10 Signs That You Might Be a Cat [Cee-C]

Hey guys, so with the on-going trend of controversy and drama going on in BBNaija 3 – tagged Double Wahala 2018, it is no doubt that ever since the show this year began, Cee-C, [our cat for purpose of this post] and Tobi has been on everyone’s lips.


If you don’t watch the show, at least you would have heard or read people’s nagging about the duo on social media via either Twitter [being the most current and active], Instagram, Facebook and even whats-app.

It is even assumed that Madam Cee-C has locked Tobi up in a bottle somewhere in her luggage and the Yoruba Demon Association of Dapper Men [YODADAM] have painfully denied that Tobi is a member of their prestigious group.


Now with further ado guys, here are Ten [10] signs that you are actually a cat [Cee-C].

1. You are secretly judging people all the time and guilt tripping them into feeling that they did something wrong to you. No matter how much they try to apologize, you remain irritated.

Tobi Begging Cee-C

2. You always like people begging you no matter the circumstance as you are always right. However, you hardly forgive as they come begging right back the next day for the same offence. You are always the Jury and the judge!


3. If you had it your way after any argument, your job would be to nap without a care. Your Partner must join you because they will have no choice. You are the cat and they are the mouse. It’s your perfect game-plan.

Cee-c nap2.jpg

4. You prefer to be left alone regardless of how the other person feels. You prefer to ignore the other person’s emotions and your job is to constantly curve making them feel they are dumb. Of course, they are…why else are they with you? Love? Pfft!



5. You are constantly angry and aloof for no apparent reason. Your partner just needs to stay loyal at every point in time. They are not allowed friends other than you and they are to nod at your every word.

Cee-c aloof.JPG

6. You suck at making decisions. To love or not to love? You hate to show your partner how much you desire them but you hate any other person doing that in your stead. You always want your partner to touch you but you don’t understand why you should touch them back or reciprocate the feeling. You kind of hate PDA even in private. Sigh.

tobi bbnaija 2018.JPG

7. You are always hungry and wanting people to feed you. Even if they cannot feed you, you want them to always be there while you prepare your meal. You don’t care if your partner has other things to do. Once the cat is hungry, the mouse just has to stay put.

tobi-bbnaija food.jpg

8. You are constantly on the look out for what your partner is up to. You hate when people look at your partner with deserving eyes. Your jealousy is 250% over 100% and you do not even care to hide it from anybody.


9. You are possessive and never give your partner breathing space, even if it means suffering yourself. Your partner dares not stray far off. The cat keeps watch on the mouse after all, innit?

Cee c.jpg

10. You will hurt anyone who care to stand in your way and that of your already suffering partner. He can only be yours and nobody else! Yes, that is right and anything that tries to put asunder will be striked!

Injures Lolu.jpg

There, you have it. Ten signs that show you might or are even a Cat [Cee-c]. Oh and by the way, Temitoria wrote something like this on her blog post here. Just click to read.

Do you agree? Please leave your comment in the box below. Thank you for stopping by.

Enjoy your Friday.


18 thoughts on “10 Signs That You Might Be a Cat [Cee-C]”

  1. This is so so apt…I mean the images are it! I cannot help but wonder if I am also budding to becoming a cat. No 2 and No 6 looks like what I will normally do. Am I a baby cat – a pussy? Lol, you got me worried.


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