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Friday Nights; Sexcapades 4

Click here to read the second episode on sexcapades if you are just joining us…Friday Nights; Sexcapades 3

‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




The more you run from temptation, the closer it seems!

When my phone rang waking me up at 8.30am the following morning, I was delighted to peer at the screen and see Dafe’s number. I smiled in my sleep.

“Hello,” I started huskily

“Hello sleepy head, wake up. Good morning.”

I groaned as I rolled over to lie on my back. “To what do I owe this early call?” I asked softly

“I don’t know what you are saying but you sound so sexy, I wish I was right beside you. My goodness! Have you ever heard yourself speak in the mornings?” He grinned

“I can hear myself speak right now.” I replied wondering.

“Not like that, I mean over the phone. You should try recording your voice in the mornings when you wake up, it is damn sexy I tell you. Too raunchy for me. Now I know exactly when to call you. I think I will record this conversation with you and play it every time.”

“You are just not serious.” I smiled as I closed my eyes wanting some more sleep.

“I thought you said you had appointments you just can’t cancel last night, why are you still on the bed?”

“Oh Dafe, I need sleep!” I cried, “allow me be please.”

“Wait, do you mean to tell me that sleep was the appointment you had?” He asked perturbed.

“Lol, well yes…sleeping till 11am is part of my today’s appointment and after that I get to do the real work of meeting with real clients. Now can you please excuse us, my bed and I have an urgent meeting that should not be disturbed. Thank you!”

He laughed and for a while, I thought he was mocking me. “Dafe, please just cut the call and go away.”

“I’m coming over to your house. Pack your things, you are sleeping in my house till 11am and then I’l drop you off at the meetings you have later.”

“Huh?” I said startled as I opened my eyes fully, “no you are not coming over to mine.”

“Get ready sexy…I just got in the car.”

I looked at my phone wondering if he was insane, “Hello Dafe, see ehn…my mummy…” the line suddenly went dead. “Hello.” I said jerking up from the bed.

Heyy God, what kind of wahala is this one this early morning? I asked no one in particular. My heart began to beat fast like a drum played at a market festival. I began to hope that he was just joking and wasn’t really not going to come to my house. Tired still, I lay back on the bed as I switched off my phone.


I woke up to hear my sibling calling out my name from the door, “what is it Uwa? You people should allow me sleep in peace please now.” I cried as I pushed my face underneath the pillows.

He walked towards the edge of my bed and continued, “someone is looking for you oo.”

Suddenly I realized what was wrong…heyy God, this man wants to embarrass me. I slowly turned to face my sibling hoping that he won’t see my heart jumping helter-skelter, “Me? By this time? Who is it?”

“I don’t know oo. I think he is your boyfriend or something.”

I looked at my sibling in dismay wondering whether everything was okay with him. “When did I tell you that I have a boyfriend?” I asked squeezing my lips.

“Well, God has brought him right under our noses. He said he was your boyfriend and asked me to wake you up.”

I put my hands across my face as I shook my head. What did I ever do to deserve this, Lord? Is there a sin I have committed that I did not seek penance for? What is the meaning of what Dafe was doing to me. My sibling looked at me again, “he said to tell you to hurry so you can have enough time for your meetings.”

“Is mummy still at home?”

“No, she went for morning mass. You are lucky. She would have already told your boyfriend all about your history and how you need to get married.” He laughed sitting down to look at me.

“Uwa, he is not my boyfriend. Please, stop saying that.” I tried to say looking at my brother calmly.

“Well, just hurry. I don’t think you have much time by the way he sounded. What do you need me to do for you?”

Just then, my other sibling came in “Mimi, are you not ready? Dafe is waiting oo.”

I looked at Nosa in dismay. What is the meaning of all these? Why was Dafe suddenly talking with my siblings as if I did not just meet him last week? I hissed as I stood up and headed to brush my teeth. Some minutes later, I was dressed in Jean denim shorts, a white shirt and a jean loafers. I slung my black leather school bag containing my iPad, power-bank and a notepad behind me as I exited my room and ran down the stairs.

I met him having a friendly discussion with Nosa while playing video games. I wondered how Nosa was able to bond with this man. My goodness, he looked handsome! I tried to hide my smile as he turned to look at me, “Hey you…it took you forever to come downstairs. Shall we?”

