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Relationships: Best ways to respond to ‘I love you’

Most people find themselves in several kinds of relationships ranging from family, platonic friendships, romantic affairs to/or Godly/Christlike relationships and sometimes, there is that need to show and tell the next person that you care – whether you self started it or they did. Either ways, it will finally bee-hove on you to show back that you care just as much and so when those people you have a relationship with in your life say the words ‘I love you’, how best should you respond?

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There might be several approaches to this statement and quite also, various ways to respond depending – of course – on the relationship you have with that person. The scenarios might play differently but I have listed below several types of responses in several relationship types…read on.

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Please keep in mind that it took a lot for this person to tell you how they feel – especially if they ACTUALLY feel that way. If you are not ready to say “I love you” back to a person you are romantically involved with but you do care about them a lot; I recommend looking them in the eyes, smiling, and then making out with their face. A passionate kiss will feed their ego, while subtly letting them know that you’re not quite ready to say it back.

Or you could say:

  • “Hearing you say that makes me so happy.” OR
  • “It means so much that you’re opening up to me like this. Thank you.” OR
  • “I’m so happy you told me.”

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If you’re dating this person however and you have crossed the 3 months wait-line (which is most times, the probationary period in your head to see if ‘this‘ will last a while and not just a crush), the main thing to remember is that you want to appear HAPPY that they told you this. If you seem scared or upset, things are going to go downhill. So here are instances of the kind of response to give…

Person: I Love You.

You: ‘Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with happiness when you say those three words!’


Person: I love you.

You: ‘To the moon and back.’


Person: I Love You.

You: ‘And I’m crazy about you!’


Person: I Love You.

You: ‘If I could say how much I love you in mere words, I might be able to talk more.’


Person: I Love You.

You: ‘Me too and I’m yours, forever.’


Person: I Love You.

You: ‘I know, I love you too.’


Person: I Love You.

You: ‘You’re the only sunshine of my life.’


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However, if you’re not dating this person and don’t have romantic feelings towards them, tell them you love them too but as a friend. While it sucks to hear that, it’s a good way to let them down easy. So for instance;

Person: I love you

You: ‘Lol, thank you and I love myself.’


Person: I love you.

You: ‘Awwn, now you are going to make me cry. I hear that a lot!’


Person: I love you.

You: ‘I really like you too but just as a friend.’


Person: I love you.

You: ‘You are so on your own my dear friend.’


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Sometimes the statement could just come when you do not expect to hear it and you are thinking of how best to process it and give a worthy response. It may not all be that easy at times but here is what you could likely say if you truly adore that person. So for instance –

If the person is family [a sibling, a parent, a relative]…

Person: I love you

You: ‘When did you become so soft? Are you okay?’ (If the person is your elder sibling/relative) OR ‘You know I will do anything for you.’ (If the person is a cherished cousin/twin) OR ‘I love you too dear one, so what do you want this time?’ (If the person is your younger sibling/niece/nephew) OR ‘I love you too.’ (If the person is a parent).

If the person is a platonic friend…

Person: I love you

You: ‘You know I love you more and nothing can change that.’ (If it is a really close friend) OR  ‘I hate you forever!’ (If the person is a long time friend) OR ‘Awwwn babe, I love you too.’ OR ‘Much love dear.’ (If it is just a mutual friend you met three months ago).

If the person is someone you don’t even have an actual LIKING to or someone random…

Person: I love you

You: ‘What kind of nonsense is that?’ OR ‘When did this rubbish start?’ OR ‘I love myself too’ OR ‘Everybody does, get over it!’ OR ‘And God loves you too my dear.’ OR ‘Ehya…you will snap out of it soon, don’t worry.’ OR ‘Very funny, please shift biko.’ OR ‘Thank you.’

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Other possible reactions to the question – when you actually do LIKE the person so much but you are not sure if they mean what they say – may include –

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1: When you’re tired of hearing “That was a joke. I was only flirting. You really thought that was serious?

Person – “I love you”

You – “Hahahahaha what? Very funny! Please shift make I see road.”

2: When you’re tired of hearing “ I don’t know what I was thinking then. I was so sick. I am really sorry if this hurts you.”

Person – “I love you”

You – Feels their forehead. “Are you sure you aren’t sick? Say it next week when you feel okay.”

3: When you’re tired of hearing “I loved you then, I don’t love you now.”

Person – I love you

You – “and this mode lasts till…? Abegii” upturns an hourglass in your mind.

4: After almost two decades on the planet, several images of previous dates on social media and you hear it from the person you always knew. Please.

Person – “I love you, you’re my only and first love”

You – “I hear you! Linus Linda Mba” *smirk smirk* (Come on, liar)

5: When you really wish to see where it goes and stay polite.

Person – “I love you.”

You – “Don’t say, prove it!”

NB: No, proving doesn’t mean someone has to jump off a cliff for you, that is not being in love, that’s insane.

6: The epic ones you get to hear

Person – “I love you, I cannot live without you.” *Sad face*

You – Leaves. “ Please die before you kill me.”

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I love you is 95% a promise, and 5% a confession, most people never seem to understand that. It needs to be proven everyday, in small subtle ways, not just for days, months or years, but for a lifetime. Period.

What would be your ideal response to the words ‘I love you’? Are you the kind of person to lead someone on with your response or would you just smile and wave away the statement without an actual response? I’d love to read your comments and thank you for stopping by!


Relationships; Should you talk about that Ex?

An Ex is a term of the past and really should stay there…it has no business being in the future or even the present. So why then do people feel that we should talk about that Ex to our new partner or even tell a dirty little secret that has really lost its’ fire in our lives and really makes no sense anymore, when in all honesty it MAY destroy this new fire that has built up a space in our lives? – Shioze

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Hi guys,

So I have been wondering and thinking a lot and I want to know your thoughts on these issues…

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There are times in your life when you just want to totally give in and do all the things you never really thought would be worth the try. There are those down moments in your life when you think that life should have served you a better plate. There are those times when you actually believe that for once, you maybe deserve better and even more and so you set out to it – doing the things you never thought you would do, going on that fabulous date with that one man you have always assumed would break your heart but you are now just willing to try out the spark that has refused to leave your chest and then the date turns out to be more than just a date; it turns out to be something amazing, something regular, something promising, something lasting, something that you know you DEFINITELY want, something that your gut feelings tell you is the right thing and without a doubt, you plunge yourself fully in, giving it your all.

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Then comes the deal breaker! The head tie that has housed a lot of worms begins to loosen and you see yourself in some sort of trap. In some sort of mess. That Ex you thought you had buried somewhere, out of nowhere begins to suddenly manifest itself out. That spouse of the married person you once dated begins to appear every time you go out with your boo. That one night stand you had on a crazy night out with the girls begins to rear out its’ ugly head. That dirty little secret you never shared with anyone begins to smile at you from behind and you begin to ask yourself, ‘to whom have I done any wrong?’

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You find yourself between telling your new boo about your ugly past or burying it so deep in sand that it doesn’t see the light of day. You begin to deliberate on why you should inform this new boo. Why should you let this boo know about something that doesn’t even matter anymore and will just spoil the good thing you have at the moment? Why should you even disrespect them by being honest with a bittersweet tale that has long been forgotten? Why should you even bother about letting them know? Why now? Then, you start to act weird and strange. You start to dodge your calls because that Ex won’t leave you alone and has suddenly started calling you again. Because that one-night stand has come to town and just wants to see you again. Because every gifts or strange number looks all of a sudden suspicious. You start to lose sleep. You start to lie and cover up simple nothings. You start to fuss and your new boo is worried about this your new strange behavior.

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How would you really go about telling them the truth? Is this something that you even need to tell them about? I mean, they don’t know what you did and will never know unless and until you tell them. Is it a wise decision to even tell them about it seeing that it may change the way they look at you or perceive you?

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Please dear friends, what would you rather do?

Would you rather bury that ugly past that you think is a closed chapter in your life or would you rather tell and face the consequences?

If you would tell, how will you go about telling? Is it worth it at the moment to be honest about these things that, oh well, really don’t matter?

What if the past comes to hunt you and you stand the chance of losing that boo forever, will you succumb to honesty and tell?

Really, what would you rather do?

I will love to read your thoughts on this.

Friday Nights; Sexcapades 6

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‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




Mortified by the sudden intrusion into our privacy, I scrambled and hurriedly put on my clothes as I watched Dafe walk towards the door.

“What is it?” He asked calmly as he opened the door lightly, standing between the open space.

“Someone is here for you from Dr. Imafidon. She says it is urgent.”

