Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey IV

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I cannot believe myself. Everything is happening differently from what I imagined.  How did I get myself into this? All I just want to do right now is sleep. I look at everyone and I get a bit upset. How are they not tired? I know I am not the only one who went to work yesterday. I mean, can you even imagine? It is another day and I am still awake like the care-keeper of the humans! For Pete’s sake, can something happen already? I look at Lola and Mimi. They are playing by the water. What kind of friends do I even have? How are they not as tired of this entire jamboree like I am? I know I am not weird and neither am I anti-social; for all it’s worth, I think I am the only normal person here.

No rest for the wicked. 

Before now, I had never been to the beach at night. In fact, the only places I had gone to at night were karaoke bars, mini clubs, vigils and birthday parties that extended into the night but never lasted till after 2.00am. I had never seen so many people gathered in a beach like this and I began to wonder if the people in Lagos only come out at night. Everyone here looked super excited. As I watched the waters, I felt out of place as I didn’t see anyone who was dressed like me or my friends. Most people were clad on shots and mini dresses. The ones that looked like they came straight from their offices had pulled off their skirts and were wearing their shirts knotted into a kind of beach wear. It was funny how people used their creativity on strange things.

The music around was horrendously loud I could feel it syncing with my heart beat. A cloud of smoke filled the atmosphere and for a second I felt like running out and then realized I was in an open space. I observed the people around me again I think for the umpteenth time, most were busy making out, others were laughing in groups – drinking and holding hands.

I sigh sitting on the sand as I rub my palms across my legs. The night is cold and I wish I had some sort of cover-all. I look back and hope that no one notices that I had moved away. I begin to bury my hand dip in the sand making some sort of hand castle.


“Hello babe” I looked up to see some sort of handsome man flashing a smile at me.

“Hello,” I responded casually as I turned my attention to my hand castle not wanting to engage in any discussion.

I felt him bend down towards me as he looked at what I was doing, “What is this? Are you sure everything is okay?”

I rolled my eyes ignoring his question, hoping that he would somehow disappear back to where he came from. He giggled and nodded his head. I wondered what was funny to him. He seemed like a gentleman as he just kept on smiling and stayed quiet watching me. I felt odd. I didn’t understand whether or not to continue what I was doing or just get up from where I was seated. I was impressed by his scent, he smelt really nice but I was not going to indulge in any conversation with a total stranger, even though I covertly admired him. I shoved back the random thoughts into the far part of my mind.  I felt him look at the waters and back at me when he finally spoke out… “so what is your name?”

“A girl has no name.” I replied coyly.

“A girl has no name but has a pretty face huh?”

I smiled as I carefully pulled out my hand from the castle I had built and dusted the sand off my hand still ignoring him.

“…so for a girl who has no name, why are you out here alone?” His voice reverberated and the alcohol in his breath the air beside me. When he saw that I was not responding, he didn’t say another word but carefully slipped his hand into my newly built hand castle, remodeling it. I was amused at him. Just then, I felt someone grab me carefully from behind and I already could tell it was Mimi.

“You!” She peered into my face “So this is where you are hiding eh?”

I smiled, grateful that she didn’t say my name out for this strange handsome man to hear. “I have come to join you.” She continued sitting by me and holding my hand. “What’s up?”

“I’m tired babes. I want to sleep.”

“I understand. Sorry. Thankfully, it’s a Saturday so you can indulge in sleeping all you want.” She said caressing the small of my back.

“I have laundry to take care of. Sleeping away my Saturday will not help that.”

“You can do it on Sunday after church.”

“No, Sundays are meant for resting.”

She shrugged, “okay Miss Efficient.” She looked past me smiling and looked at me strangely. I knew what and who she was referring to but I chose to ignore her. She nudged me imploring me to tell her who he was. I looked at her and whispered, “He’s a ghost! I don’t know how come you can see him.”

She burst into laughter, “Really huh?”

“Sshh!” I whispered “The ghost has ears.”

“I sure do have ears.” He responded, “hello you.” He waved at Mimi.

“Hello strange man.” She replied, “I see you have kept my friend company but now that I’m here, you can take a walk. Thank you.”

He laughed, “is that right now, just like that, you are sending me off?”

“Oh my bad, did you want me to through you a valedictory ceremony?” Mimi smirked, “I thought you didn’t like celebrations so I opted out of it for you, yikes!”

“My goodness, aren’t you just something now? You didn’t even bother to ask me even.”

Mimi looked like she was thinking a while and then she responded, “Oh wait, didn’t you sign the contract all by yourself? I remember asking you to read everything but you said you were used to contracts like those. Why blame me for your misconception?”

I was clearly enjoying this interaction between these two. It was something to watch and the Mimi I knew, was always a sight to watch during conversations as this.

“Okay, okay…I agree but I deserve some accolades.”

“Accolades? For keeping my friend company? Nah bruvh, you paid your dues but it sure isn’t enough to get you those accolades you think you deserve. Just bounce while you still have the honor to so do.”

“Am I being chased away?”

“Erm…literally no but somewhat yes. We are trying to have a girl’s time and you are ruining it.”

“How long do you want me to give you girls space for?”

“Forever maybe.”

I looked at Mimi. She clearly did not sound nice. I was glad that she was chasing him away but I wondered why she sounded this way to the man that we both didn’t even know toot about.

He took his hands out of the hand castle and said to me, “Here is a bigger castle for you, girl with no name. I hope you like it?”

I smiled at him in appreciation. He put his hands in his pocket and brought out a wallet. After a while,he dug out his card, looked at Mimi and said, “you should call me” as he stretched his card at her. I was shocked, I mean I was seated here all along, why didn’t he hand me his card?