I sighed as I looked at my siblings who were grinning from ear to ear. I did not understand why they were amused. I nodded my head at him as he bade my siblings farewell. He spun me around and led me towards his car parked right outside my gate.

“You have a lovely home.” He started.

I did not understand how I felt but I was clearly upset and not the least bit amused. “Thank you.”

“You look really nice.” He said again as soon as we got into the car.

“Thank you.” I replied meekly trying not to blush or even smile

He looked at me as he started the ignition, “Are you okay?”

“No.” I replied without a thought.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes.” I answered looking at him squarely

“What did I do wrong sexy?” He paused on starting the car as he looked at me

“Just drive. My siblings are clearly going to be at the balcony looking at us till we move out of here.” I replied as I pouted my lips and adjusted the seat belt.

He paused, sighed and started the car as he drove out of my estate. I was already dozing off when Dafe tapped me, “we’re here sexy, wake up.”

“Oh!” I stretched lazily rubbing my palms over my eyes. That was fast, I thought, what if I had been driven all the way to Ogun state for one ritual. I looked around me from the inside of the car till Dafe came round and opened the car door for me looking puzzled, “don’t you want to come down?”

“Where are we?” I asked as I got down from the car not exactly sure where we were as the walls of the compound were enormously high you could barely see what was happening outside.

“We are at my home. Welcome to my humble abode.” He smiled as he took my small school bag from me and held my hands.

This is far from a humble abode, I thought to myself. The compound was massive and the building in it was spectacular. I wasn’t sure if we were still in Lekki or Ikoyi. I just had never seen a house this captivating except on pictures in Instagram and on TV.

“Where exactly is this place located? Are we in Lekki?” I probed.

He smiled, “No sexy, this is Ikoyi.”

Ah ha! I said to myself, big man children eating all our money. See house. I began to wonder if he lived in it alone or with the family. He must be living with his family, I thought. The house was too gigantic for him alone to occupy.

We walked into the house and were immediately greeted by a man neatly dressed. Dafe said some words to him still holding me and led me towards the stairs to a room. Words fail me. This was exactly the opposite of what my room looked like. This was magnificent and enthralling.  I was beyond dazed. I stood at the entrance for a while wondering if I needed to softly crawl towards the bed or just fly straight to the bed. The plush rug looked too soft and white to be stepped upon. I thought the room was really one of the most beautiful things I had seen. He looked at me confused, “don’t you want to go in? It is 9.52am already…you should continue your sleep before 11am.”

I looked at him in dismay, which kind of sleep. The sleep that already disappeared from my eyes the moment I heard he arrived my house or what?

I softly walked towards the bed and sat on it. My goodness…it was soft! Too soft! Very soft! I sighed in pleasure. Then I heard him say from the door after he dropped my school bag by the couch close to the bed, “I’ll let you be and then when you finally wake up, you will tell me exactly what I did wrong this morning.” He closed the door softly behind him and walked away leaving me alone in the room. I sat on the bed for a while enjoying the view, pulled off my loafers and sunk into the bed for another round of sleep.




Saturday mornings are really the best. I stretched like a cat on the bed and rolled over looking at my phone. 8.50am. I think I will sleep for another 10 minutes, I snuggled under the sheets.

Suddenly my phone rang. Ohh! I cried, who has decided to disturb my sleep this morning? I roll to the other side of the bed ignoring the call as it rang again. Shit! I muttered as I reached for my phone by the drawer.

“Hello” I mutter angrily not wanting to open my eyes.

“Hello Zizi” I hear the familiar voice of my cockroach friend Lola, I hiss as I open my eyes

“Ehn, what is it Lola? Don’t you know people are still sleeping? Or is it not Saturday at your place?”

She smiled and continued, “Come on, will you wake up? I don’t know when you started being lazy. Mimi has infected you with her bad habits.”

“Abeg oo, allow me to sleep because that is the only way I can drown my work sorrows before Monday. Just let me please.”

“Better wake up, I’m coming to your house. I have gist for you!”

“Eh, gist? Tell me now, why do you have to torture me by keeping me waiting?”

“As you say you want more time to sleep. I’m giving you more time.”

“Ah, no oo, I am awake now.” I replied enthusiastically sitting up.

“Lol, Zizi just use the strength to prepare breakfast for both of us. I am going to leave my house now.”

