Travails of A Rookie Lawyer 2 [The Nigerian Law School 1 – (4)]

Untold stories of NLS Posting

                 …as told by Chizoba Abonyi

If you know me well, you will know am a drama queen, so be rest assured that I acted alot of drama in this story………

Now imagine the pure joy I had on seeing my name in the list of those qualified to go to law school, it was so great a feeling, that I and my friend were the first to get to the bank the next Morning to pay the application fees. The application was as easy as you can think of and guess what……i purposely didn’t choose any northern state so the almighty posters don’t get any ideas into their heads, infact I felt picking Lagos as your first choice was a ticket to saying “biko if Lagos is full, you can send me as a sacrificial lamb to the north“. I even got around to teasing my friends who picked Lagos that I would pay them a visit in Kano and yola just to gloat.

Sometime in October, I found out people were working their postings *mogbe*, if all this people are working their postings out to Abuja and Lagos, it means people who don’t know anyone to help with theirs are in trouble, haaa!! Aunity Chizo cannot be in trouble ohhh, I cannot come and go and kee myself and stand up and run away. So I ran to the mtn shop opposite the office I was working at the time and bought 1500 airtime to make calls, honestly I didn’t care how much that would cost me as long as I got what I wanted.

So I called a friend who confirmed he was working his own too to Abuja, the begging began “bikozienu my friend help your sister out naa, you know am planning a wedding that is supposed to happen in Abuja, helep me sir” and he replied “of course why not” but I wasn’t satisfied, so when I got home from work that evening, I told my Dad the situation of things so he could begin making calls and he said “that’s not necessary, because they will definitely send you to Abuja”, now, when my dad says something like this, know that he won’t do anything because he believes in his guts, *My brothers and sisters who guts epp abeg*.

So I decided to rely on my friend (Just imagine me biko, instead of relying on God), so I think God decided to remind me to trust in him alone.

On the 2nd of November 2015, I woke up and prepared to go for mass because it was the day of “all souls” in the Catholic church, after getting ready, I was waiting for my parents to get ready too when I decided to go through my phone. I then saw my friend’s status thanking God for posting him to Abuja……. hmmm, the battle with my mind began, should I check now or wait till I come back from church, I guess my curiosity got the better of me, so I checked and the word YOLA screamed back!!! Hell No!!! I didn’t get my application number correctly I thought, So I checked again, still YOLA!!!

Ewo, my village people have done it again, the heartland of boko haram? This is not possible, that is like the outskirts of Nigeria, am sure it’s not even on the map. With all the annoyance I could muster(I warned you I like dramas), I went straight to my dad’s room and showed him “I hope you are happy Now?” I asked, “Jesus Christ“!!! He exclaimed.

I plainly told him not to involve Jesus ohh, because Jesus gave him the power to help his daughter and he refused. The man was confused mehn! My mum had already come out of her room on hearing the exclamation, I showed her the phone and her jaw literally dropped, now, my mum is not the kind of person who shows emotions but seeing the look she had in her eyes that day, my tears started flowing freely like a river……. if my mum has obvious fears in her eyes, then am obviously done for!!!

We eventually went to mass and at a time during consecration, I heard my mum’s sobs, oh my God, mumsy cried!!! I knew I was going to tell my siblings of that someday but for that day, it seemed natural…..

I cried throughout the mass but I humbly made one request to God “dear Lord if it is your will that I go to YOLA, let me not be able to change it by today, block every avenue of changing it” and I went home.

I decided to call some of my friends and I realised we had all been sent to YOLA, very funny. It started sounding like the norm, hmmm I can’t deal biko, I have to find a way out.

As early as 8:00am, my dad set out for Bwari Campus with a medical report, a letter and so many other tricks up his sleeves. I was to stay back home and pray to God. He came back without any convincing news and it was already 3pm, I then remembered my request to God, oh my God!!! The day will soon come to an end and then I began to wish I asked for 2 days to change it. I was sad and weak and worn out from crying. I had refused to eat and my mum was getting really concerned. Just then something pinched me to go through my contact list, so I did out of boredom…….. Lo and behold!!! The number God had sent to help me, but the last time I spoke to him he was out of the country, I thought, so I just kept scrolling down but somehow my hand just kept scrolling back, so I decided to try it and see if it goes…… Boom! it does and he picks!!

Good evening sir” I began. The conversation went on for a while with him gisting me about his trip and stuff, he then asked what campus I was posted to, I replied YOLA, if you hear the way he screamed ehh, in his words…

“I was with the D.G yesterday, send me your name, application number and preferred Campus, in fact send any valuable information, then check the site again by 5pm prompt, you are not going to YOLA ever.” You can imagine my joy when I hung up.

I and my mum sat in a spot patiently waiting till 5pm, even though she tried to pretend like she wasn’t waiting with me. 4:59pm and she said “oya start opening the site now so that by 5pm it would have finished loading.

I couldn’t help but laugh notwithstanding the situation. So I did just that and guess what….. ABUJA screamed back at me, I threw the phone away and began crying and screaming thank you Jesus!!

That was how a person who I felt was a challenge in my life was used by God for my own good. I still call him a “Blessing in disguise“…


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