Almost every man is guilty trying tu iMpress women xo that they will date yhu, sleeps with yhu, stay with yu etc. still may never seem like d logical thingtu do in daht bar or club or during yhur 1st date toghether! mayb yu say something smart and try tu look wordly or deep. maybe yhu rent or borrow a real nice car tu show up in. Or mayb yhu spend more than yhu can afford in dinner. whatever d trick, yu are trying tu impress a woman and daht is d worst thing tu do! why? because slowly but surely yhu are doing yhur gender a disservice! yhur attempts tu please a woman re really grovelling and yhu re perpetuating d myth daht guys should hvv tu stoop tu please.

A man’s attempt tu impress women most atimes sells out his dignity, his self-esteem and his confidence. He stops being himself, speaking his mind, giving his opinions and making decisions as a real man should. this self -emasculation only gives life tu d idea daht a man must bow down, work like a dog and proove himSelf worthy tu d woman he dates. Forget about whether he’s A good guy or  a stand up guy, impressing a wman is about waht yhu can do 4them and not who yhu are. xo instead uf cutting off yhur pair try growing them.

Once yhu s Start off d road uf trying tu impress a woman, yhu no longer  become their equal, yhu  become their lapdog! There  was a tym when men were men and just talked  ttu women iinstead uf trying tu impress them. somewhere aalong d line, fellas began tu believe daht putting a woman on d Pedestals was d only way tu ghet their Attention! No, putting them on some makke  believe podium will easily push them away and leave yhu a nutless dissapiOntment τ̅☺ mankind

well if I shudn’t impress her,what shud I do then? jst be yhurself with yhur own onfidence. Most men run around with  hooks in their  cheeks and leashes  on their necks tryng tu please some woman or  another. be yhu. any woman worth talking tu will communicate with d real yhu; a man who stands up straight and speaks his mind. impressing her will only leave yhu a slave. with all d talks uf equality and role reversal, try  this; instead uf submitting tu women 4their approval, guys should be waiting 4women tu put their own dignity aNd self respect on d line.merry christmaas tu all uf yhu.


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