Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey V

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As we drove silently towards Deji’s home, I watched the way he looked every now and then at Zizi. I silently observed them both and wondered if he was a fitting pair for my friend. I observed both their faces; Zizi kept pulling her hand away from Deji’s constant grasp.

My dear, quietly drive us to where the bed is and continue this love and affection later on, I thought.

As usual, Lola was fantasizing about Elvis and I wondered how long it will take before the crush for him wanes off. I shook my head as I watched her closely. She was obviously lost in thoughts.


Soon enough, we arrived at Deji’s home. Apparently, he lived alone in one of his Father’s mansion since his father was not keen about returning back to Nigeria. I was bedazzled by the vastness and magnificence of the building. There were two other cars parked at the place reserved for parking and my, oh my, boy were they classy? Even the security guard looked classy, I began to consider the job. As we approached the living area just beside the foyer, Lola and I caught our breathe as if on cue. The space is a definition of lush, even my rugged sandals relaxed when they stepped on the rug. I look around and all of a sudden, I want to run and bury myself on the plush couch with feather pillows.

Deji takes us to the room where we can stay for the night and I quietly observe everything around me again. The bed is large, well laid out and fluffy with coffee brown sheets and plush apricot accent pillows.  The Alphano Beige walls have a calming effect, the walnut mahogany furniture used for the dresser and the closet gives the room a glowing warm, cuddly feeling. The lace curtains are a darker brown with Apricot colored tassels, it is exquisite.

I drop my bag carefully on the dresser and move to the restroom as I  need to pee. Everything is another shade of copper brown and ceramic, the shower head is Silver and the tub is polished brown. White towels are hanging on a railing in the corner, soaps and bottles of lotions, fragrances, shampoos and other things I know nothing about are in a transparent cupboard sitting just beside the copper mirror hanging above the hand faucet; my face looks sleepy.

I wash my face quickly. All these looks like I am inside a movie. I hear Zizi’s voice behind me.

“All these things in a guest room. Hian!”

I look up at her as I shake my head, “Please, allow us to enjoy the serenity of this place.”

“Better go to bed oo. We are leaving here before Noon.”

I hear Lola shout from the room, “You are alone oo Zizi. I am staying here till Sunday. You will tell me who is chasing you.”

She shakes her head as she moves to pee. “I have said my own oo. Don’t be deceived by all these beautiful things surrounding you. I have laundry to do.”

“I don’t understand you oo. We only just got here Zizi.” I said looking point blank at her, “Why the rush?”

“Can you not see the time? 6.15am. We spent the entire night partying and drinking. You still want us to waste our day sleeping here? Please, I have things to do if you girls don’t.”

“We did not exactly party and drink all night madam. Besides, you invited us here. How are we at fault in all these?” I asked opening my two hands beside me. By this time, Lola had also come in, struggling to pee and take a bath.

“I have said my own. You people just kept dancing like mad women. Instead of requesting that Deji take us home. See Mimi, I just want to get enough rest, wake up before 12pm and go home. I cannot keep piling my laundry and I have other meetings to attend.”

“Ah, so we are now mad women abi?”

“Yes oo. I don’t even know where you girls get the energy to keep on all night. My goodness!”

“Okay oo, if you say you want to leave early…no wahala. I will decide what I want to do when I wake up.”

“Please wake me up by 10.30am.” She requested

“Lol, did you ask me what time I will be waking up? I’m sure you are making a mistake by asking me to do that for you – that is, if I even wake up by 2pm.” I snort.

“You guys have fun planning your exit. I am here till Sunday bitches.” Lola chirped in laughing as she pulled her panties to take a shower. “Get out you two, stop looking at my bum.”

“Which one please?” Zizi asked “Because somebody looked your way tonight, we will not hear word.” She laughed as she smacked Lola’s right bum cheek.

“Ehn, is it your somebody? Please allow me enjoy this moment!” Lola retorted as she closed the glass doors of the shower tub. “Harassing someone’s child.”

I laughed at them both as I made to pull off my clothes.

“Ehn ehn, better wait your turn Mimi. I am taking a shower right after Lola.”

“Hian, you are not even ready to take a shower madam. Why are you acting like Nigerian politics?”

“Leave me like that, ready or not, I am taking a shower next. You can see, I have no energy and I need more sleep than the two of you. Please just allow me.”

“Who has your time? Take your shower and let me be.”

“You see why I love you?”

“You have seen someone you can manipulate now, that is why. I don’t blame you…” I said as I walked into the room looking for where to charge my phone. Apparently, one of my friend had plugged it on the power socket for me. I was relieved. I laid down on the bed trying to reminisce on the occurrences of last night and early this morning. My stomach grumbled and I realized I was hungry. Shoot. I will just have to wait it out.


At some point, I slept off. A warm hand reached to tap me, “Hey gurl, go and take a shower.”

