happy.

Sighing, I went to my room to relieve myself when I caught a glimpse of the picture frame sitting proudly on the head-board frame of my bed. I moved closer just to take one more peek at it. He looked so handsome, I couldn’t stop blushing. I swiped my palms across his lips and leaned closer to kiss him. Gritting my teeth, I stepped back not wanting to live in that fantasy anymore. I placed the frame flat on its face so that I wouldn’t have to keep looking at my past, pulled off my wedding ring after admiring it a while and placed it beside the frame. I headed to the restroom, relieved myself and left the room.

I headed straight out to the car after locking up the house and drove off. Time was of the essence and spending any more unlucky moment in that house may cost me a lot. I looked at my diary planner and checked my-to-do lists. I looked at my account statement on my phone, I still had a lot of cash [Oh, don’t ask me how I still have an account. Smart people know they have to open a fake account with a fake name if they had planned to kill themselves and set up somebody else! *Eyes rolling*]

I was going to have to make another stop before I finally leave this city; I needed to, just to fulfill all righteousness.

Denise Anika
Location: Somewhere in Fugar
Date: 25th of January, 2019
Time: 09: 36am

As I stepped out of the car, I looked at the surroundings before me and a sudden feeling of guilt overwhelmed me. How long has it been since I came here? 9 years? 13 years maybe? I wasn’t so sure anymore.

“Is this the place?” I heard It’soyha ask from behind

“I hope it is…” I replied enthusiastically. Will Efua really come here as I thought? She always loved this place as a kid until papa left and even till then, she thought he would return but he never did. Five years later when mama told her he had died, she got angry at everyone around her and cried a lot. Mama died two years later and Efua came to live with us. She always wanted to come back here but never had the courage to.

I moved stealthily behind It’soyha as we perused the house in search of Efua. I headed to her room and sat on her naked bed. It reminded me of the old days, the ones we spent together in this same room playing and laughing. I found myself caressing the bed trying to see if I could feel Efua again as I probed the room with my eyes.

I stood up as I noticed from the corner of my eye a strange piece of wood I had never seen before sleeping on the head-board frame of the bed. I wasn’t exactly sure if I had ever noticed anything there since the last 9 or 13 years I was in this house but curiosity got the better part of me. Flipping over the wooden frame, It’soyha’s face greeted me with a warm smile together with Efua’s wedding ring. What was his picture doing here on Efua’s bed and Efua’s ring too?

“It’soyha!!!” I screamed as I heard him running over

“What is it, Denise?”

“Here…” I said as I handed him the picture and the ring “Efua was here.”

“Do you have any idea if she might still come back?” he asked with all his eyes popped out

“No, I don’t think so It’soyha. She cleared her things.”

“But she left this…” he said stretching the picture before me

“It’s a clear sign that she intended to forget you It’soyha, she dropped the ring too. It seems Efua has moved on!”

“Do you have any idea where she might be? Please?”

“It’soyha, I’m not sure…” I replied as he broke down in silent sobs and hugged his picture too tightly. I felt extremely sorry for him

“I’m sorry Efua…I am” he whispered to himself.

“I think I might know where she went…” i said finally

“Oh yeah?” He sprang to his feet immediately “Let’s go please, we can’t afford to waste any more time.”

“I might…I’m not sure”

“Denise, why don’t we just go and have a look at this place, shall we? We might just be lucky” he seemed enthusiastic about the idea of finding her

“Okay.” I muttered.

Efua Utibe
Location: Cemetery ground, Iviukwe
Date: 25th of January, 2019.
Time: 11:48am

I stared at her grave for a while after dropping the flowers I got from the roadside horticulturist, feeling sorry that I hadn’t deemed it fit to come here ever since she died sixteen (16) years ago. I didn’t want to shed a tear, I had had enough of that already…I just wanted her to see me and be proud but I guess there was nothing to be proud of.