“I will be down shortly. Please attend to her and tell her to give me another 10 minutes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I got to my feet as I tried to straighten my hair and my appearance. He closed the door and walked up to me, kissing me by the nose as he tried to grab me by the buttocks.  Shocked at what could have happened a moment ago, I smacked away his hands. “Stop it jhoor. Leave me.”

“Shut up jare, Mimi.” He said grimly adjusting the neck of my polo and putting his hands into my blouse to adjust the hem of my bra. Then he took my belt and fixed it round the loops of my denim shorts, strapping it tight round my waist. He forced my chin upwards, causing me to look at him. “Hey sexy.” He said softly, “are you okay?”

I jerked my chin away from his touch. “I don’t know. Do I look okay?” My throat burned, I was still aroused and mad and very very embarrassed. I didn’t think I would ever in my life, lose my mind like that to a complete stranger and I hated that I had done so with him; a man whose approach to sexual intimacy was so cynical, it depressed me just thinking about it.

“I know you know that I want you so badly it hurts but I have just been told I have an urgent request waiting for me downstairs. Can you stay a while so I can get done with the person downstairs? You can do whatever you want and have Stanley show you around or make you anything to eat. I will be in my private study, so don’t be bothered about walking around. Please?”

I knew I needed to get away from him; go home and take a long nap, while I think of what I was just about to do with him. Staying behind would just complicate the matter and I didn’t want to do that. “No Dafe, I’ll rather go home. Thank you for the offer.”

His fingers curled around mine, “just so you know, we are not done. I will come back to get you, no matter how many times you push me away.” He leaned to kiss me, “I will have the driver take you home,” as he walked away smiling.

I was terrified!



There is something I have noticed about life. Just when you think that you have everything all figured and planned out, the unexpected begins to happen!

It was 6pm and I was jittery with excitement as I finished with my make-up and proceeded to wear my new hot burgundy jumpsuit from Deji. Deji had texted an hour earlier to remind me of our date. I had rolled my eyes and stood up to take a quick shower after I read it, wondering why he had to remind me of something that sat on my mind all day. I gave myself one final look after I had worn my very sexy jumpsuit and heels. I decided to pair it up with a gold clutch purse since it matched with my pair of earrings. I looked at my wristwatch, it was 6.26pm. I shivered.

Was I ready for this?

Just then, my phone rang – it was Deji. I picked up on the third ring…

“Hey you, I’m outside.” He started, “Do you want me to come in?”

“No” I hurriedly replied, “I will meet you outside. Give me two minutes.”

“Okay then.”

He ended the call while I frantically thought of what I had forgotten to do. HA! I pulled open the dresser and sprayed a little bit of the perfume I had. I stepped out of the room and told my mum I was going out for a while, hoping that she wasn’t going to ask so many questions. She looked at me as she smiled, “Take care of yourself oo and make sure you come back in time.”

“Bye mum.” I replied smiling at her as I hurried out of the house.


I walked towards the car with Deji standing right in front, quietly waiting. He looked good. Very good and I was impressed. He came towards me, his strides graceful and strong. He caught up my hands and lifted it to his mouth after which we shared hugs as he smiled broadly at me while he walked me towards the car, opened the passenger’s door for me and I hopped into his Range Rover Sports.

His gaze was intense. Intensely hot, intensely focused.

“Sorry, I’m late.” I started.

“Oh no, really it’s okay. At least you are here and you didn’t take more than three minutes.” He looked at me searching as amusement warmed his eyes, “you look beautiful. The dress suits you just perfectly.”

I smiled brightly delighted at his compliment. “Thank you Deji. It was really thoughtful of you to do.”

A slight frown knitted a space between his brows. “It was the least I could do.” He started the ignition of the car as he looked back at me, “Shall we?”

I nodded my head in affirmation as he drove away. I wondered where he was taking us to and I didn’t want to ask. We made light conversations on the way ranging from my hobbies to his hobbies, my passions and what I enjoy doing, his travel experiences. It was not surprising that Deji had traveled to so many countries; France, Monaco, Chicago, Russia, Malta (I didn’t know anyone traveled there).

“I’m glad I met you.” He suddenly said to me in the middle of our conversation. I wasn’t sure how to respond so I just smiled wondering if now was the time to bring up Omotayo or wait till when we get to where we were headed.

“Now that I think of it…” he glanced at me, “I don’t know your age. How old are you?”

“Is there a reason why my age is of importance?” I asked wondering why he suddenly wanted to know.

“I just want to know. I am 33 if that is any consolation.”

“Oh, wow…you don’t look 33. I would have guessed you were 29.”

“So you think I look young?” He shrugged,  “well, that is something coming from you.”

I chuckled, as I noticed him look at me again and back to the road. “So are you going to tell me your age?” He asked again


He looked at me befuddled, “are you serious?”

“Is there a reason why I should lie to you?” I asked.

“Wow! I sincerely thought you were 28 or something. You are pretty young and mature for your age.”

“Oh, I see.” I fiddled with my hands as I looked out the window, enjoying the view of the balustrade on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge.

“Hey Zii…” he murmured, the vibration of his voice making me ache all over. “I really want us to work and be together.” He took my hand and ran his fingertips over the palm I opened to take in his hand, the simple touch sparking a fierce desire. The way he studied me, while we waited in traffic, made my chest hurt. He looked grateful, his eyes warm and tender.

I was mute, hoping that we get to our destination on time, irrespective of the traffic.

Four minutes later, we arrived at Lagoon restaurant in Victoria Island, where Deji slowed down and finally stopped his car by the parking spot. We walked in and went into ‘Churrasco‘. It was a very lovely and beautiful place. I wondered why I had never heard of it.

As we got to the reception, the lady smiled and asked if we had made any reservations to which Deji affirmed. She looked through her list on her system and after confirming the table for two, showed us where had been reserved for us. The ambience was beautiful and the environment was serene and peaceful. It was really a good place to laugh, eat and talk with soft music playing in the background.

Deji took my hand as we walked to our seat which was just facing the outer view. He pulled out my seat as I sat down while he went over to sit down. Two waiters came to us; one holding an ice bucket of some expensive wine and the other holding a menu. The one with the ice bucket handed it to the other waiter as he opened the bottle of wine and filled our wine glasses before setting down the ice bucket. Deji motioned for the other waiter to hand me the menu and come back later.

The two waiters left, leaving me alone with Deji. It seemed like he had reserved the entire space as there was no one else coming in to the restaurant. I took a gulp of my wine as I remembered that we ought to speak about Omotayo before anything. I didn’t want to spoil the moment but she kept coming up in my head.  I coughed.

“Are you all right?” He asked softly.

I looked at him meekly, “no Deji.”

“Talk to me about it. I am here to listen.” He stretched his hands to hold mine as he stared.

“Well, it’s Omotayo and the thought of her constantly plagues my mind. What is it with both of you?”

He sighed as he placed his palms together and held it under his jaw. He looked at me with concern as he started, “Omotayo is my ex. She was my very first girlfriend and subsequently when I relocated to New Jersey after my secondary education here in Nigeria, we thought it best to break off our relationship. Of course, I had other girlfriends back in New Jersey and subsequently at Berlin, where I started working after college. Omotayo kept in touch and we maintained our friendship. She knew I was dating other people and she was as well, so I didn’t think she had a problem with me dating other people.”

He stopped to look at me searching my face for any expression before he continued, “When I decided to move back to Nigeria three (3) years ago to start my own business, I told Omotayo about it. She was one of the closest friend I had that lived in Nigeria, so it made sense to tell her I was coming home and that she was going to take me to all the new spots that had opened after I left the country. For the first one year of my return back to Nigeria, Omotayo was my right hand man – showing me around and making sure that I wasn’t cheated by anybody. She was more like my personal assistant and for that, I will be forever grateful to her. Seven months after my return to Nigeria, she broke up with her boyfriend Daniel. When I asked her why, because Daniel seemed like a really good guy to me, she said he wasn’t the man of her dreams. I thought she was being crazy or overly ambitious, so I told her to be sure of what she wanted so that she doesn’t lose a good man over nothing. That day, I remember her clearly smiling at me, saying what she wanted wasn’t far from her any longer and that it will take a matter of months before she gets it. At that time, I didn’t understand she was talking about me.”

