HiS & heRz…”Caught Tight!”

As she looks at him, she wonders what he is really up to. Sometimes, he amazes her than she could ever imagine. Continuing with her plea, she pouted her lips as she fondled with his hands.
“Its late already now…I wanna go back”
“Come on! Just stay with me tonight,pls?” He pleaded
“I’ve never done this before and besides I didn’t come prepared! I have to go back”
“Its not fair! You don’t even wanna spend time with me! You keep running to your friends…it’s just not fair” he nagged as he hit her with a baby fist.
Glaring at him, she replied sadly “I’m so sorry…I just have to go back”
Giving up his plea, he stood to face her “okay then…lemme see if I can get the cab guy to come over.”

He punched at his phone and he made a call through. She looked at her wristwatch and realized that time had passed her by. She wasn’t going to make it in time to her hostel before the gate would be locked. She looked At him as he looked back at her with a downcast eye
“He’s somewhere far from here and yhu have to wait for like five minutes”
“Don’t worry about it! I don’t think I’ll make it before time”
“Baby, are you sure?” He asked concerned
“If you don’t wanna stay, its okay by me. Seriously.”
“Its okay.” She replied biting her lower lip
He looked at her curiously as he picked up his phone again and called the cab guy informing him not to bother coming again. He dropped the call, faced her and stared for a long time. She wondered why he was freaking her out as she pulled her face away from his stare. He walked up closely to her and held her up
“What is it again this time?” She asked rather perplexed
“Nothing” he responded looking into her eyes as she looked away wondering what he was up to
“Are you sure that your alright?”
“Yeah, sure! Why?” She asked quizzically
“You look like you’re not!” He smiled as he pushed her closer to himself.
“Well, coupled with the fact that I’m staying over at your place, I don’t have anything with me to wear plus I’m scared…I think I’m fine”
“Hug me!” He whispered
“Why?” She asked stunned
“I don’t know! Just want you to hug me”

Reluctantly, she put her arms across his shoulders and she let his arm slide across her slender waist; as he buried his head behind her neck sniffing at her hair and then tenderly scratching her back, muttering the words “mi amore…”
He climbed her feet gently and brought her face closer to his as they shared an intimate kiss. She had never felt something so deep as what she felt at that moment and it was like she was about to burst. Letting out soft moans, she let the tears pour gladly out of her eyes. He noticed her tear drop on his lip and he gently moved to kiss her eyelid still whispering the words “mi amore…” Moments later, his favorite song comes on and he moved her to the rhythm, singing to her like he meant every word. She couldn’t help but keep a smile as he gestured to her heart pointing and singing “I’ll be the best you ever had! I don’t wanna brag but I’ll be, the best you ever had.” He carried her admist her screams to be let down and dropped her on the couch nearby as he fell on top her. He placed his arm around her as he gently fondled with the scar on her chest.
“You know…I hardly feel this way” he started “but with you, its just kindda crazy. I feel very comfortable with you, I can be myself and act real without even holding back. I can’t understand it!”
She tightened her lips as she looked up at him wondering what best to say. She kept silent as she figured there wasn’t really anything to say.
“I’m a crazy guy, you know” he chuckled looking at her “I don’t usually do this.” He trailed his finger tips around her arm still looking at her. “I’m sorry I’m putting all this on you…you may not really understand!” He finished as he rolled away from her.

Trying to ease the situation, she spoke up “I do understand” she snuggled closer to him as he held her.
“I’m scared.” He said “i really I’m scared!”
“About what?” She asked perturbed as she looked at him. He looked at her long enough before he finally spoke out
“YOU!!!” He finished as he put his palm over his eyes and cried. She wasn’t sure what to do, she was definitely caught tight with him.


8 thoughts on “HiS & heRz…”Caught Tight!”

  1. Why didn’t you finish the story??,And I don’t think she should love him exceedingly…he’s quite a romantic guy but she should be wise…cos some guys act this way to get what they want,if u know what I mean….


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