Friday Nights; Sexcapades 3

Click here to read the second episode on sexcapades if you are just joining us…Friday Nights; Sexcapades 2.

‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




The events of tonight at Hans and Rene completely baffled me. I was beyond outrageous and livid at Omotayo for her childish behaviour. I wondered exactly what Zizi would think of me and what I needed to do to pacify her. I had wanted to have some quiet time with her and talk about us – if there was any us, now that Omotayo had pulled that stunt. I wondered what my mum saw in her or why she liked her so much. I was more than infuriated at the silly girl.

As I led Ziola to the car, I noticed that she didn’t let me hold her hands and that the kiss a moment ago was just my sheer luck.  I was unquestionably attracted to her and nothing could get her off my head. It was more like a voodoo spell had been cast on me. I appreciated the fact that she agreed to hang out with me even on short notice and I wasn’t going to let any Omotayo come in my way.  I tried to open the car door to let her in but she prevented me with her hands as she open the door herself and climbed in. I sighed as I walked round to get in the car.

It was a quiet drive to her house even though I kept trying to apologize for Omotayo’s behaviour. She did not say a single word to me or how she felt about my haywire friend – Tayo. Her blouse was stained and wet and she smelled of ice-cream even when I tried to increase the velocity of the AC. I was pissed as I drove but not without stealing glances at her, as I noticed two veins that appeared on her forehead – I realized she was angry. Of course, she had every right to be, who wouldn’t?

Is she angry with me? I wondered because she did not look at me or even speak to me. Is she angry at Omotayo and myself? Did I do anything wrong? I am also the victim here! Omotayo ruined my night with you babes…I thought to myself.

I noticed her eyes were moist and I silently prayed in my heart for her not to cry. I had never seen her so upset about anything but then again, I have never had the chance to see her reaction to anything. I wanted her to say a word to me, anything but she kept mute all through the drive and it frustrated me further. I wasn’t sure whether or not to say anything. I didn’t know what I should say or not say. I didn’t want to infuriate her further. I didn’t know what to say that was going to pacify her for all the disrespect she  had experienced tonight. She deserved a proper apology and I didn’t know what the apology was.

When we got to Bode Thomas as she earlier described before Omotayo happened, I stopped the car and looked at her for further directions as I wasn’t sure where to turn.

“Ziola, how do we get to your house from here?”

She kept on looking out the window as she spoke, “Just keep driving straight and turn left on the second turn you see. My house is the fifth house by your right.” I hoped she would have looked at me. I needed to see her eyes.

I followed her instructions and soon enough, we arrived at her house. She looked too serious as she proceeded to alight from the car and I was afraid to say anything else to her. The peculiar thing I noticed about Ziola ever since I met her is that you never take her for granted. As much as she tried to be friendly around me most times, she still wasn’t someone that could be disrespected. I thought she had a very complex personality but that didn’t change my feelings towards her or what I wanted from her.

I reluctantly watched her alight from the car without trying to stop her or say anything to her, all I could mutter was a whisper of ‘Good night Zizi‘ and hoped that she heard me as she walked away without as much as turning back to wave at me. I began to drive away and just as I peered at my rear view mirror, I saw her – looking back at me. I paused in my driving and looked back again, she was gone. Sighing, I drove all the way back home feeling sorry than I had ever felt in my entire life.



Few minutes after I sat in the car, I sat staring blankly into space wishing I had called an Uber or a Taxify. This man was beginning to annoy me; everything about him, the incident that happened my agreeing to come out with him, in fact all the nonsense was upsetting! I thought I was going to see Omotayo standing somewhere in sight but unfortunately, she was nowhere to be seen. Such lowlife! I hissed in annoyance.

It was a very quiet drive to my house and I was not interested in saying anything to him or responding to all the apologies he kept giving me. I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. When we got to the junction leading to my house, I wanted to come down and walk myself all the way home but I wasn’t going to let him drop me off at the junction after what his baby girl did to me. HA! No way was that happening…even though I wasn’t pleased that he finally found my house, that was the only way round it.

As I came down, I peeked at him one last time and saw his face towered towards me without an expression. I wondered how he could give no signs of showing any emotions after all that happened tonight. He was weird. He couldn’t even come down to walk me to the gate and give me a proper hug or goodbye, he just sat there whispering ‘Good night Zizi’. Eat your good night, I thought to myself. I don’t want it!

Just as he was driving away and before I fully got in through the gate, I turned to see if he was even looking but to my utter dismay, he was driving away. Pfft, good riddance! I went in, greeted my parents after warning them not to come into my room, closed the door behind me and headed straight to the bath. After my shower, I made up my mind to call Mimi and Lola all that transpired tonight. Unfortunately, I was still angry and somebody owed me an explanation.



I had carefully prepared my self for how the rest of the night would pan out. Now that Elvis’s girlfriend was here sharing the moment with us, my best bet was to be on the look out for any other person watching Deadpool 2 looking for company. There was no way I was going to sit together with this two bunch in the cinema hall. Better yet, I’ll kindly find me a corner at the back to watch my movie in peace and chew on the popcorn, hot-dog and water. I cannot come and watch two separate movies; one, Deadpool 2 and the other Elvis and his babe…no way.