“I miss you mum. I wish you were alive here to see me again. It was always like you said; the world is a big bad place and nothing like what I used to imagine. I grew up to be a pretty fine lady just like you always said I would and I made straight A’s in school ma. Sorry I’m coming here to visit so late but you always said, better late than never ma. I studied law in the university; wanted to be an advocate for the defenseless women just like you. Oh and you know what mum, I’m a good lawyer but I haven’t been at work for the past six weeks now. Yeah I know right…so unprofessional! I’m just trying to find my fitting ever since I left It’soyha. Oh, right…I didn’t tell you ma…I met a boy and I fell in love. *Laughs* it was too good to be true ma, but I did fall in love and next thing I know, we got married. Oh, sorry I have no ring to show you ma, I took it home to show papa but he wasn’t there and I left it behind just like he left us behind. *Sobbing* I told myself countless times that I wasn’t going to make the mistake you made ma, that I wasn’t going to be with the wrong man, that I was going to wait for the perfect man to walk straight right at me ma but I was wrong. I fell in love with the wrong man or should I say there are no perfect men? He cheated on me ma, he wasn’t been fair at all…I should have known that they were all the same but I was blinded by love. Oh ma, he has made me do a terrible thing…I faked my own murder just to get back at him and now I don’t know where to go or what to do with myself anymore. I feel useless. Funny thing is ma, I don’t think he misses me…I think he’s glad that I am gone just like papa was glad to have left us.”

“I miss you Efua…every single day since you left…I missed you”

I looked behind me to be sure I wasn’t imagining things. “Wha-what are you doing here?” I asked trying to swipe off the tears from my cheeks

“I came to get you.”

“How did you find this place It’soyha?”

“Denise helped.”

I tried to find Denise around “Oh…she said something about going to talk to papa” It’soyha said

“That still doesn’t explain why you are here, It’soyha.”

“I know what you did Efua but I’m not here to blame or judge you. I…”

“Oh right…I see, you want to play Jesus, huh?”

“Efua, please just hear me out.”

“It’soyha, I have other things I’ll like to do and chatting with you at this moment is definitely not one of them. Can I please, speak to my mum in peace?”

“Efua, I’m sorry for cheating on you. I truly am…please forgive me?”

I shook my head as I turned my back against him. How can he just say it like it was a piece of cake? How can he ask me to forgive him for cheating just like that after he made me do crazy things? How can he just come here and think that he’ll make everything all go away by taking all the blame? How come he isn’t even angry at me for faking a murder? I felt his hands grab my shoulders

“Efua…I really want you back, in as much as I’m mad at you for what you did to me on my birthday, it still doesn’t change the fact that I love you.”

I began to walk away because I felt the word love was been underrated and I hated to hear someone tell me something they don’t mean.

“Hey…” I heard It’soyha say as he ran to catch up with me “Hey babe, please wait.” He ran forward and turned me around to face him “Can’t we work something out? You’re mad at me and I’m mad at you but we still love each other right? That’s got to count for something, yeah?” he said panting

He looked sexy and all I wanted to do at that moment was kiss him, but I didn’t want to lose focus here. I was mad at him and he looking all cute and sexy wasn’t going to change that fact! “It’soyha, I really don’t know anymore.”

“Come on babe, please…I’m sorry I cheated.”

I rolled my eyes at him not wanting to be swayed by his heart melting plea; this was exactly the same thing that happened when he proposed. “You even lied about her to me when I came by at your office. I don’t think you are sorry It’soyha, you just got caught!”


“I’m not you babe…” I retorted angrily

“Okay, Efua. I couldn’t just tell you that straight to your face, that would be a total disrespect to your person and I never lied about her. She was a colleague at work, I just never added the part where I slept with her for fun.”

“Oh for God’s sake, It’soyha…just spare me the details and have some dignity too while you are at it.”

“You asked…”

“Don’t tell me anything” I said raising my hands in the air, “I don’t want to hear it!”

He rubbed his hands on his temple as he sighed out “Efua…please, I’m sorry. I just want you back. I miss you and your sweet smile…” he reached to touch my lips as I flinched “I love you Efua, I still do and it hurts.”

I swallowed my spit as I looked at him “Don’t do that It’soyha…don’t.”

“Do what?” he asked surprised

“All these gummy-cute-needy act…don’t. You love me and it hurts? Yeah right!”

“I’ve always had a hard time convincing you about how much I loved you. When will you learn to trust in my love for you Efua?”

“You cheated on me It’soyha!!! Trust is not an option here!” I said gritting my teeth

“You faked your own murder too Efua, neither is trust an option here too.”