“Please don’t bother coming.” I hiss, “I’m going back to sleep.”

“Na you sabi, I already dressed up. By the way, you called me last night…I missed your call.”

And then I remembered the very embarrassing episode of yesterday and I sighed. “Something that I wanted to tell you yesterday. You already missed out. Ask Mimi to tell you since you are too big to pick calls from me.”

“Ahn ahn now, I didn’t hear my phone ring until I got home and check my phone, by then it was too late.”

“See biko, leave me alone. That gist has long gone, if you want to hear it, ask Mimi.”

“Just prepare yourself. I am coming to your house. You will tell me whether it was Mimi that called me last night or you.” She ended the call.

I looked at my phone as I placed it back on the drawer. Lola is just a mad human being. I am not going to recount the sordid tales of yesterday night to her, let her ask Mimi.


Men are like wildfires, very hard to predict.

*knock-knock* Oh, I muttered in my sleep. What is the meaning of all these? What does anybody want from me at this time of the morning? I will do my chores when I wake up proper…I turn to face the wall as I continued my sleep.

*Knock-knock* I hear again someone at my door. I hiss angrily. “I am coming.” I say as I make to stand up hoping that Lola had not come too soon.

*Knock-Knock* I hear again.

“Be patient now!” I hiss as I wear a top “I said I’m coming.” I open the door to see my mummy looking at me with a bunch of beautiful flowers held up towards my face.

“Mummy, what is all these one now? What is it?”

“My dear, these just came for you and some other things on the dining table.”

“Oh wow!” I managed to say as I walk back into my room to grab my glasses with my mummy walking in right behind me, smelling and smiling at the flowers.

“They are so beautiful!” She exclaimed.

“Mummy just drop the flowers and go. Abi you said they were delivered to me?”

“My baby, I just want to admire them. It is really thoughtful of whoever bought you these.”

“Thank you mum. Please can you go now?”

She looked at me smiling, “I hope you will appreciate them? They are really nice.”

“Don’t worry mum, if I don’t want them, I know where your room is. I will come to drop them there since I know how much you love flowers. Bye mum.”

“Oh there are some other things by the dining. Let me get them for you.” I watched her hurry out as I wonder what time Deji had to buy me flowers from last night to this morning. He was really thoughtful and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it was Deji that sent the items. I looked through the flowers for any card or paper attached to it, there was none. Disappointed, I put my nose into the bunch to smell them. They smelled really nice. I smiled. Just then, my mum walked into the room with three fancy paper bags. Wow, I thought, this guy never ceased to amaze me. My mum stood sheepishly looking at me until I kindly asked her to let me be alone. As soon as she left, I closed the door behind her and started admiring the items. On the biggest paper bag, I saw a purple note hanging just by the side. I lifted it up to see the contents;


My sincere apologies for last night; I know I will not be able to compensate you for all the embarrassment caused you last night and I sure know that nothing can be enough to say exactly how sorry I am but please take these items as a token of my apology for what happened. I should have been more careful with you and I promise if you give me another chance, this would NEVER repeat itself!

Can you please be my date tonight? I’ll pick you up by 6.30pm, I promise we won’t run late and I will bring you home safely.


I smiled as I read the note over and over again. This was incredibly thoughtful of him and I didn’t want to say no to offer. All my body screamed ‘YES!’ I looked through the contents of each bag just as I heard Lola’s voice by my door.

I stood up to open the door letting her in, as I ignored her presence and continued to admire my new prized items. Deji had gotten me two lovely office dresses and a burgundy over-shoulder jumpsuit; a 360 ’18’ inches Argentine laced wig; a very sexy Fendi Handbag with a silver plated logo engraved inside the bag and a very lovely pair of Miu Miu shoes. I was speechless. Lola kept looking through the dresses and asking me why he had bought me all the items. I decided to call him to say thank you to him and also accept his offer. I thought better about it and sent a text instead. I didn’t want to seem too excited about it. So I texted;

“Hi Deji,

I have just received your gift items to me. Thank you very much. I thought that was really thoughtful of you but really, you didn’t have to. I will go out with you tonight but only on the promise that I will get home before 8.45pm and you will tell me all about Omotayo – no games!”