He stopped to take a sip of his wine. I looked at him, waiting. “Two months after that, I met Theodora – one thing led to the other and we started dating. Omotayo was mad at me. She was always warning off Theodora from me, distracting her and causing trouble. At first, I thought she was doing it to protect me because she knew Nigerian girls better until Elvis told me, it was me she wanted and that she didn’t want any other lady to take what she had suffered to build for years. I was distraught because it took me five months to realize that and that was after Theodora broke up with me, saying that I was a cheat and she couldn’t continue the toxic relationship. I tried to talk to my mum about it but my mum won’t hear of it. Unfortunately, our families are closely tied and my mum really likes Omotayo – so she kept advocating on how Omotayo was and is the best woman that could eventually be my wife. One year and two months after my stay in Nigeria, I took the courage – even after I had told Omotayo that I was no longer interested in her in the way she wanted me to be – and started dating Fisayo. Fisayo was a real catch and she was really great! We were happy together for two months and then she found out about Omotayo. Omotayo knew that Fisayo was a jealous lover, so she capitalized on it and sent her some friendly pictures we took when I first came into Nigeria through a private phone, labeling me as a cheat and calling her my side chick. Some of the pictures contained almost naked pictures of Omotayo with me at the beach and on a yacht with some of our other friends during our first re-union. How she cropped the photos to look compromising is beyond me. Fisayo got very livid and without waiting to ask me, she stormed my home one evening and destroyed my things. I am not a man of too many words and I don’t like toxic people, so I broke it off with Fisayo. I was so upset at what she did and why she would do it. She kept calling me a cheat and a fuckboy but I didn’t understand anything she was saying or what she was talking about; all I could see was how toxic she was. I didn’t even know it was Omotayo’s pictures with me she had seen that got her raving mad. I just ended it. Some weeks later, when I was calmer and ready to listen to Fisayo, she told me how upset she was when she received the pictures and why she did what she did without thinking. She said she finally got to know from Jay that the girl in the picture was Omotayo and my supposedly childhood friend whom had turned to a really close friend. She apologized but there was no way I was going to take Fisayo back, even though I forgave her. When I confronted Omotayo, she openly told me that no one was allowed to date me except herself and that we were destined to be together. I told her off, and ignored her until I met you. I didn’t believe she would continue that way because it constrained our friendship for a period of four months and she promised to stay off my relationships. We weren’t even on talking terms after that and I was clearly shocked that night when she came in to Radisson Blu. Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen.” He sighed.

I looked at him as I wondered what I had put my self into. This Omotayo babe was clearly not going to let Deji be with anyone else ad I wasn’t sure I had the strength to fight with another woman for a man.

He looked distraught, “I don’t know how she does it but she keeps stalking my every relationships and it is terribly upsetting.” He reached out to hold my hands as I pulled them away, not sure I wanted him to hold me. “Ziola, you are really someone I want to start something with and I have barred myself to you because I don’t want to hide anything from you. Please, don’t let Omotayo be a determining factor in something that promises to be beautiful.”

“Deji, this is not just a walk over. This is something I have to take my time to think about. Omotayo is clearly obsessed with you and my dating you will be an intrusion in something she has already imagined to be beautiful. I don’t have the strength to fight over a man.”

“Zii, I’m not asking you to fight over me. I am telling you the obstacles that are surrounding me and I want to have you beside me, standing strong. I will fight for you, no matter what it takes me.”

“I don’t know Deji. Girls like Omotayo are not people to play with. I can’t afford to have someone bath me with acid.”

He looked horrified. “That will not happen to you! Omotayo will never do that!”

“That is what you say but you never know the extent a woman can go to if she really loves a man and someone else is standing in her way.” I sipped my entire wine out of my glass distressed as to how I started to fall in love with a man with such a history. I hated women drama.

Deji looked at me, “are you hungry?”

“Very. After all this story you just narrated to me, food seems to be the only thing that can make me forget my sorrow Deji.”

He huffed as he signaled at the waiter to bring the food we had earlier ordered. My head kept spinning at the entire story I heard.

Was it not better to leave this man when I still had everything in my body and soul intact?

What kind of love will make me date a man who had a complicated history that could later affect me?

I was so lost in thought, I didn’t realize the food had arrived till I felt Deji caress my left palm gently. I looked towards his direction and saw the variety of dishes before me. Suddenly, all the thoughts about Omotayo vanished as I realized I was hungry. I had left my stomach empty in anticipation of this date. The three course meal was lovely and it felt like a private feast. As I chewed on the lamb dipped in curry sauce, Deji reached over and ran a fingertip over the corner of my mouth and then licked off the dab of sauce he had collected. I smiled consciously as I licked my lips.

“Do you by any chance even, like me?” I heard him ask quietly

I was weakened by his question. I didn’t want to answer it as I didn’t even have an answer to it. I looked at him with raised eyebrows as I wrinkled my nose, “I don’t know Deji.”

“Even if it is just 5%?”

“Deji please.”

“I want to know Zizi. Do you?”

I sighed as I nodded coyly. Of course I liked him, wasn’t it obvious? Why was there a need to ask?

“I don’t understand what you mean when you nod like that Ziola. I want to hear you say it. Do you like me 5% or do you like me a whole lot or do you not?”

I set down my fork and looked at him squarely, “Deji, even if I liked you…there is still Omotayo. I’m not ready for that.”

“You still haven’t answered my question babe.”

“Okay fine, I like you Deji…a whole lot.”

He smiled sheepishly for the first time and I thought he looked very cute. I smiled back. “So what do I do to make you mine?”

I swallowed. I took another forkful of my meal and looked at him. “I don’t know Deji. I clearly do not want to be involved in a mess. Fix your mess while you have the time and come back. Just know that I won’t wait for you.”

He groaned softly as he looked at me. The waiters cleared the table and Deji paid the bills. We sat a while and talked about other things before he decided to take me home as the time was fast approaching 9.00pm. When we got to the car, Deji leaned closer to me and nuzzled his nose against mine. I was shocked. He was so fast, I didn’t see it coming.

I set my hands across his chest as I tried to gently push him away. He carried me up with such strength and placed me by the car bonnet as he kissed me for the very first time. His lips was warm and tender and sincerely, I had been craving his kiss from the first day we met. I wobbled on my stilettos as Deji set me down, I was weakened from the full body contact and the instant shock.

“I like you Zizi. I really do and I will do anything to keep you. I won’t let Omotayo be the obstacle to this.” He leaned to me again and kissed my forehead as I swallowed some more spit – tears unexpectedly filled my eyes.

“Hey Zii, look at me…” he held my face and continued, “I never want to hurt you and I want this to happen sincerely and if you want it too.” He looked at me with all concern.

I nodded my head at him as I smiled.

He opened the passenger door and waited for me to get in before closing it. I sat down wondering if that kiss had meant yes. I wasn’t sure. He placed his hands over mine when he got in and said, “I had a lovely time with you tonight. I hope that we can do this more often.”

“Me too.” I smiled as he started the car and took me home.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.


Friday Nights; Sexcapades 5

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‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




I left Zizi’s house by mid-afternoon heading home after she escorted me to the junction where I took a bike to the BRT station. I was walking towards the queue of people waiting at the BRT stand going to TBS/CMS when a svelte, beautifully groomed lady caught her leg by the turnstile and almost fell on me, spilling the contents of her Zara bag. I watched people dodge the chaos with mere whispers of ‘sorry oo’ as they kept going into the BRT never failing to alter their line. I winced in sympathy as I crouched to help the lady collect her now scattered things ranging from hairbrush, notepad, rouge lipstick, pens, a wallet and a few other nothings.

“Thank you” she said, shooting me a quick smile.

“No worries” I smiled back, “it happens to the best of us.”

I had just bent over to reach for her hairbrush when I ran into a pair of luxurious leather brown manly slides. I waited a beat for the man to move out of my way and when he didn’t, I arched my neck back to allow my line of sight to rise. The hairy legs shooting forth from the carton colored shorts hit more than a few of my hot buttons; but it was the tall, powerfully lean body inside that made it just sensational. Still, as hot as all that magnificent maleness was, it wasn’t until I reached the man’s face that my head began to count. Wow. Just…wow!

He was making a phone call oblivious of my presence beneath him and I still found him sexy as hell. I picked the hairbrush and stood to full length, as I looked directly in front of me to him. Hit with all that masculinity at eye-level, I could only stare. Stunned. Then something shifted in the air as he dropped the call and looked directly back at me. As he looked at me in surprise, he altered…as if a shield fell off his eyes. The scorching force sucked out the air from my lungs and the intense magnetism he exuded, grew in strength. I was dazed. Reacting purely on instinct, he shifted backwards, leaving me almost falling back down.

I was too preoccupied with staring, riveted by the man in front of me that I forgot what I was holding.

“Are you okay?” he asked looking at me again in wonder.

His voice was smooth and cultured, with a rasp that made my stomach flutter. It brought sex to my mind. Extraordinary sex. Hard back breaking, claw scratching sex. I thought for a moment that he might make me orgasm by just talking long enough.

