Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey II

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We get to Hard Rock Cafe as the darkness envelops us, Deji’s other friends were already at the entrance waiting for us. He circles towards the entrances while we all get down from the car as Deji hands over his keys to the valet to park the car.

“After you.” Jay mutters at us signalling with his right hand.

We all moved in and sat right at the middle of the room facing the DJ. Fortunately, DJ Exclusive was playing. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself.

Deji’s and his friends suddenly burst into bouts of laughter and I look up to see that some other friends had just joined in too armed with attractive looking ladies. They all spoke impeccable English and had the sort of class that came with above middle income earners. I smoothed my skirt as I looked away trying hard not to concern myself with how pretty the two new ladies were looking.

“Hello,” I heard someone whisper towards our direction.

“Hello” Lola started

“Hello” Zizi and I smiled back at the guy that bent himself towards our direction.

“Which one of you is Zizi?”

Lola and I pointed our fingers at Zizi smiling her way.

“Hi” he said again. “Deji won’t stop talking about you. I’m finally glad to be meeting you in person.”

“Thank you.” Zizi smiled “This is a surprising news.”

He looked on at us and smiled back. “I am Michael by the way, nice to meet you all. That is my girlfriend Fara, over there.” He said pointing at the small slender attractive lady seated by Elvis. She waved back and smiled.

He finally sat down beside Lola as Dafe ordered for an ice bucket of 3 bottles of Moet et Chandon rose. The menu sat right by us and we all placed our orders. I, for one, was really famished.



I watch Zizi and her friends and wonder if they will loosen up around my friends. I wasn’t sure whether or not to invite my other friends over but I thought they needed the extra crowd to relax a bit more. They looked like they were cautious or something, I wasn’t sure. I see Michael easing up his way with the girls but then again, I’m hopeful they will come around.

Fara and Mina were not helpful in this game as they resorted to talking to each other. I wonder why they weren’t exchanging pleasantries with the girls. I looked at Mimi – she was smiling at the DJ nodding her head to the beat. Hmm, she was the feisty one among them. I saw how she nudged Zizi and Lola prompting them to move to the beat. I liked that she had soul. I looked at Zizi and wondered if I was boring her out. I nudged her slightly…

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes,” she replied “why wouldn’t I be?”

“You look tired and bothered. Do you want us to leave?”

“No, I’m just hungry. Don’t mind me, once I eat…I will come alive.” She chuckled

“Are you sure about that? We can go home if you want.”

“Lol, after you drag out all your friends and mine? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Just look at Mimi, she’s having fun but I’m bothered that you are not and Lola is just trying to flow with her.”

“Just leave Mimi…she’s a very happy person. I’m sure she’s more hungry than I am. Wait till the food lands on the table.”

“Lol,” I said laughing “and she’s so tiny?”

“Keep joking with yourself.”

I looked at Zizi and smiled, “Will you dance with me after your food?”

“Oga, please shift.” She said literally pushing me away, “ask somebody else.”


“I don’t know. There are so many other people here you can ask.” She reached to sip her glass of wine.

I paused a while as I studied her, “What do I have to do to make you be the one to dance with me?”

“Nothing oo, nothing.”

“That’s not an answer Zizi.” I reached to tuck her hair beside her ear as she shifted uncomfortably.

“I don’t know Deji. There’s really no answer to your question.”

“I don’t get it. Why do you keep pushing me away Zizi? Is there something wrong with me?”

“My goodness, no! I never said that.”

“You are acting like it.”

She sighed “Deji, can we not do this here please. At least, I agreed to spend the Friday with you and see,” she pointed at her friends “to show how committed I am to it, I brought my friends along. Can we just do this a step at a time?”

“Okay…” I breathed shifting a bit away from her. “I just…hmm, try to enjoy yourself okay.”

I looked around, the others were clearly talking to each other now. I noticed Mina and Mimi were laughing and Lola was busy with Elvis. It was a good start. I beckoned to Fara, “Hey Fara.”

She looked up at me, “Yep?”

“Meet Zizi. Zizi, Fara.”

“Yes, Michael introduced us earlier” Fara smiled as she stretched and shook hands with Zizi.

“Hi Fara…” Zizi started “that’s a lovely weave you have on.”

“Really?” Fara grinned widely touching the weaves again to lay emphasis. I moved aside to let her sit besides Zizi as she stood up from where she sat. “And Mina just won’t let me breathe. She keeps telling me to take it off.”

“Why?” Zizia asked “I think it looks pretty on you.”

“I don’t know. Mina doesn’t like long hair, so she thinks my hair should have been done in a ponytail. She only likes it when I pack it all up.”

“Yeah, I think it will be more prettier that way but that doesn’t change the fact that it still looks pretty this way.”

“Thank you Zizi.” Mina said hugging her for the first time. “Finally, a contrary opinion to Mina.”

“Lol, who else doesn’t like it?”

“Michael! He thinks I should pack it all up but he has gotten used to me having it on this way. How am I supposed to flaunt my hair if its all packed up?”

“I wonder.”

They both laughed and talked for a while about work and other related stuffs. I looked on and shook my head to the sound of the music playing.


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The food finally arrived and we all focused attention on our orders. I was clearly relieved because I thought the orders took too long to get to us. I looked at the Spicy Jollof rice and shrimps I ordered, they were really small. I felt I needed another plate.

When I raised this concern with Lola, she suggested we eat and then ask for another round if we felt up to it. I definitely knew I was going to feel up to it, so I beckoned on Dafe and asked if I could make another order after my first round because I didn’t want to finish my food only to realize I will not be entitled to another round. I needed to prepare my stomach.

When he said, “sure why not? Feel free to order more if you are not satisfied,” I jumped inside.

It was a relief to know that I could order as much as I wanted. With that knowledge, I set to eat. Of course, I did order more because I was still hungry.

Zizi nudged me, “Mimi, why are you embarrassing yourself? It’s 1.45am and you are still hungry.”

“Zizi, allow me. It’s not everyday you get good opportunities like this, besides what has the time got to do with my order? I’m awake and I’m hungry, shouldn’t I pacify my aching stomach?”

“Lol, pacifier” Lola chirped in after rolling her eyes at me, “I will surely dig in when that second order lands just so you know.”

“Oh, I see how it is. I order and you both dig in just to make me look like what?”

They both laughed.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.



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