Travails of A Rookie Lawyer 2 [The Nigerian Law school 1-(3)]


Registering and applying for law school was no big deal. I had some hitches with the Internet but it didn’t stop me from completing the registration process before the site was down. I remember a kind family friend offered to help with my posting but I politely told him not to worry. I was so certain I had secured a space in the Lagos campus of the Nigerian Law School, ask me how… I don’t know. In my mind, all I had to do was shop, pack my things and wait for 2nd November, 2015 to zoom off to Lagos. Come to think of it, why Lagos?

However, on the week of the posting, I discovered a truth in Proverbs 19:21. It says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but the Lord’s purpose prevails”.

This truth didn’t mean anything to me at that time, I just wanted to see my NLS posting…. The next day, I was surfing the web and discovered people from other universities were posted to places like Kano, Yola. I thought what a pity… so l told my kid brother and he asked, “why will NLS post people to those kinds of places”?

In reply, I told him, that some people must be posted to those places because the lecturers are paid to teach human beings not ghosts. I didn’t stop there o, I went further to say “if I am sent there, I will definitely go”. LOL! Little did I know that I just bought a ticket to my destination.

I was sleeping peacefully before I was interrupted by my noisy ringtone. I just wondered what was so important that couldn’t wait a little longer. My friend from the other side informed me about the NLS posting. So I checked the site, saw my name, details and something that looks like KANO. There was no reason to raise alarm. I closed the browser, reopened it and tried once again, the city KANO was still there. Ok o, that was my cue to cry foul, but that never happened. The one thing I could remember was that I kept repeating the word KANO; but trust me, I had a bucket by my side when the tears came rolling. My dad heard me and came to my room to find out if I was fine. I showed him my phone; he looked at me, said “good morning” and went back to his room. My mum didn’t say much… My kid brother saw the posting and kept saying, “why, why” to nobody in particular.

Few hours later, my parents informed me of their decision. Guess what, I was leaving for Kano the next day. Looking at their faces, I realized that it was the hardest decision they ever made. I started calling my friends that had been in NLS Kano Campus for the 2014/2015 session. You wouldn’t believe the horrible news they told me. My friend confirmed the fears about the North, she was like “oh there are bomb blasts here and there you know”, and I am like WHAAAT!!

The news has it that Kano Campus was once a tourist site with lots of trees, lots of snakes and all kinds of weird creepies (if you know what I mean)… she adviced me to always walk in twos at night with rechargeable lanterns. Hmmmm, you can imagine the look on my face after that call.

Tell me who will go to Kano after hearing all these horrid details….
Word got around to my family and friends that I was leaving for Kano. Come and see people that were willing to book my flight to Kano. I was in shock. I asked my mum, “where were this people when I was in the University?” LOL!

The fact that I was going to Kano made them nice and caring all of a sudden. Haahahaahahahah!!!

My definition of the North was only as far as Abuja. I never saw Kano coming. No, that’s a lie. I saw it clearly. I thought of the truth I found in Proverbs 19:21, the conversation I had with my kid brother and only smiled.

Although I had Lagos in mind, after seeing Kano, I had no doubt that my posting had a touch of divinity.
Meanwhile, I took all the prayers, love, gifts in good faith and left for Bagauda, Kano (Giants in the Sun).

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I bought a big rechargeable lantern for you know what….


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