“Why are you holding a hairbrush?” he continued. I peered down at my hands wondering why I was holding the hairbrush, forgetting all about the beautiful lady that almost fell me down. My lips felt so dry, so I licked them before turning to hand over the brush, only to find the beautiful lady also struck by him, standing like Lot’s wife.

“Are you using the BRT?” he asked again.

I felt so irritated with myself for feeling so awkward while he was completely self-possessed and in control. My brain stuttered back into full gear as I realized I hadn’t purchased my BRT ticket. He bent down to retrieve the key I hadn’t realized I dropped, freeing me from what looked to me like a provocative gaze. I was just dazzled, damn it! He glanced up at me, and the pose – him half kneeling but almost in standing position – skewed my equilibrium.

He looked to me as he stood up, “is this yours?” he asked stretching forth the key towards me.

My face heated. How convenient to appear awkward and clumsy in front of the most self-assured and graceful man I think I have ever met. “Yes it is mine, thank you.”

Looking away as I proceeded to move to the ticket sellers, I notice the others looking at us like we were a movie out of the cinema, and the beautiful lady standing still – forgetting that she was also heading somewhere. I risked a glance at the man again, finding him walking towards me. I was scared. I handed some N200 note to the ticket lady and collected my change, as I moved to join the growing queue. I noticed that he was also buying a ticket and I gently wondered where he was going to.

As the line moved, I caught my reflection by the BRT door; I was looking flushed and my eyes seemed a bit too bright. I can’t remember but I know I had seen that look before in my eyes. I tried to remember when I had ever had that look and why I seemed exactly too flush. And then it dawned on me – I had seen that exact same look before in the bathroom mirror at the club in Port-Harcourt when I was still in school, just before I had a one night stand with a sexy man I had being eyeing all night. It was my ready-to-fuck look and it had absolutely no business being on my face at this time of the day, in the open and in the very before of a total stranger. I was ashamed!

My goodness Lola! Get a hold of yourself!

Three minutes was all it took. Three minutes facing a total dangerous and sexy stranger and here I was, feeling all caught up and edgy. Horns blared and two screams boomed behind me as I realized I ought to move forward. Shouting ensued when I tried to look back, and hand gestures that didn’t carry real anger behind them waved at me to go into the BRT and allow them do same so they could go home to take a rest. I sighed as I moved unwillingly into the BRT looking frantically around for Mr. Strange and sexy just as we melded into the flow of road traffic, and then I realized he was not in my bus but was still in line for the other – a frown teased my forehead.

Ah, Lola, I thought feeling a bit settled again yet worried, you have just missed a good thing but then again, thank goodness it was in the afternoon. Only the heavens can tell what you would have done if you met him in the club!



The room smelled fabulous when I opened my eyes and Dafe was crooning soulfully at me seated at the edge of the bed. I closed my eyes and opened them again to be sure I wasn’t just dreaming and smelling things but it was the exact same thing. I looked to my right; there was an open bottle of wine on the table by the bed and two goblets, one which was half-filled with white wine. There was a large tray of what seemed like food and I was sure that was were the aroma that filled the room came from. I instantly became very hungry.

“Hey you…” I whispered at him rubbing my left palm over my eyes stretching and stifling a yawn.

“Hey sexy…welcome back.” He smiled as he poured white wine into the empty goblet and handed it to me, his movements practiced and elegant. “I thought you won’t wake up.”

I pulled out of the covers and sat up as I collected the goblet of wine he was handing to me. Our hands slightly touched and I felt ecstatic. He began to open the tray of food saying how hungry I must be after sleeping these long hours.

I stared at him. He wasn’t just beautiful…he was spectacular. He was the kind of man that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. I looked at him in his civilized, urbane and lush sweatpants alongside his white Ralph polo and thought of raw, primal, sheet clawing sex. I watched him grab a plate to serve me the English breakfast of pancakes, omelette, baked beans, bacon, sausages and  fresh lettuce obviously prepared by the guy I had met earlier on when we came in.

“My dad had taught me how to read people pretty well…” he smiled at me as he dumped another pile of pancakes on my plate and added extra maple syrup, “I’m sure you will be very hungry and won’t talk to me until you’ve had your fill.”

I wrinkled my nose at him as he set the plate on a bed-stand and pushed it right in front of me, “there you go.” He finished. What does he know about anybody? I thought as I rolled my eyes.

“You have something on your mind…what is it? I can see what you are doing with your eyes.” He asked looking at me squarely.

“Nothing.” I respond as I took a small gulp of my wine. I was very hungry. As I started to pinch round my plate, putting into my mouth bits of omelette and bacon, I observed Dafe staring at me. I wondered if he was going to stare at me till I finished my meal. I looked up at him, “I eat pretty slow Dafe, so would you mind telling me what it is that you have found interesting on my face or are you just going to keep staring at me for God knows how long?”

He grinned meekly, “was I staring now?”

I smirked at him as I rolled a pancake and took a large bite. He reached out to take my left hand and lifted it up to his lips for a kiss. I felt butterflies fluttering in my belly. He looked up at me, as I continued to act ignorant chewing on my lettuce. “Will we discuss why you were so upset with me this morning or should I wait till you finish your meal?”

He kissed my hand again and this time, I looked up and stared into his dark eyes. For some reason, I noticed he had very dark pupils instead of the regular brown. I was lost for a moment in the beauty of them, I forgot he had asked me a question. In that brief moment, I realized I liked Dafe. I swallowed and took a spoonful of the baked beans, sipping my wine along after which I meekly replied, “I don’t know if I am ready to say anything to you.”

He sat fully on the bed and crossed his legs facing me smiling.

“Why are you smiling at me?” I asked perturbed, “you are making my eating uncomfortable.”

“Am I?” He asked as he placed his right hand underneath his jaw and glanced at his wrist watch, “I am wondering when you will have to go for your meeting appointments now that the time is reading 1.20pm.” He opened his hands by the side, “are we going to have to push discussing why you were so upset this morning for later tonight, after your meeting appointments?”

I blushed red, even though nobody could see the color flush. I was embarrassed! I totally forgot that I had said that to him. I put my hand across my forehead and exclaimed, “Shoot! My goodness, I slept off, forgot about my meetings and now you’ve deceived me with food…”

“Is that so, I am now to blame? So how do you want to resolve the issue and is there anything I can do?”

I put a sausage in my mouth as I looked at him, “I guess I’ll have to call my business partners to find out if we can reschedule the meeting for a later time in the evening. It would have been better to have this meeting in the morning. I don’t understand why nobody has called me.” I picked up my phone and proceeded to call one of my friends as Dafe took a bacon from my plate and ate it. I shook my head at him as I ‘shuued’ him off.


“Hey,” I started when he picked up at the other end.

“Hello Mimi, how are you?”

“I’m fine oo. How far? Nobody has called me to say anything…is the meeting no longer holding?”

“Ah ahn, did you not see the whatsapp messages?”

“What messages?”

“Lol, this young lady! Simon put it on the group chat that the meeting has been scheduled to Sunday afternoon by 3pm since the sponsors said they will be available only on a Sunday.”

“Oh wow, I haven’t been online all day.  I will check my phone. Where is the venue?”

“One of the sponsors agreed that we could come to her house at Oniru. The address is on the page but you could come with Valerie since you both stay at the same place, she is going to be coming with Ikenna, so it will make it easier for you both.”

“Thank you Emeka. I’ll look through the chats right away.”


I ended the call just as I looked up to see Dafe sauntering towards me and a rush of liquid filled my panties accompanied with the butterflies singing hooray in my belly. What does this man want now? I thought to myself. He winked at me as he leaned to give me a peck on the cheek. “So what did he say?”

I shrugged, “nothing that concerns you.”

He took the bedside tray and placed it at the other end of the drawer by the bed as he looked back at me, “If it will take you away, then it concerns me” as he pressed his thin lips against mine. I kissed him back fervently before he let go. “How about you spend some more time here with me before you decide to go, since you are making it seem that I can’t steal you for as long as I want?” He reached out to pull me up from the bed.

“How about I spend some few minutes on this bed?” I asked, feeling naughty.

He grinned, “so what do you have in mind then?”

I let go of all my pride as I pulled him close by the collar of his polo shirt and kissed him with all the passion I felt dancing up and down my belly insides. He held my face and kissed me back with a passion that matched mine, vigorous, hard yet soft and sexy. I was experiencing bliss and sincerely I didn’t want it to stop.

He pulled away and looked at me with dark shrewd eyes, “are you romantically involved with anyone?”

I looked at him strangely, “why are you asking me that?”

“I want to know.”

I shook my head but he kept on looking at me. “No.” I finally said.