I looked at Lola as she told me all the episode of her last night outing and how she met Daisy. I thought Daisy was weird. Just then, my phone beeped. It was a message from Deji.

“Great. Please can you wear the jumpsuit tonight? I’d love to see how it looks on you and yes, I promise to tell you all about Omotayo if that will make you say yes to me. I can’t wait for 6.30pm.”

Suddenly, I began to smile at Lola like a child. She could clearly tell what was wrong with me as she began to tell me what to say and what to do after I reluctantly told her my last night episodes with Omotayo. Two things ran in my head as I listened to her:

Do I say yes to Deji after tonight and be his girl?

Why did I suddenly develop feelings for him even when I know I am clearly not ready to settle?


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.







Friday Nights; Sexcapades 3

Click here to read the second episode on sexcapades if you are just joining us…Friday Nights; Sexcapades 2.

‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




The events of tonight at Hans and Rene completely baffled me. I was beyond outrageous and livid at Omotayo for her childish behaviour. I wondered exactly what Zizi would think of me and what I needed to do to pacify her. I had wanted to have some quiet time with her and talk about us – if there was any us, now that Omotayo had pulled that stunt. I wondered what my mum saw in her or why she liked her so much. I was more than infuriated at the silly girl.

As I led Ziola to the car, I noticed that she didn’t let me hold her hands and that the kiss a moment ago was just my sheer luck.  I was unquestionably attracted to her and nothing could get her off my head. It was more like a voodoo spell had been cast on me. I appreciated the fact that she agreed to hang out with me even on short notice and I wasn’t going to let any Omotayo come in my way.  I tried to open the car door to let her in but she prevented me with her hands as she open the door herself and climbed in. I sighed as I walked round to get in the car.

It was a quiet drive to her house even though I kept trying to apologize for Omotayo’s behaviour. She did not say a single word to me or how she felt about my haywire friend – Tayo. Her blouse was stained and wet and she smelled of ice-cream even when I tried to increase the velocity of the AC. I was pissed as I drove but not without stealing glances at her, as I noticed two veins that appeared on her forehead – I realized she was angry. Of course, she had every right to be, who wouldn’t?

Is she angry with me? I wondered because she did not look at me or even speak to me. Is she angry at Omotayo and myself? Did I do anything wrong? I am also the victim here! Omotayo ruined my night with you babes…I thought to myself.

I noticed her eyes were moist and I silently prayed in my heart for her not to cry. I had never seen her so upset about anything but then again, I have never had the chance to see her reaction to anything. I wanted her to say a word to me, anything but she kept mute all through the drive and it frustrated me further. I wasn’t sure whether or not to say anything. I didn’t know what I should say or not say. I didn’t want to infuriate her further. I didn’t know what to say that was going to pacify her for all the disrespect she  had experienced tonight. She deserved a proper apology and I didn’t know what the apology was.

When we got to Bode Thomas as she earlier described before Omotayo happened, I stopped the car and looked at her for further directions as I wasn’t sure where to turn.

“Ziola, how do we get to your house from here?”

She kept on looking out the window as she spoke, “Just keep driving straight and turn left on the second turn you see. My house is the fifth house by your right.” I hoped she would have looked at me. I needed to see her eyes.

I followed her instructions and soon enough, we arrived at her house. She looked too serious as she proceeded to alight from the car and I was afraid to say anything else to her. The peculiar thing I noticed about Ziola ever since I met her is that you never take her for granted. As much as she tried to be friendly around me most times, she still wasn’t someone that could be disrespected. I thought she had a very complex personality but that didn’t change my feelings towards her or what I wanted from her.

I reluctantly watched her alight from the car without trying to stop her or say anything to her, all I could mutter was a whisper of ‘Good night Zizi‘ and hoped that she heard me as she walked away without as much as turning back to wave at me. I began to drive away and just as I peered at my rear view mirror, I saw her – looking back at me. I paused in my driving and looked back again, she was gone. Sighing, I drove all the way back home feeling sorry than I had ever felt in my entire life.



Few minutes after I sat in the car, I sat staring blankly into space wishing I had called an Uber or a Taxify. This man was beginning to annoy me; everything about him, the incident that happened my agreeing to come out with him, in fact all the nonsense was upsetting! I thought I was going to see Omotayo standing somewhere in sight but unfortunately, she was nowhere to be seen. Such lowlife! I hissed in annoyance.

