Lagos Hustle 3 – Forgetfulness

So then, it does not depend on human desire, nor of human effort but of God who shows mercy – Romans 9: 16″

This life is all just but a fallacy.

So last week, the Practice manager and myself had been discussing about how much I spent on the road and what would have happened if I had to beg. I remember myself clearly saying “my God will not allow such”, to which she replied “You think all those people that find themselves begging on the road want that? It can happen to anybody, even inside a bus.”

I could not understand why somebody who was able-bodied would have any reason to beg inside a bus. She then proceeded to tell me the story of her friend who was going to work from Lekki to Obalende. Her friend had been dropped off by a neighbor at the bus park. She boarded a moving bus towards her destination and half-way through the journey, the conductor started demanding his payment. Her friend having ransacked her entire bag found out that she forgot her wallet at home. Just then, she began to fidget, shake and tremble [I know my expressions mean same, leave me].

The impatient Lagos conductor started screaming, “Madam, abeg pay me my money naa. E da mi lohun oo, me I no get change”. 

She looked at the conductor with teary eyes and begged him to stop her but the impatient conductor started screaming,

Abeg madam pay me jhoor, after we don reach half way, you come dey say you no get money. All this weyrey people…” and he continued ranting and raining abuses on her.

Luckily for her, a man inside the bus agreed to pay for her after realizing that they were heading the same direction but she declined still crying and sobbing uncontrollably. To her, she had been embarrassed in the most ugly manner possible and she needed some fresh air. After all begging and pleading, the bus stopped and she got down still crying. Just because God is amazing, her friend happened to drive by and saw her crying as if she had been robbed [don’t forget, it was early in the morning at about 5.40am].

He stopped and reversed to where she was standing still crying profusely. After she had explained what happened, he could not help but laugh and offered to take her to the office. She protested saying she needed to get back home to pick her wallet so that she could have enough money for lunch and her journey back home after work. He refused to take her back asking her to be reasonable and gave her some money before dropping her at the office. As I heard, she cried at the office all day claiming she had been ridiculed and embarrassed by a mere conductor just because she looked like she was begging.

I clearly remember laughing at the story thinking how ridiculous it sounded to have to forget your wallet at home when you were about to hit the road in a public transport and the Practice manager told me, “don’t ever pray to be in such situation where you are torn between what to do and the only choice you have is to beg the next passenger” and I had rolled my eyes at that statement because I was a very careful person and never did I ever leave a place without my wallet or enough cash in my pocket to render me helpless that I had to beg. #Scoffs

You know the saying that goes…this life works in mysterious ways and you don’t know just what it has in store for you? Well, yes, something similar happened to me.

So I was just returning from my friend’s house and I was heading home. They had dropped me off at Lekki Phase 1 so that I could board a bus going home. After I said my goodbyes and I’ll miss you’s, I stood a while and waited for a moving bus. In few minutes, I got on the bus and sat still looking out the window, hoping to get home on time and catch some healthy dose of sleep before Monday shenenigans. After a while, I heard the familiar “Your money?”

I dug my hands into my bag and searched for my wallet, eyes still upfront. When my hands could not feel the presence of my wallet, I opened my bag fully and looked in. Side by side, corner by corner, alas, my wallet was nowhere to be found. I heard my heart jump a bit and let myself laugh just a little before I looked into my bag again. Still, no wallet!

Hian, Jesu christi! Did I forget my wallet? When last did I see my wallet? Yes, I was holding it when my friends and I went to church. Yes, I held it when I was talking to Zika and Kachi. Yes, I had given Oliver some change to buy coke. Of course, I had taken out Monica’s business card to give Oliver so he could call Monica and wish her a happy mother’s day. Yes, I was holding it when Ezinne was talking to me on the bed and eating fresh fish soup. No, I did not hold it when I was in the car, it should have been in my bag…this were the entire thoughts going on in my head.

I retraced my thoughts and realized I had forgotten my dear wallet under the pillow on the bed I was on before I left the house. This is a tragedy, I thought. Before, I could think of even losing hope or having to cry like some baby, I quietly took my phone and dialed my friend’s number. He picked on the second ring, “Hello Oliver, Please ehn, come and pick me up at New road. I forgot my wallet. Save me any shame and just turn around. Thank you” to which he quickly responded “Okay“.

I looked at the guy seated next to me, he looked reasonable and I was sure he already knew my predicament. So I did what I had never ever done before in a bus, I begged. “Please dear, can you pay for me, I’ll pay you when my friends come. I’ll come down where you are coming down.”

He looked at me and said strangely, “are you sure you will not just go to Ajah? I’ll pay.” I was too embarrassed to allow that so I quickly responded with a no. The conductor looked at us both and looked the other way again, what was his business, as long as his money was complete, no yawa!

I came down and waited earnestly for my friends after the guy had left me. I was so shaken and I thought, what would I have done if my friends were not just around the corner or if I had no airtime on my phone? My goodness!

About 15 minutes later, my friends drove by and stopped. As I got in the car, they all looked at me with pity and started laughing. I rolled my eyes and begged them to give me money to go home since they did not want to deal with Ajah traffic. My friends suggested we call Preye to verify that my wallet was actually in the house. So we called, she confirmed that it was exactly under the pillow and after she had called me stupid, we ended the call, I got some money, alighted at the nearest bus-stop, took a bus and went home sober.

This life is just a pot of beans but no matter how “beansie” it gets, I know that Jesus got me.


5 thoughts on “Lagos Hustle 3 – Forgetfulness”

  1. Lol😀😀 this actually happened to me at Ikeja under bridge. My wallet got stolen. And I didn’t realize until I had to pay the keke man I entered his keke. Luckily for me…. He gave me a thousand naira. I cried that day ehn. It’s not an easy thing to be stranded.


    1. OMG…I can imagine just how you would have felt, not good at all! Horrible experiences may sometimes change our feelings towards a certain others looking like our former condition. Sorry about that day Tolú, I cannot help but ponder on how nice the keke driver must have been that day. Thanks for your comment.


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