“Are you sleeping with anyone?”

The question was asked so casually, it took me a second to process what he had just asked. I inhaled sharply, “why is that any business of yours?”

He looked at me and I saw the exact same thing I saw in his eyes the first time I met him – steely control and vibrant power. “Because I want to fuck you Miranda and I need to know what is standing in my way, if anything!”

The sudden ache between my thighs had me tightening my legs together maintaining some sort of composure. I shifted back a little to give me a breathing chance, we were too close. He reached out to me but I held him at bay with my uplifted hands.

“What If I’m not interested?”

A ghost of a smile touched his lips and made him impossibly more handsome. Hey God… I’d never been so aroused. Never been so scorchingly attracted to another human being. Never being so offended by a person I lusted after – but then again, I never really lusted after anyone until now.

“What are your objections to my proposal? Tell me what I need to do to get you beneath me.” He continued

“A miracle because I find your approach very offensive,” and a major turn-on, but I was never going to admit that! I pushed back as I continued to widen the space between us.

He looked at me with narrowed eyes as he contemplated, “I agree that I could be too blunt but I am not one to tell lies and you strike me as the kind of person that wouldn’t want lies or mere flattery.”

“I think we are done here.” I stretched to grab the last sausage on my plate as I chewed on it.

“Hardly, sexy. We have established some talking points; we seem to have an intense sexual attraction to each other and rightly so, none of us wants to date the other. So you have to tell me exactly what you want and what I need to do to get you on the sheets. Seduction? Mimi, do you want me to seduce you?”

I was fascinated and tempted by the conversation. It was hard not to be while faced with a sexy and gorgeous man who wanted to get hot and sweaty with me but I found it a bit disturbing that he didn’t want to date and concluded that I didn’t want same either. Was this supposed to be a one time offer? What if he was great in bed and I wanted more? What if I was too attracted and I wanted to always be around him? “Well, sex planned like a business is a turn off for me.” I casually replied.

“I understand that but it is necessary that we create parameters now. We don’t want anyone having exaggerated expectations and then facing disappointments at the end.”

I wanted him bad but he was too much trouble for me. Honestly, I could screw up my life myself, I didn’t need any help. I pushed to the edge of the bed as I made to stand up. He stood up too and moved towards me, his eyes darkening. “Mimi, there are no mixed signals in my private affairs. I am always clear on what I want and I see you want same too, so we are on the same page. All I just need from you is your consent.”

“So this sex thing that you want from me, is it a one time offer?”

He smiled as he held my hands, “I cannot think of a good reason why I should say that it is a one time offer. Clearly I am strongly attracted to you and I am definitely sure that this fucking will not occur just once. It will have to be a repeated affair Mimi.”

“And you say you don’t want exaggerated expectations? I don’t understand you. You are asking for too much Dafe.”

“Mimi, I am not the dating type and I am not one to chain people to myself. I want this to be an open relationship. All you need do is to consent to me sleeping with you, as long as you agree to stay on the pills and I will use a condom – I cannot allow myself to catch any form of disease!”

I was upset by that statement. Do I look like a prostitute to him? What sort of nonsense discussion was this? Some men were really bastards. I strode to the door as I had no words to say to him, this had clearly gotten way above what I could handle and I was in mood to become someone’s fucking partner. I felt him move closely behind me as fast as he could and grab me by the waist. I couldn’t think of my own self-preservation when he was this close to me. I sighed. What sort of feeling is this? The fact that he had such profound effect on me while still being so damn irritating had my mind spinning. How can I be so turned on by a man whose words should have completely turned me off? Just how God?

“Turn around, Mimi.”

My eyes closed at the surge of arousal I felt at his authoritative tone. God, he smelled really good.  His frame behind me radiated heat and hunger, spurring my own wild desire. I wanted him sha. So bad but I knew he was no good, yet my body lustily craved his. “Just leave me, Dafe. This won’t work. I can’t give you what you are asking.”

“I wish I  can Mimi. I want to leave you because you look like too much trouble.” His lips brushed behind my neck as his right hand pressed itself flat against my belly. His right hand working fiercely to urge me around to face him. He was as aroused as I was, his area hard and thick against my lower back. “Turn around, Mimi, please.”

Disappointed at myself and knowing that I may regret this, I turned to face him hoping that I could quickly sit or rest my aching legs. We were so up-close, I almost had no room to breathe. The hand he had at my waist was now resting on the curve of my hips, tightening reflexively and driving me insane. He stared at me, his gazing so intense.

“Kiss me, Mimi”, he whispered hoarsely, “give me that much please.”

Panting softly, I moaned as I licked my dry lips looking at his. He groaned, bent his head locking his nose with mine as he sealed his mouth over mine. His firm lips were very soft and the pressure he exerted was gentle. I sighed as I allowed his tongue to dig dip as we tasted each other in long leisurely licks. His kiss was skilled, confident and just the right kind of aggressive to turn me further on. He growled as he deepened the kiss, tightly curved his both hands at the curve of my buttocks and lifted me up, circling my legs round his firm waist. I felt the raging beat of his heart against my chest, proof that he wasn’t just a form of my imagination.

He pulled free looking at me wildly, “I want you Mimi, trouble or not. I don’t think I can stop myself. Please.”

I was pressed, full body against him, achingly aware of his every inch, hot and hard. My breasts were tender and yet heavy. My nipples were hard and ready. My area throbbed for his attention, pounding along with my raging heartbeat. My body was literally on fire! I kissed him back as if I could eat him. I was vaguely aware of any movement and then the lush bed was beneath my back and he was on top of me. He was levered over me with one knee and his other foot was on the floor as he began to thug on my denim shorts freeing the belt. His arm gripped the back of my each knee as he pulled free the shorts and slid upwards one of my thigh in a firmly possessive glide. I closed my eyes in excitement as I giggled at the soft kisses he planted on my thighs. “Shhh,” he murmured “you are distracting me.”

He moved upwards to look at me as he kissed me again and moved to my neck, planting dangerous wet kisses. I giggled like a child as I covered my eyes with my palms. In a daze, I watch as Dafe lifted me chest up and pulled off my white polo, revealing my firm breasts cupped in my bra. I looked at him, not the least bit ashamed, as I leaned forward to kiss his cheeks. He smiled as he bent to kiss the small cleavage coming out from the brassier as he swiftly unlocked the hooks, setting free my aching breasts. I was only clad in my panties and it seemed like the only obstruction blocking my way to this happiness Dafe was proposing.

I pulled him forward as I laid back down pulling at his sweatpants. “Easy tigress. Easy!” He held my hands and circled them round his waist as he graciously sucked on my left nipples. I just couldn’t stop my giggles.

He looked up at me, “why do you keep giggling? Is that a strategy because it turns me on?”

I held myself as I looked at him, “I don’t know but what you are doing tickles the hell out of me.” I watched as he lowered his body, my legs sliding apart to accommodate the width of his hips. My muscles strained with the aching urge to lift towards him and to hasten the contact between us. He took my mouth again, lowering his head as he bruised my lips with a fine edge of violence. Abruptly, he yanked himself away…hurting my lips again as he groaned. I lay there, gasping and wet. So willing and ready and then I realized why he had reacted so fiercely.

Someone was at the door. “Shit!” He uttered as he stumbled on his feet looking at me in wild desire.



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Friday Nights; Sexcapades 4

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‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




The more you run from temptation, the closer it seems!

When my phone rang waking me up at 8.30am the following morning, I was delighted to peer at the screen and see Dafe’s number. I smiled in my sleep.

“Hello,” I started huskily

“Hello sleepy head, wake up. Good morning.”

I groaned as I rolled over to lie on my back. “To what do I owe this early call?” I asked softly

“I don’t know what you are saying but you sound so sexy, I wish I was right beside you. My goodness! Have you ever heard yourself speak in the mornings?” He grinned

“I can hear myself speak right now.” I replied wondering.

“Not like that, I mean over the phone. You should try recording your voice in the mornings when you wake up, it is damn sexy I tell you. Too raunchy for me. Now I know exactly when to call you. I think I will record this conversation with you and play it every time.”

“You are just not serious.” I smiled as I closed my eyes wanting some more sleep.

“I thought you said you had appointments you just can’t cancel last night, why are you still on the bed?”

“Oh Dafe, I need sleep!” I cried, “allow me be please.”

“Wait, do you mean to tell me that sleep was the appointment you had?” He asked perturbed.

“Lol, well yes…sleeping till 11am is part of my today’s appointment and after that I get to do the real work of meeting with real clients. Now can you please excuse us, my bed and I have an urgent meeting that should not be disturbed. Thank you!”