I looked up and saw Lola staring bright eyed at me, “is she through?” I asked

“Yep. She is toweling herself dry.”

I sighed as I made to stand up. I was darn hungry. I looked at Lola. “What?” She asked

“I am hungry fa.”

“My dear, I thought I was the only one. We just have to wait it out.”

“Did I hear someone say she is hungry just now or am I the one thinking it?” Zizi asked as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Lol, yes you heard us say we are hungry. Come and beat us.”

“Beat ke? No oo, in fact, I am hungry as well. You won’t believe it.”

“If there is anything we can believe, it is the fact that you are hungry. After all, you were forming ‘I’m not hungry‘ when everyone was eating at the beach.” Lola laughed as I walked away to take a shower.

“My dear…if only I knew, I would have eaten something.” Zizi affirmed.


Just as I was stepping out of the bathroom, I heard a gentle knock on the door. I rubbed my eyes gently wondering what Deji wanted to say now that Zizi had probably gone to sleep. I looked towards the bed and saw my friends lying peacefully after they had reserved a corner for me by the left hand side facing the windows.

“Hold on a bit please.” I walked towards the dresser and wondered what to put on for sleep. I was tempted to uncover the duvet to see what my friends were wearing but I was more conscious of the fact that I was keeping someone waiting at the door. Shoot! I said to myself. I tightened the towel around my chest and walked towards the door, “Hold on…” I said as I opened the door puzzled that he didn’t knock a second time.

I was startled at first as I stared on. I stared at her for what seemed to be three minutes before I heard her say, “hello ma, are you okay?”

I swallowed spit  and pretended to smile as several thoughts ran in my head, who is she?

“Mister Deji asked me to bring you ladies some fresh shirts to wear.” She said holding forward her hands filled with three soft tee-shirts.

“Oh, thank you.” I could barely even whisper. A maid.

“Would you like to have anything before you go to sleep ma? Mister Deji said you all would be very hungry after the long night. I prepared some warm milk. I can bring it up, if you are too tired to come out.”

I smiled at her. She was gracious. “Yes please.” I responded without shame. “Bring anything you have my dear, my friends and I are sincerely hungry.”

She chuckled at me for the first time and I felt relaxed. “Okay ma.” She said as she walked away while I closed the door behind me. I did not like the idea of her calling me Ma, it made me feel old.

Apparently, she was the one who tidied up this room and laid out the towels for us because I was wondering how Deji knew to bring out three fresh towels. I walk up to my friends and yanked off the duvet, behold two set of naked humans! They did not even bother to put on something, my goodness! I thought. I tapped them individually as they turned to look at me, clearly upset.

“Deji sent us some clothes to wear naked people.”

Lola laughed, “Who told you we wanted to wear cloths?” Zizi asked covering herself with the duvet again.

“Stand up jhoor and wear the shirts your handsome prince sent us. By the way, food is coming.”

Lola jerked up suddenly, “where is it?” as they start to wear the shirts.

“Ode” I laughed, “I said it is coming and by the way, he has a warm maid.”

Zizi’s eye lit up. “A maid? How would you know that?”

“Don’t worry, she is coming soon with the food. She brought the shirts.” I smiled sitting on the bed as I half-crossed my leg. Just then, she knocked again, very quietly. “Hold on, I’m coming.”

I hurried to open the door as I let her in. She was carrying a huge tray filled with pancakes, maple syrup, jug of warm milk, sausages and eggs.

“Thank you…” I looked at her, “what is your name?”

“Aisha Ma.”

“Thank you Aisha. Please don’t call me Ma, my name is Mimi.”

“Yes Ma. Do you want anything else.”

I looked at my friends who were now standing by the table picking out what they wanted to eat on a plate. I shook my head, “No Aisha. Thank you very much.”

She smiled as she walked out. I grabbed a plate as I helped myself to some of the food. I was very hungry. Zizi looked at me, “You were there telling the poor girl not to call you Ma. Do you want her to get sacked? You will not allow someone do their job in peace, be there forming good girl.”

Lola laughed, “Zizi abeg oo, leave Mimi alone. You know it is not easy getting used to these things. It takes time.”

“Ha, very true. Lola your head dey there.”

I shook my head at them. I did not have their time. I was hungry and I could only talk after the hunger had been pacified. The poor Aisha girl did not even remove the ‘Ma’ from her mouth when addressing me. I wondered if I was acting like a ‘Ma’.

I finish the food on my plate and gulp down the milk I poured out for myself. I rub my aching stomach as I reach out to take the last sausage on the bowl. Zizi hits my hand as she takes it. I tilt my head and pout my mouth in a, why-did-you-do-that-to-me manner. I look to Lola for help but Lola is already hugging the pillow searching for sleep. Zizi takes two bite and put the other in my mouth. I am grateful. I yawn and know that my body is ready to sleep. I reach to put off the lights as I take up the space left for me. I go into oblivion.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.



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