Travails of a Rookie Lawyer 2 [The Nigerian Law School 1 (2)]

Untold Stories of NLS posting

                                                     … as told by Nafisa Abubakar

I remember quite vividly one fine Sunday,when I was reassuring my close friend on her anxieties over law school. As for me; I saw no purpose in being anxious about the posting. To me, no matter what there was no way I was going to be posted anywhere outside Lagos. Five whole years spent in UNEC schooling; abeg I had tried. I didn’t need any stress this law school year. I wanted the opportunity to disappear to my house in case I ever ran out of money or I needed to chill, I had suffered too much in UNEC please.

Imagine my exasperation when I opened the school portal and I saw that they had posted me to  Yola. From where now? Yola wasn’t even among my choices. It was like as if my village people were hunting me; did I mention I’m from Yola? You see it now. It was from the village.

It was like a cruel sick joke early in the morning. I quickly called my friend, Adaobi, she was just busy rejoicing that they posted her to Abuja.

I just collapsed on the chair. I couldn’t move. My uncle then came and started shouting at me to get up so we could do something about it. In my mind, I was like; “Doesn’t this man understand that they had just sentenced me to die, he should just leave me to kuku die in peace”

The next bombshell came; “If we can’t change this posting, you won’t go to law school this year.” My uncle said.

I checked to see if I was still alive after hearing that; so this was how one year of my life was about to waste, I thought.

One week later, I was on my way to Abuja to change my posting. If I couldn’t change it I was done for. All or nothing.

I arrived with my aunty and we drove straight to Bwari. There was no amount of fasting and praying that did not occur during that one week. My blood pressure had risen and had blown the roof.

Immediately we entered the director general’s office; that’s when the waterworks started. I must have cried three buckets in that office. To even worsen matters; the man threatened to send me to Kano. That was when my heart almost stopped. Do these people have no pity?

After the Nigerian film I acted in front of the DG; he asked us to go and he would see what he would do; making no promises.

Was it safe to say that I didn’t trust these people? Yes abi? Anyway, I waited till the next day. Slept with my Bible under my pillow, praying every five seconds. So imagine my relief when I saw that they had changed my posting to Lagos.

Full fledged thanksgiving in church complete with testimony when I hadn’t even passed the Bar exam yet. It was not beans.


2 thoughts on “Travails of a Rookie Lawyer 2 [The Nigerian Law School 1 (2)]”

  1. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how Ella came to Lagos campus and was a bundle of joy. Not only did she come to Lagos campus, we were both in group 4 (she was actually two rows behind me in class *winks at her neighbour issues*). We we in the same sub-groups and it was no mean feat having Ella leading the other side in the annual mock trial. In short, the girl is on fire…


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