He laughed and for a while, I thought he was mocking me. “Dafe, please just cut the call and go away.”

“I’m coming over to your house. Pack your things, you are sleeping in my house till 11am and then I’l drop you off at the meetings you have later.”

“Huh?” I said startled as I opened my eyes fully, “no you are not coming over to mine.”

“Get ready sexy…I just got in the car.”

I looked at my phone wondering if he was insane, “Hello Dafe, see ehn…my mummy…” the line suddenly went dead. “Hello.” I said jerking up from the bed.

Heyy God, what kind of wahala is this one this early morning? I asked no one in particular. My heart began to beat fast like a drum played at a market festival. I began to hope that he was just joking and wasn’t really not going to come to my house. Tired still, I lay back on the bed as I switched off my phone.


I woke up to hear my sibling calling out my name from the door, “what is it Uwa? You people should allow me sleep in peace please now.” I cried as I pushed my face underneath the pillows.

He walked towards the edge of my bed and continued, “someone is looking for you oo.”

Suddenly I realized what was wrong…heyy God, this man wants to embarrass me. I slowly turned to face my sibling hoping that he won’t see my heart jumping helter-skelter, “Me? By this time? Who is it?”

“I don’t know oo. I think he is your boyfriend or something.”

I looked at my sibling in dismay wondering whether everything was okay with him. “When did I tell you that I have a boyfriend?” I asked squeezing my lips.

“Well, God has brought him right under our noses. He said he was your boyfriend and asked me to wake you up.”

I put my hands across my face as I shook my head. What did I ever do to deserve this, Lord? Is there a sin I have committed that I did not seek penance for? What is the meaning of what Dafe was doing to me. My sibling looked at me again, “he said to tell you to hurry so you can have enough time for your meetings.”

“Is mummy still at home?”

“No, she went for morning mass. You are lucky. She would have already told your boyfriend all about your history and how you need to get married.” He laughed sitting down to look at me.

“Uwa, he is not my boyfriend. Please, stop saying that.” I tried to say looking at my brother calmly.

“Well, just hurry. I don’t think you have much time by the way he sounded. What do you need me to do for you?”

Just then, my other sibling came in “Mimi, are you not ready? Dafe is waiting oo.”

I looked at Nosa in dismay. What is the meaning of all these? Why was Dafe suddenly talking with my siblings as if I did not just meet him last week? I hissed as I stood up and headed to brush my teeth. Some minutes later, I was dressed in Jean denim shorts, a white shirt and a jean loafers. I slung my black leather school bag containing my iPad, power-bank and a notepad behind me as I exited my room and ran down the stairs.

I met him having a friendly discussion with Nosa while playing video games. I wondered how Nosa was able to bond with this man. My goodness, he looked handsome! I tried to hide my smile as he turned to look at me, “Hey you…it took you forever to come downstairs. Shall we?”

I sighed as I looked at my siblings who were grinning from ear to ear. I did not understand why they were amused. I nodded my head at him as he bade my siblings farewell. He spun me around and led me towards his car parked right outside my gate.

“You have a lovely home.” He started.

I did not understand how I felt but I was clearly upset and not the least bit amused. “Thank you.”

“You look really nice.” He said again as soon as we got into the car.

“Thank you.” I replied meekly trying not to blush or even smile

He looked at me as he started the ignition, “Are you okay?”

“No.” I replied without a thought.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes.” I answered looking at him squarely

“What did I do wrong sexy?” He paused on starting the car as he looked at me

“Just drive. My siblings are clearly going to be at the balcony looking at us till we move out of here.” I replied as I pouted my lips and adjusted the seat belt.

He paused, sighed and started the car as he drove out of my estate. I was already dozing off when Dafe tapped me, “we’re here sexy, wake up.”

“Oh!” I stretched lazily rubbing my palms over my eyes. That was fast, I thought, what if I had been driven all the way to Ogun state for one ritual. I looked around me from the inside of the car till Dafe came round and opened the car door for me looking puzzled, “don’t you want to come down?”

“Where are we?” I asked as I got down from the car not exactly sure where we were as the walls of the compound were enormously high you could barely see what was happening outside.

“We are at my home. Welcome to my humble abode.” He smiled as he took my small school bag from me and held my hands.

This is far from a humble abode, I thought to myself. The compound was massive and the building in it was spectacular. I wasn’t sure if we were still in Lekki or Ikoyi. I just had never seen a house this captivating except on pictures in Instagram and on TV.

“Where exactly is this place located? Are we in Lekki?” I probed.

He smiled, “No sexy, this is Ikoyi.”

Ah ha! I said to myself, big man children eating all our money. See house. I began to wonder if he lived in it alone or with the family. He must be living with his family, I thought. The house was too gigantic for him alone to occupy.

We walked into the house and were immediately greeted by a man neatly dressed. Dafe said some words to him still holding me and led me towards the stairs to a room. Words fail me. This was exactly the opposite of what my room looked like. This was magnificent and enthralling.  I was beyond dazed. I stood at the entrance for a while wondering if I needed to softly crawl towards the bed or just fly straight to the bed. The plush rug looked too soft and white to be stepped upon. I thought the room was really one of the most beautiful things I had seen. He looked at me confused, “don’t you want to go in? It is 9.52am already…you should continue your sleep before 11am.”

I looked at him in dismay, which kind of sleep. The sleep that already disappeared from my eyes the moment I heard he arrived my house or what?

I softly walked towards the bed and sat on it. My goodness…it was soft! Too soft! Very soft! I sighed in pleasure. Then I heard him say from the door after he dropped my school bag by the couch close to the bed, “I’ll let you be and then when you finally wake up, you will tell me exactly what I did wrong this morning.” He closed the door softly behind him and walked away leaving me alone in the room. I sat on the bed for a while enjoying the view, pulled off my loafers and sunk into the bed for another round of sleep.




Saturday mornings are really the best. I stretched like a cat on the bed and rolled over looking at my phone. 8.50am. I think I will sleep for another 10 minutes, I snuggled under the sheets.

Suddenly my phone rang. Ohh! I cried, who has decided to disturb my sleep this morning? I roll to the other side of the bed ignoring the call as it rang again. Shit! I muttered as I reached for my phone by the drawer.

“Hello” I mutter angrily not wanting to open my eyes.

“Hello Zizi” I hear the familiar voice of my cockroach friend Lola, I hiss as I open my eyes

“Ehn, what is it Lola? Don’t you know people are still sleeping? Or is it not Saturday at your place?”

She smiled and continued, “Come on, will you wake up? I don’t know when you started being lazy. Mimi has infected you with her bad habits.”

“Abeg oo, allow me to sleep because that is the only way I can drown my work sorrows before Monday. Just let me please.”

“Better wake up, I’m coming to your house. I have gist for you!”

“Eh, gist? Tell me now, why do you have to torture me by keeping me waiting?”

“As you say you want more time to sleep. I’m giving you more time.”

“Ah, no oo, I am awake now.” I replied enthusiastically sitting up.

“Lol, Zizi just use the strength to prepare breakfast for both of us. I am going to leave my house now.”

“Please don’t bother coming.” I hiss, “I’m going back to sleep.”

“Na you sabi, I already dressed up. By the way, you called me last night…I missed your call.”

And then I remembered the very embarrassing episode of yesterday and I sighed. “Something that I wanted to tell you yesterday. You already missed out. Ask Mimi to tell you since you are too big to pick calls from me.”

“Ahn ahn now, I didn’t hear my phone ring until I got home and check my phone, by then it was too late.”

“See biko, leave me alone. That gist has long gone, if you want to hear it, ask Mimi.”

“Just prepare yourself. I am coming to your house. You will tell me whether it was Mimi that called me last night or you.” She ended the call.

I looked at my phone as I placed it back on the drawer. Lola is just a mad human being. I am not going to recount the sordid tales of yesterday night to her, let her ask Mimi.


Men are like wildfires, very hard to predict.

*knock-knock* Oh, I muttered in my sleep. What is the meaning of all these? What does anybody want from me at this time of the morning? I will do my chores when I wake up proper…I turn to face the wall as I continued my sleep.

*Knock-knock* I hear again someone at my door. I hiss angrily. “I am coming.” I say as I make to stand up hoping that Lola had not come too soon.

*Knock-Knock* I hear again.

“Be patient now!” I hiss as I wear a top “I said I’m coming.” I open the door to see my mummy looking at me with a bunch of beautiful flowers held up towards my face.

“Mummy, what is all these one now? What is it?”

“My dear, these just came for you and some other things on the dining table.”

“Oh wow!” I managed to say as I walk back into my room to grab my glasses with my mummy walking in right behind me, smelling and smiling at the flowers.