“It’soyha, I know I have done things I’m not proud of a…”

“I know, so have I, Efua…” he blurted out “but we can give each other a chance to try again. Love is never perfect, it’s like a maze; you have to find the right road to make it through. There are always twigs and thorns on the way and the tunnel is always very dark but somewhere at the end of that tunnel Efua, there’s a light and after the light, there’s joy.”

“It’soyha…I can’t do this.” I started to walk away.

“Let’s give our love a second chance please? There’s nothing that is not worth trying again, people always fail.”

I shrugged my shoulders as I stopped walking, trying so hard not to look at him and hoping that the tears that threatened to fall off my face won’t fall. “I’m bad at this It’soyha. I don’t know how to love right and you don’t know me that well. I’m a demented piece of shit!”

“Don’t say that Efua, you are not demented.” He walked towards where I stood “We all have our past and I’m sorry that yours was crappy but I don’t mind. Just come back with me, tell me what I need to know about you and I’ll teach you how we can love right together.”

Just then, I heard Denise screaming my name as she ran over to where I stood beside It’soyha. “Oh Efua, I’ve missed you.” She hugged me too tightly I thought I was going to choke out “Why did you run away all by yourself loser?”

I smiled as I hugged her back “I love you too douche.”

She kissed my cheeks again as she looked on “Your journal is a hell of a story…you should write a novel!” she laughed

“I bet nobody would buy it when its’ done.” I giggled at her

“You bet.” She looked at It’soyha and then back at me “Oh Efua, don’t send him away. He’s a good man, trust me.”

I looked at It’soyha as I shrugged “I don’t have your ring anymore…I was too mad at you, I left it behind.”

He smiled as he pulled out the ring from his pocket “Here! Let me wear it for you.”

“Where did you find that? You people went to Fugar?” I asked bewildered

“I was desperate Efua…I needed to find you. Will you be my wife again?” he stretched forward the ring as I looked at him mute.

“Come on Efua” Denise beckoned “Say something…”

“I’m scared It’soyha. I don’t want to be jailed for murder. I may kill you if you cheat again and I don’t want to think about that.”

He laughed “I won’t cheat on you again Efua…I promise you this time.” He reached forward, grabbed my left hand and placed the ring on my finger as he placed a kiss on my mouth. It felt so warm and sweet. I missed him so much I gave in without fighting back and I let the tears fall freely. I don’t know how I could love a man this much and still wanted to put him behind bars. This feeling confused me. I pulled away.

“It’soyha…I’m sorry I faked my own murder. I was angry at you for cheating and I know I should have asked. Please, forgive me?” I grimaced

He tucked my hair behind my ear as he smiled “I didn’t hold any grudge against you Efua, I was just amazed that I didn’t know your capabilities. It’s okay.”

I looked at Denise who was grinning excitedly; whether from the fact that I had been found or from the fact that It’soyha and I were getting back together, I wasn’t sure.

“Can I call you babe now?” It’soyha asked

I chuckled “Yes you may, mister.”

“May we go back home now babe and maybe you could use some ass-spanking?” he asked excitedly

“Oh not just yet…I want to have a word with papa. I think I finally have the courage to talk to him today.” I left them standing while I walked over to my father’s grave and looked down at the writings on the sculptured wall surrounding where he was buried.

Sorry papa for all the blames I cast at you, I was angry and upset. I don’t know what transpired between you and mama and why you had to live us but that’s all in the past now and I forgive you pa. I hope you find peace where you are…I love you pa.”

I walked back to meet It’soyha and Denise where they had been standing as we walked towards the car. I let Denise take my car, while I rode in with It’soyha. I looked at him

“What are we to tell your mum honey?”

“Our secret stays between us babe. No mum, no interference. We’ll let her know you were kidnapped but then you escaped to Denise’s place. Denise called and I ran over to get you. Kapish!”

“Kapish mister!” I wriggled his nose as I chuckled “I love you It’soyha.”

“I love you more Efua, always and forever babe.” He reached for my hands and kissed deep “Always.”


17 thoughts on “Shades of a Virgin Wife (Final)”

  1. Your story is beautiful and I enjoyed it…the suspense was killing at some point…Jesus! You’re one he’ll of a writer…thumbs up


  2. I’ve been glued to my phone since! I guess I enjoyed it better than those that read it in bits. Nice work. I don’t even know how to feel. Sorrowfully sweet!


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