She took it and looked at him, “I will not call you and this card will sit pretty somewhere in my pocket.”

“When you think of tonight, you will call me and I will expect your call. Take your time, don’t rush…let it come to you.”

What is wrong with this man? Acting like one important stuff. I thought.

Finally he stood up, dusted his shorts and said, “It was nice to meet you ladies especially you.” He smiled gesturing at Mimi, “take care and enjoy the rest of the morning.”

I looked at Mimi after he walked away, “You this young girl…you sure know how to make an entrance eh?”

“What?” She asked opening her palms “he looked like he was a disturbance to you and I wanted to clear the air for you. I am not sure I even understood what just happened.”

“So will you call him?”

“And tell him what kwanu?”

“I don’t know. Whatever you tell people when you call them.”

“Yeah right.” She looked at me again, “why are you seated here all by yourself? Have you now joined the marine spirits?”

“Ode, it is you that initiated me with your food now.”

“Small joke, you have gone to another level.”

“Where is Lola?” I asked

“Where else? She is at the hut dancing and having fun that you are clearly refusing to have.”

“Don’t you see what the time is? It is 4.20am.”

“And we will soon leave. Deji has been worried about you, you disappeared on all of us. I think he is a cool guy by the way.”

“And all of a sudden, you are Deji’s fan?”

“Lol, not exactly. I just know he does like you very much.”

“Please leave me, allow me to enjoy this cool breeze.”

“And talking about Deji will reduce the flow of the breeze to you?”

“Yes, it will.” I pouted at her as she shook her head.

Suddenly Mimi grabbed me and said, “Let’s go and play with the water. Just a few dips of our legs and we will run back once the wave comes at us.”

“Lol Mimi, are you crazy? Do you want us to die? Can’t you see that it’s so dark.”

“That’s the fun of it Zizi. Live life on the edge, try new things. I know this is your first time coming to the beach at night, enjoy the moment. Stand up.”

She stood up and beckoned to me to stand up, “No way Mimi. I’m not going to live life on the edge like you please. I still have other days to live for.” She dragged me up.

“Don’t be a lazy child. Come and feel the adventure.”

“Mimi, leave me alone.”

I followed Mimi towards the river bank. Thankfully, our shoes were left behind in Deji’s car so there was no fear of the water taking away our shoes. Mimi held me tight as we dug our legs into the sand and waited for the water to arrive. This was looking delightful although I was scared. I looked at Mimi, she was pretty confident, so I stood on till the water washed ashore. It felt nice the first time, so we dug our legs deeper again this time, beckoning on the water to come. It was nice to have Mimi around most times. She was always the daring one, never afraid of anything  always wanting to explore the adventures in everything.

Like a knight in shining amour, I saw Deji looking so handsome as he held hands with Fara walking towards the water too. I knew Michael was Fara’s boyfriend yet I was jealous with the way she held Deji. They looked so good. The weariness I was feeling earlier was suddenly replaced with desperation; desperation to get him to notice me just then. I tried to act like I didn’t care and hoped that they would walk right by us. By now, my heart began to pound heavily because I was nervous.

Before I could have a rethink, Mimi looked up and caught their eyes “Fara!” She waved. They walked closer to us and I took a closer look at him again this time, he looked so attractive. So as not to seem obvious that I was admiring him, I turned my gaze to Fara for awhile as I listened to her and Mimi talk.

I feigned laughter with them for a while and Fara looked at me, “Where have you been hiding yourself all night babe? You sure got Deji worried. Thank goodness I brought him right to you!” She smiled.

My stomach did a flip when Deji held my hand and I started feeling self-conscious. He looked at me and smiled, “so this is where you came to seek solace? Without me?”

“You were busy attending to your friends, you forgot about me.”

“How could I forget about my own?”

I blushed. He smiled at me again and it felt like magic. He narrowed his dark alluring eyes, “Do you want us to take a walk? If you don’t mind that is…”

“If you want to…” I responded coyly. What is wrong with me, I wondered.


We quietly walked away with him holding my hands. I was so deep in thought that I forgot I was walking beside Deji until he spoke, “I never really did get to ask you how your day went last night. My apologies.”

I smiled, “It’s okay. At least you recognize the fact.”

“I am here hoping that at least the night out was fun for you Ziola.”

“Yes it was, although we spaced through three different places tonight but you did a great job trying to impress me.” I grinned.

“I intend to spoil you everyday, if you’ll let me.” He said sounding agog.

I felt emotions surge through me but remained quiet.

“I want you to know that I am in no haste and you will have all the time you want to think about the possibility of You and I and I promise, I’ll still be here waiting for your answer.” He spoke with so much calm and confidence I was intrigued.

“What can I say? You have tried all your best to make me feel special but I don’t think I am ready for what you have to offer me.”

There was along hush between us after I spoke but several unspoken thoughts cut through the silence. In that moment, I felt like if he pushed on, I would say yes to him; emotions I thought I did not have, emotions I though had died in me came spiraling – I realized this must have been some sort of spell. Deji had always behaved and acted like a man of few words and more deeds; a trait that made him appealing to me by the way.

“Let’s take you home Zizi. It’s after 5 o’clock. You need to rest.”

“Thank you for all these and for taking me out tonight. I am really grateful.”

“It is nothing really Zi. You should know that.”

We walked out to meet the rest of the gang who had obviously been waiting for us to arrive so we could go home. I looked at Deji as we drove out and started fantasizing about him. I felt some butterflies in my stomach as thought of his charm and chivalrous personality and his sweet words reiterated in my head. He was a matured man with an impeccable ego and a healthy dose of pride – I for one was attracted.

I was falling for him but it did not feel right. This didn’t feel right. I just needed sleep.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.







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