As we silently made our way in to the hall, Elvis looked at me and asked, “Where do you want us to sit?”

I looked at him in surprise, what kind of foolish question is that? Why did he not ask his babe who was standing right beside him chewing like a dummy?

I pretended to smile as I responded, “Oh dear, don’t bother about me. Just pick anywhere comfy for you two. I will find a space for myself somewhere behind.”

He looked at me curiously, “Why should I not bother about you?”

I rolled my eyes inwardly, wasn’t it obvious or was he suddenly blind to the fact that his girlfriend was right between us? Fortunately for me, his girlfriend spoke out, “Stop disturbing the poor girl Elvis. Allow her to sit where she likes, how does that affect you?” She pointed somewhere towards the middle row, “Come, let’s sit there. The view will be better from that angle.” She motioned as she pulled him along while he kept turning to look at me in disappointment.

Oga, abeg shift with your bad luck. I don’t understand how your girlfriend could be right before you and you were still eyeing another woman…I thought, some men just don’t have any shame. I walked up a bit and decided to sit at the second last row towards the edge where I could be far off from them and never even remember that they existed.

Half way through the adverts before the movie started showing, I started pressing my phone replying to all my whatsapp chats and eating my hot-dog before it turned cold when a fellow young lady moved to sit besides me. I groaned in disappointment because I had hoped for a male companion, even if he wasn’t handsome. I fought the urge to carry my things and find another seat. I looked at her, she was wearing an orange crop top with mummy jeans. She was beautiful and had her hair up in a ponytail. Her cologne was strong but it smelled really nice. I thought she looked really seductive with the long artificial eyelashes on her eye which accentuated the flirtatiousness of her eyes. I looked back at my phone realizing I had been staring at her for too long.

“Hello…” She smiled at me weakly

“Hello…” I whispered just as much hoping she hadn’t noticed me looking at her.

“I don’t know how you do it but you look so good to be coming from the office.” She said leaning towards me still smiling.

I blushed, “Well you don’t look bad yourself. You look just as good.”

“I can afford to look good because I did not go to work today and I am coming straight from home.” She peered at me curiously, “or are you waiting for someone?”

I was surprised. I felt she was too audacious so I took caution and ignored her comments while I smiled.

“Oh my bad…do you need me to move somewhere else?” She continued

“Oh no, it’s fine really, you can sit here if you want.” As long as you won’t be a disturbance, I continued in my head.

She smiled again and brought out a hand, “I am Daisy. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi Diasy,” I smiled, “I am Lola. The pleasure is all mine.”

The movie started just in time to shut her up from any impending questions she had to ask or whatever she had to say as I silently chewed on my popcorn. Somewhere just in between the movie, I felt her look at me again as she asked, “pardon my rudeness but is this your hair?” I looked at he white painted finger nails pointing at my natural hair which I packed up in an afro bun.

“Yes, it is” I replied as I turned back to face the movie.

“You are so pretty.” She whispered again as she downed some contents of her sprite and plucked some popcorn into her mouth. I pretended not to hear what she said as I tried to focus on the movie. The situation was just getting awkward and I began to suspect that there was more to her which made me feel a certain type of way and very uncomfortable. Was she a lesbian? I banished the thought immediately from my mind.

Towards the end of the movie, he spoke again. I felt the need to suddenly disappear. “I really like you. I think you are nice and I will like to see you again.” She smiled at me as I nodded my head to her comment fixing my face squarely towards the cinema screen.

She pulled out her iPhone X from her pocket and pushed it towards me, “May I have your digits please?” She acted courteously yet she behaved strange.

I looked at her phone and said, “Sorry Daisy, I really may not have the time to see you again as you would wish.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will call you and we can fix a mutual time to hang out.”

I looked at her, this time as the movie had ended and the credits were rolling in, as I thought quickly of a way to deny her request without sounding too rude but none came to mind, so I typed in my digits reluctantly. “There.”

“Thank you Lola.” She smiled meekly “Friends?” She reached out to hug me.

Lol, which kind of rubbish friends. I already have my friends, I don’t need a sequel. I hugged her back pretending to share the same enthusiasm as she did before she stood up to walk down the aisle and out of the cinema hall. Just then, she turned back and ran up to me as I was coming down the stairs, “do you need a ride home?” I looked at her shocked, “we could go together.” She continued, “I’ll drop you off.”

Oh wow, she had a car. Amazing stuff. I smiled at her realizing I had forgotten all about Elvis and his girlfriend as I hurriedly told her I already had someone I was going with. “Oh…” she replied sadly as she reached to give me a peck. “I will call you later then. Be safe!”

I walked out trying to understand why a girl had fallen in love with me instead of the man I was craving for when I saw Elvis pacing with his phone in his ear muttering. I realized he was trying to call me as I digged into my handbag to bring out my phone. “She is here Elvis.” His girlfriend said to him, “can you stop acting like a mad man now?”

I almost chocked on laughter as we headed towards the car and drove away. What a night, I thought.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.







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