It was a very quiet drive to my house and I was not interested in saying anything to him or responding to all the apologies he kept giving me. I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. When we got to the junction leading to my house, I wanted to come down and walk myself all the way home but I wasn’t going to let him drop me off at the junction after what his baby girl did to me. HA! No way was that happening…even though I wasn’t pleased that he finally found my house, that was the only way round it.

As I came down, I peeked at him one last time and saw his face towered towards me without an expression. I wondered how he could give no signs of showing any emotions after all that happened tonight. He was weird. He couldn’t even come down to walk me to the gate and give me a proper hug or goodbye, he just sat there whispering ‘Good night Zizi’. Eat your good night, I thought to myself. I don’t want it!

Just as he was driving away and before I fully got in through the gate, I turned to see if he was even looking but to my utter dismay, he was driving away. Pfft, good riddance! I went in, greeted my parents after warning them not to come into my room, closed the door behind me and headed straight to the bath. After my shower, I made up my mind to call Mimi and Lola all that transpired tonight. Unfortunately, I was still angry and somebody owed me an explanation.



I had carefully prepared my self for how the rest of the night would pan out. Now that Elvis’s girlfriend was here sharing the moment with us, my best bet was to be on the look out for any other person watching Deadpool 2 looking for company. There was no way I was going to sit together with this two bunch in the cinema hall. Better yet, I’ll kindly find me a corner at the back to watch my movie in peace and chew on the popcorn, hot-dog and water. I cannot come and watch two separate movies; one, Deadpool 2 and the other Elvis and his babe…no way.

As we silently made our way in to the hall, Elvis looked at me and asked, “Where do you want us to sit?”

I looked at him in surprise, what kind of foolish question is that? Why did he not ask his babe who was standing right beside him chewing like a dummy?

I pretended to smile as I responded, “Oh dear, don’t bother about me. Just pick anywhere comfy for you two. I will find a space for myself somewhere behind.”

He looked at me curiously, “Why should I not bother about you?”

I rolled my eyes inwardly, wasn’t it obvious or was he suddenly blind to the fact that his girlfriend was right between us? Fortunately for me, his girlfriend spoke out, “Stop disturbing the poor girl Elvis. Allow her to sit where she likes, how does that affect you?” She pointed somewhere towards the middle row, “Come, let’s sit there. The view will be better from that angle.” She motioned as she pulled him along while he kept turning to look at me in disappointment.

Oga, abeg shift with your bad luck. I don’t understand how your girlfriend could be right before you and you were still eyeing another woman…I thought, some men just don’t have any shame. I walked up a bit and decided to sit at the second last row towards the edge where I could be far off from them and never even remember that they existed.

Half way through the adverts before the movie started showing, I started pressing my phone replying to all my whatsapp chats and eating my hot-dog before it turned cold when a fellow young lady moved to sit besides me. I groaned in disappointment because I had hoped for a male companion, even if he wasn’t handsome. I fought the urge to carry my things and find another seat. I looked at her, she was wearing an orange crop top with mummy jeans. She was beautiful and had her hair up in a ponytail. Her cologne was strong but it smelled really nice. I thought she looked really seductive with the long artificial eyelashes on her eye which accentuated the flirtatiousness of her eyes. I looked back at my phone realizing I had been staring at her for too long.

“Hello…” She smiled at me weakly

“Hello…” I whispered just as much hoping she hadn’t noticed me looking at her.

“I don’t know how you do it but you look so good to be coming from the office.” She said leaning towards me still smiling.

I blushed, “Well you don’t look bad yourself. You look just as good.”

“I can afford to look good because I did not go to work today and I am coming straight from home.” She peered at me curiously, “or are you waiting for someone?”

I was surprised. I felt she was too audacious so I took caution and ignored her comments while I smiled.

“Oh my bad…do you need me to move somewhere else?” She continued

“Oh no, it’s fine really, you can sit here if you want.” As long as you won’t be a disturbance, I continued in my head.

She smiled again and brought out a hand, “I am Daisy. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi Diasy,” I smiled, “I am Lola. The pleasure is all mine.”

The movie started just in time to shut her up from any impending questions she had to ask or whatever she had to say as I silently chewed on my popcorn. Somewhere just in between the movie, I felt her look at me again as she asked, “pardon my rudeness but is this your hair?” I looked at he white painted finger nails pointing at my natural hair which I packed up in an afro bun.