“They are so beautiful!” She exclaimed.

“Mummy just drop the flowers and go. Abi you said they were delivered to me?”

“My baby, I just want to admire them. It is really thoughtful of whoever bought you these.”

“Thank you mum. Please can you go now?”

She looked at me smiling, “I hope you will appreciate them? They are really nice.”

“Don’t worry mum, if I don’t want them, I know where your room is. I will come to drop them there since I know how much you love flowers. Bye mum.”

“Oh there are some other things by the dining. Let me get them for you.” I watched her hurry out as I wonder what time Deji had to buy me flowers from last night to this morning. He was really thoughtful and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it was Deji that sent the items. I looked through the flowers for any card or paper attached to it, there was none. Disappointed, I put my nose into the bunch to smell them. They smelled really nice. I smiled. Just then, my mum walked into the room with three fancy paper bags. Wow, I thought, this guy never ceased to amaze me. My mum stood sheepishly looking at me until I kindly asked her to let me be alone. As soon as she left, I closed the door behind her and started admiring the items. On the biggest paper bag, I saw a purple note hanging just by the side. I lifted it up to see the contents;


My sincere apologies for last night; I know I will not be able to compensate you for all the embarrassment caused you last night and I sure know that nothing can be enough to say exactly how sorry I am but please take these items as a token of my apology for what happened. I should have been more careful with you and I promise if you give me another chance, this would NEVER repeat itself!

Can you please be my date tonight? I’ll pick you up by 6.30pm, I promise we won’t run late and I will bring you home safely.


I smiled as I read the note over and over again. This was incredibly thoughtful of him and I didn’t want to say no to offer. All my body screamed ‘YES!’ I looked through the contents of each bag just as I heard Lola’s voice by my door.

I stood up to open the door letting her in, as I ignored her presence and continued to admire my new prized items. Deji had gotten me two lovely office dresses and a burgundy over-shoulder jumpsuit; a 360 ’18’ inches Argentine laced wig; a very sexy Fendi Handbag with a silver plated logo engraved inside the bag and a very lovely pair of Miu Miu shoes. I was speechless. Lola kept looking through the dresses and asking me why he had bought me all the items. I decided to call him to say thank you to him and also accept his offer. I thought better about it and sent a text instead. I didn’t want to seem too excited about it. So I texted;

“Hi Deji,

I have just received your gift items to me. Thank you very much. I thought that was really thoughtful of you but really, you didn’t have to. I will go out with you tonight but only on the promise that I will get home before 8.45pm and you will tell me all about Omotayo – no games!”

I looked at Lola as she told me all the episode of her last night outing and how she met Daisy. I thought Daisy was weird. Just then, my phone beeped. It was a message from Deji.

“Great. Please can you wear the jumpsuit tonight? I’d love to see how it looks on you and yes, I promise to tell you all about Omotayo if that will make you say yes to me. I can’t wait for 6.30pm.”

Suddenly, I began to smile at Lola like a child. She could clearly tell what was wrong with me as she began to tell me what to say and what to do after I reluctantly told her my last night episodes with Omotayo. Two things ran in my head as I listened to her:

Do I say yes to Deji after tonight and be his girl?

Why did I suddenly develop feelings for him even when I know I am clearly not ready to settle?


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.






Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey IV

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I cannot believe myself. Everything is happening differently from what I imagined.  How did I get myself into this? All I just want to do right now is sleep. I look at everyone and I get a bit upset. How are they not tired? I know I am not the only one who went to work yesterday. I mean, can you even imagine? It is another day and I am still awake like the care-keeper of the humans! For Pete’s sake, can something happen already? I look at Lola and Mimi. They are playing by the water. What kind of friends do I even have? How are they not as tired of this entire jamboree like I am? I know I am not weird and neither am I anti-social; for all it’s worth, I think I am the only normal person here.

No rest for the wicked. 

Before now, I had never been to the beach at night. In fact, the only places I had gone to at night were karaoke bars, mini clubs, vigils and birthday parties that extended into the night but never lasted till after 2.00am. I had never seen so many people gathered in a beach like this and I began to wonder if the people in Lagos only come out at night. Everyone here looked super excited. As I watched the waters, I felt out of place as I didn’t see anyone who was dressed like me or my friends. Most people were clad on shots and mini dresses. The ones that looked like they came straight from their offices had pulled off their skirts and were wearing their shirts knotted into a kind of beach wear. It was funny how people used their creativity on strange things.

The music around was horrendously loud I could feel it syncing with my heart beat. A cloud of smoke filled the atmosphere and for a second I felt like running out and then realized I was in an open space. I observed the people around me again I think for the umpteenth time, most were busy making out, others were laughing in groups – drinking and holding hands.

I sigh sitting on the sand as I rub my palms across my legs. The night is cold and I wish I had some sort of cover-all. I look back and hope that no one notices that I had moved away. I begin to bury my hand dip in the sand making some sort of hand castle.


“Hello babe” I looked up to see some sort of handsome man flashing a smile at me.

“Hello,” I responded casually as I turned my attention to my hand castle not wanting to engage in any discussion.

I felt him bend down towards me as he looked at what I was doing, “What is this? Are you sure everything is okay?”

I rolled my eyes ignoring his question, hoping that he would somehow disappear back to where he came from. He giggled and nodded his head. I wondered what was funny to him. He seemed like a gentleman as he just kept on smiling and stayed quiet watching me. I felt odd. I didn’t understand whether or not to continue what I was doing or just get up from where I was seated. I was impressed by his scent, he smelt really nice but I was not going to indulge in any conversation with a total stranger, even though I covertly admired him. I shoved back the random thoughts into the far part of my mind.  I felt him look at the waters and back at me when he finally spoke out… “so what is your name?”

“A girl has no name.” I replied coyly.

“A girl has no name but has a pretty face huh?”

I smiled as I carefully pulled out my hand from the castle I had built and dusted the sand off my hand still ignoring him.

“…so for a girl who has no name, why are you out here alone?” His voice reverberated and the alcohol in his breath the air beside me. When he saw that I was not responding, he didn’t say another word but carefully slipped his hand into my newly built hand castle, remodeling it. I was amused at him. Just then, I felt someone grab me carefully from behind and I already could tell it was Mimi.

“You!” She peered into my face “So this is where you are hiding eh?”

I smiled, grateful that she didn’t say my name out for this strange handsome man to hear. “I have come to join you.” She continued sitting by me and holding my hand. “What’s up?”

“I’m tired babes. I want to sleep.”

“I understand. Sorry. Thankfully, it’s a Saturday so you can indulge in sleeping all you want.” She said caressing the small of my back.

“I have laundry to take care of. Sleeping away my Saturday will not help that.”

“You can do it on Sunday after church.”

“No, Sundays are meant for resting.”

She shrugged, “okay Miss Efficient.” She looked past me smiling and looked at me strangely. I knew what and who she was referring to but I chose to ignore her. She nudged me imploring me to tell her who he was. I looked at her and whispered, “He’s a ghost! I don’t know how come you can see him.”

She burst into laughter, “Really huh?”

“Sshh!” I whispered “The ghost has ears.”

“I sure do have ears.” He responded, “hello you.” He waved at Mimi.

“Hello strange man.” She replied, “I see you have kept my friend company but now that I’m here, you can take a walk. Thank you.”

He laughed, “is that right now, just like that, you are sending me off?”

“Oh my bad, did you want me to through you a valedictory ceremony?” Mimi smirked, “I thought you didn’t like celebrations so I opted out of it for you, yikes!”

“My goodness, aren’t you just something now? You didn’t even bother to ask me even.”

Mimi looked like she was thinking a while and then she responded, “Oh wait, didn’t you sign the contract all by yourself? I remember asking you to read everything but you said you were used to contracts like those. Why blame me for your misconception?”

I was clearly enjoying this interaction between these two. It was something to watch and the Mimi I knew, was always a sight to watch during conversations as this.

“Okay, okay…I agree but I deserve some accolades.”

“Accolades? For keeping my friend company? Nah bruvh, you paid your dues but it sure isn’t enough to get you those accolades you think you deserve. Just bounce while you still have the honor to so do.”

“Am I being chased away?”

“Erm…literally no but somewhat yes. We are trying to have a girl’s time and you are ruining it.”

“How long do you want me to give you girls space for?”

“Forever maybe.”

I looked at Mimi. She clearly did not sound nice. I was glad that she was chasing him away but I wondered why she sounded this way to the man that we both didn’t even know toot about.

He took his hands out of the hand castle and said to me, “Here is a bigger castle for you, girl with no name. I hope you like it?”

