For Those Leaving Nysc Camp Tomorrow

So tomorrow is your last day in camp and you obviously can’t wait for it to be here. Don’t worry, it already is. Most of you will wake up by 2am or 3am latest, don’t sweat it, the camp officials will be ready for you by 9:30am.

However, it’s also the day to find out where your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) is and whether or not your prayers and/or sortings worked. Yeah, sortings…I mean in Nysc Nigeria, NEVER leave to fate that which you obviously have the opportunity to influence. That’s why you got the opportunity, don’t be like me, leaving it to fate instead. Trust me, it’s a story I’ll always tell.

So after the camp parade, you will be shared Platoon by platoon or State code numbers by state code numbers, as the case in your state may be and your posting letter will be shared individually.

Now I know there will be tension flying here and there, but take a chill pill, worse as e worse, it will end in a remote village and on the brighter side, you may end up winning a national award of some sort. *sigh*

Fortunately, if you were able to redeploy successfully…thank God. At least, you are in the safe zone.

Let’s go back to you guys who didn’t redeploy for fate’s sake or who couldn’t redeploy. Now after you get your posting letter, you would see some strange LGA that you may not be familiar with or you may see where you know. Either ways, it’ll be a morning of mixed emotions.

You may have arranged a bus to go with to your local government via church fellowships, or via friendly means but if you haven’t, the camps will provide transport for you.

When you get to your town of deployment, the first thing to do, if you have adequate time, is to find your place of primary assignment and get them to either accept or reject you.

If you don’t have sufficient time, you can relax and treat yourself to a nice meal, a warm bath and a lush bed. That is, if you have the means or are in the right town to achieve that. If not, just make yourself comfortable and healthy for the next day’s trouble.

Note, if you have later plans to redeploy, find a way to get a rejection letter because once you get accepted, you stay nigbayen. For those that get posted to schools and are seeking rejection, biko don’t approach the school oo. Those people hardly reject anybody at all.

After you get your acceptance, you should go to your Local government Inspector’s office or your Nysc Secretariat, if you still have ample time, open your file and do the necessary clearance. Remember to take along with you, your passport, your Nysc account details, your posting letter and acceptance/rejection letter.

If you got a rejection, approach your Zonal/local Inspector and let him know you have been rejected. He or she will then repost you to another place, where you have to go and get an acceptance maybe.

If you have to leave your state of deployment for any reason, apply at your LGI office for permission to leave. You will get the format on how to write the permission letter.

For those of you that will be ghosting your service, I mean working in a state other than that of your deployment and still coming to your service state to do your clearance, try to make an arrangement with your LI/ZI and see what good deal you can make yourself. Hopefully, you get to work things out well for your benefit.

On this note, I say cheers guys. Serve Nigeria in peace and love. Have a great night.


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