“Yes, it is” I replied as I turned back to face the movie.

“You are so pretty.” She whispered again as she downed some contents of her sprite and plucked some popcorn into her mouth. I pretended not to hear what she said as I tried to focus on the movie. The situation was just getting awkward and I began to suspect that there was more to her which made me feel a certain type of way and very uncomfortable. Was she a lesbian? I banished the thought immediately from my mind.

Towards the end of the movie, he spoke again. I felt the need to suddenly disappear. “I really like you. I think you are nice and I will like to see you again.” She smiled at me as I nodded my head to her comment fixing my face squarely towards the cinema screen.

She pulled out her iPhone X from her pocket and pushed it towards me, “May I have your digits please?” She acted courteously yet she behaved strange.

I looked at her phone and said, “Sorry Daisy, I really may not have the time to see you again as you would wish.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will call you and we can fix a mutual time to hang out.”

I looked at her, this time as the movie had ended and the credits were rolling in, as I thought quickly of a way to deny her request without sounding too rude but none came to mind, so I typed in my digits reluctantly. “There.”

“Thank you Lola.” She smiled meekly “Friends?” She reached out to hug me.

Lol, which kind of rubbish friends. I already have my friends, I don’t need a sequel. I hugged her back pretending to share the same enthusiasm as she did before she stood up to walk down the aisle and out of the cinema hall. Just then, she turned back and ran up to me as I was coming down the stairs, “do you need a ride home?” I looked at her shocked, “we could go together.” She continued, “I’ll drop you off.”

Oh wow, she had a car. Amazing stuff. I smiled at her realizing I had forgotten all about Elvis and his girlfriend as I hurriedly told her I already had someone I was going with. “Oh…” she replied sadly as she reached to give me a peck. “I will call you later then. Be safe!”

I walked out trying to understand why a girl had fallen in love with me instead of the man I was craving for when I saw Elvis pacing with his phone in his ear muttering. I realized he was trying to call me as I digged into my handbag to bring out my phone. “She is here Elvis.” His girlfriend said to him, “can you stop acting like a mad man now?”

I almost chocked on laughter as we headed towards the car and drove away. What a night, I thought.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.






Friday Nights; Sexcapades 2

Click here to read the first episode on sexcapades if you are just joining us…Friday Nights; Sexcapades




I gawked at Elvis and his girlfriend who had just come to spoil our Friday hangout after she called to ask where he was; the one I didn’t know he had because I never cared to ask and he didn’t bother to tell me. I tried to wrap my head around this pending situation and the awkwardness I was facing at the moment being put in between the both of them trying to act all nice and goofy. I had definitely overstepped my boundary, what the hell was I thinking? And to think that he said I could invite my friends – well, that was before this bitch showed up!

Everything she did revealed that she was ratchet; I mean look at the way she was chewing her gum – inflating and deflating it like a balloon, and the tattoos on her neck and wrist – my goodness, why couldn’t she just have one? She even had large breasts. I looked at my semi-rounded chest as I tried to push them up for emphasis sake. Hers were so big, I doubt you could look at any direction without seeing them first. I sighed.

Elvis was trying to get us movie tickets but this crap of a girlfriend just kept distracting him from paying attention with her constant nagging. I mean, let the poor man breathe, jeez! I did not understand how Elvis was attracted to her, to be honest. I mean, I agree that she is very attractive and pretty but was that all he wanted in a lady?

One would think that a flashy, classy guy like Elvis would have a quintessential taste in women – sophisticated, intelligent, pretty, vision driven with warm personalities – but you all know what they say about sweeping statements. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even know if this girlfriend of his was all that but I mean, she just looked different from the ideal woman. I mean, ever since I met Elvis, I tried to do my best to gain his attention – well, which I got until this mf arrived tonight!

I was so lost in thought, I didn’t realize Elvis had been trying to get my attention; “Babes…Yo Lola?”

“Yes…” I whispered meekly “Yes Elvis, what is it?” I asked coming back to my senses.

“Do you want to watch Deadpool 2?”

“Anything you guys pick out is fine by me.”

“Are you sure? You said you wanted to see a movie…what did you have in mind?”