I smiled at him in appreciation. He put his hands in his pocket and brought out a wallet. After a while,he dug out his card, looked at Mimi and said, “you should call me” as he stretched his card at her. I was shocked, I mean I was seated here all along, why didn’t he hand me his card?

She took it and looked at him, “I will not call you and this card will sit pretty somewhere in my pocket.”

“When you think of tonight, you will call me and I will expect your call. Take your time, don’t rush…let it come to you.”

What is wrong with this man? Acting like one important stuff. I thought.

Finally he stood up, dusted his shorts and said, “It was nice to meet you ladies especially you.” He smiled gesturing at Mimi, “take care and enjoy the rest of the morning.”

I looked at Mimi after he walked away, “You this young girl…you sure know how to make an entrance eh?”

“What?” She asked opening her palms “he looked like he was a disturbance to you and I wanted to clear the air for you. I am not sure I even understood what just happened.”

“So will you call him?”

“And tell him what kwanu?”

“I don’t know. Whatever you tell people when you call them.”

“Yeah right.” She looked at me again, “why are you seated here all by yourself? Have you now joined the marine spirits?”

“Ode, it is you that initiated me with your food now.”

“Small joke, you have gone to another level.”

“Where is Lola?” I asked

“Where else? She is at the hut dancing and having fun that you are clearly refusing to have.”

“Don’t you see what the time is? It is 4.20am.”

“And we will soon leave. Deji has been worried about you, you disappeared on all of us. I think he is a cool guy by the way.”

“And all of a sudden, you are Deji’s fan?”

“Lol, not exactly. I just know he does like you very much.”

“Please leave me, allow me to enjoy this cool breeze.”

“And talking about Deji will reduce the flow of the breeze to you?”

“Yes, it will.” I pouted at her as she shook her head.

Suddenly Mimi grabbed me and said, “Let’s go and play with the water. Just a few dips of our legs and we will run back once the wave comes at us.”

“Lol Mimi, are you crazy? Do you want us to die? Can’t you see that it’s so dark.”

“That’s the fun of it Zizi. Live life on the edge, try new things. I know this is your first time coming to the beach at night, enjoy the moment. Stand up.”

She stood up and beckoned to me to stand up, “No way Mimi. I’m not going to live life on the edge like you please. I still have other days to live for.” She dragged me up.

“Don’t be a lazy child. Come and feel the adventure.”

“Mimi, leave me alone.”

I followed Mimi towards the river bank. Thankfully, our shoes were left behind in Deji’s car so there was no fear of the water taking away our shoes. Mimi held me tight as we dug our legs into the sand and waited for the water to arrive. This was looking delightful although I was scared. I looked at Mimi, she was pretty confident, so I stood on till the water washed ashore. It felt nice the first time, so we dug our legs deeper again this time, beckoning on the water to come. It was nice to have Mimi around most times. She was always the daring one, never afraid of anything  always wanting to explore the adventures in everything.

Like a knight in shining amour, I saw Deji looking so handsome as he held hands with Fara walking towards the water too. I knew Michael was Fara’s boyfriend yet I was jealous with the way she held Deji. They looked so good. The weariness I was feeling earlier was suddenly replaced with desperation; desperation to get him to notice me just then. I tried to act like I didn’t care and hoped that they would walk right by us. By now, my heart began to pound heavily because I was nervous.

Before I could have a rethink, Mimi looked up and caught their eyes “Fara!” She waved. They walked closer to us and I took a closer look at him again this time, he looked so attractive. So as not to seem obvious that I was admiring him, I turned my gaze to Fara for awhile as I listened to her and Mimi talk.

I feigned laughter with them for a while and Fara looked at me, “Where have you been hiding yourself all night babe? You sure got Deji worried. Thank goodness I brought him right to you!” She smiled.

My stomach did a flip when Deji held my hand and I started feeling self-conscious. He looked at me and smiled, “so this is where you came to seek solace? Without me?”

“You were busy attending to your friends, you forgot about me.”

“How could I forget about my own?”

I blushed. He smiled at me again and it felt like magic. He narrowed his dark alluring eyes, “Do you want us to take a walk? If you don’t mind that is…”

“If you want to…” I responded coyly. What is wrong with me, I wondered.


We quietly walked away with him holding my hands. I was so deep in thought that I forgot I was walking beside Deji until he spoke, “I never really did get to ask you how your day went last night. My apologies.”

I smiled, “It’s okay. At least you recognize the fact.”

“I am here hoping that at least the night out was fun for you Ziola.”

“Yes it was, although we spaced through three different places tonight but you did a great job trying to impress me.” I grinned.

“I intend to spoil you everyday, if you’ll let me.” He said sounding agog.

I felt emotions surge through me but remained quiet.

“I want you to know that I am in no haste and you will have all the time you want to think about the possibility of You and I and I promise, I’ll still be here waiting for your answer.” He spoke with so much calm and confidence I was intrigued.

“What can I say? You have tried all your best to make me feel special but I don’t think I am ready for what you have to offer me.”

There was along hush between us after I spoke but several unspoken thoughts cut through the silence. In that moment, I felt like if he pushed on, I would say yes to him; emotions I thought I did not have, emotions I though had died in me came spiraling – I realized this must have been some sort of spell. Deji had always behaved and acted like a man of few words and more deeds; a trait that made him appealing to me by the way.

“Let’s take you home Zizi. It’s after 5 o’clock. You need to rest.”

“Thank you for all these and for taking me out tonight. I am really grateful.”

“It is nothing really Zi. You should know that.”

We walked out to meet the rest of the gang who had obviously been waiting for us to arrive so we could go home. I looked at Deji as we drove out and started fantasizing about him. I felt some butterflies in my stomach as thought of his charm and chivalrous personality and his sweet words reiterated in my head. He was a matured man with an impeccable ego and a healthy dose of pride – I for one was attracted.

I was falling for him but it did not feel right. This didn’t feel right. I just needed sleep.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.






FACADE – It all makes sense now!

This is a post written by a friend of mine. I loved it and I thought to share it with you guys. Enjoy!


I was fascinated by the way he writes. His well articulated diction, the compelling aura of his message and his astounding imagination. I asked him where he learnt to write and told him how I wish to be taught. He said, “Depression made me a writer. I put my trauma in writing, listing all the things I’ve gone through. They applauded it as a work of art but unknown to them, I was a dying man. It all makes sense now!

She always laughed so hard. The blistering dimples on her cheeks that pull her perfectly shaped lips which always give way for the revelation of her sparkling teeth, enchants every onlooker. I told her how I admired her laughter and she said, “That’s the only tool I’ve got to fight cardiovascular disease. I lost my baby a few minutes after birth and my life never remained the same thereafter.” I was shocked. It was not just laughter after all. It all makes sense now!

He is always mean. His fierce face dispels any slightest acquaintance. He is like evil. I summoned the courage to ask him why the display of such repelling identity. He said, “I’ve always had a receptive psyche, putting up smiles even in the midst of adversity until the people I cared about called me triviality.” Now, that’s painful. It all makes sense now!

He was consistently late to class. Sometimes, he was never there for weeks. He was always the last to pay tuition fees. He is often moody. I felt concerned and confronted him. He said, “Those times I never came to class, I was at the building site, mixing cement and gravel to raise my tuition fee. Except I missed those classes and consistently come late to class, I would be in class no more.” I was move with so much sympathy. It all makes sense now!

Her dad is extravagant. Spending lavishly on anything he felt would satisfy his crave for happiness. He is extremely wasteful. But it doesn’t happen without a disturbing cause. He lost his beautiful wife to a strange ailment. Not even his envious wealth could save her. The cold hands of death stole her from him. Wealth meant nothing to him anymore. “Life is a roller coaster,” he said. It all makes sense now!

“I am committed to my job” she said. She executed her task with excellent performance. I was fascinated by her diligence. But I noticed the speed at which she abandons her “committed job” each time she gets an invitation for any social event, even at the risk of being sacked. I shared my observations, stating my scepticism on her perceived fondness for her job. She said, “I’m really not obsessed with my job as it seems entirely. I am getting old and I so much yearn for marriage. I want to have a family but the antipathy from men as a result of my independence and career success often confine me to my office desk.” “Is it a transgression for a lady to be purposeful” she asked. It’s so unfortunate for such mediocre men who find such women in our society as an anomaly. What an antiquated mindset. It all makes sense now!

We all virtually live in disguise, tinkered and conquered by situational occurrences that threaten our genuine identity. We are all at war with self revelation. I hope we find peace. Even if they don’t make sense, find a way to understand.

I just hope I made sense.

Edwin Ugwuodo.


PS: Thank you for stopping by!

I hope the above made sense to you?