That I would be alone with you in the hall, laughing and holding hands while trying to understand how you react to movies and how throaty your laughter can go…I thought but I didn’t say that instead I said, “Deadpool 2. You know it just came out 2 weeks ago and I haven’t had the time to see it.”

“Okay then, Deadpool 2 it is.” He said to the cashier at the other end, “3 tickets please.”

I put my palm on my forehead, this is definitely going to be a long night and at best, one of the worst I have had.



I knew I was doomed for humiliation when I saw Deji at the front door of my office on my way home. What the hell was he looking for at my office without telling me that he was coming? How can he treat me like this, appearing at any time he pleased, making my heart beat like I was a small child. I swallowed some spit as I continued walking towards where he was standing counting the seconds behind my every step. I should have just left a long time ago when Lola called.  I wondered what he had up his sleeves.

“Hello Deji…” I muttered weakly as I got to where he was, already standing full height facing me. This man was a real distraction and with the way I was feeling anxious, I might soon get high blood pressure!

“Hey you…good evening.” He smiled.

Why was he smiling? What was funny in all of these? The sight of him wasn’t even helping me at all. I was damn tired and I just wanted to get rest – at home.

“To what do I owe this unpleasant surprise?” I asked looking tartly at him.

“Unpleasant? Did you say unpleasant?”

“At least, I’m sure your ears still function properly.” I shifted my foot idly.

“Can I take you somewhere for drinks and if you are up to it, maybe food as well and we could talk?”

“Deji, not tonight please.”

“Please Zizi. I won’t take your time. Trust me.”

“You could have told me earlier you know. I am really tired and I doubt I can walk any further. I really need to rest.”

“I’ll carry you and maybe add a  massage as well.” He smiled as he reached to hold my hands.

I shook my head at him. “I can’t Deji. I need to go home. It is really late. I’m sorry.”

“Ice-cream then? It won’t take more than ten minutes and maybe we can talk on the way to your house?”

I looked up at him. This man that sometimes has my heart melting. This man that had me drooling at him with his gentility. How could I say no to Ice-cream and a free ride home? I smiled at him, “Okay, just ice-cream.”

“Yes my lady. Shall we?”

I walked in front of him to where his car was parked and got in. I looked at my wristwatch, it was 8.45pm. I wondered why I allowed myself to stay up at the office so late when I should have gone home earlier.

“Seat-belt please.” I heard him mutter softly as he started the ignition. I promptly obeyed laying back my head on the headrest and hoping I could close my eyes without any disturbance. We drove off quietly without saying a word as he slipped his right hand to cup my left hand. I didn’t even bother to pull my hand away, his hand was soft and soothing – I was warmed by his touch.




We arrived at Coors Restaurant just as the minute was about striking to ten and walked in. The environment was serene and peaceful, warm and cozy. I busied myself with my phone while Dafe ran ahead to the other end to say hello to some of his friends. It seemed like a regular spot for them. I admired the way he smiled effortlessly, like he had no care in the world. I was almost drooling on him when I reminded myself that ogling someone could be a sin. I immediately readjusted my eyes to my Google Pixel 2 in front of me and opened my twitter page and just when I was gaining concentration, he walked up to me with a waiter behind him as he nudged me with his elbows gently.

“Hey sexy…what are you up to without me?”

I smiled without responding as I looked up at the waiter in front of us. Dafe picked up the menu and looked at me with eyes asking what what I wanted to eat. I picked out Jollof Spaghetti with shrimps and prawns while he gently ordered African Salad (Abacha) with two large fishes, a jug of juice for me and a bottle of beer for himself. The waiter left us and I asked why he had ordered me a whole jug of juice. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

I silently plucked out my phone from my trousers and started pressing on it. Dafe didn’t say anything, instead he reached out to my free hand and held on to it, gently caressing it. I pulled it free from him not wanting to encourage any funny ideas he might be having as he pulled himself closer to me. I smelt his cologne. Old spice, just as nice. I breathed it in and sighed. This man. He did smell nice and I wondered why I had a thing for a nice scent. He held me by the waist and muttered, “so tell me, when do I get to see you again after tonight?”

I didn’t respond. I stared at him suspiciously while he looked at me confused. “What” He queried.

“Nada.” I responded shrugging as I continued with my phone.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

The waiter walked in with the drinks, set them on the table and poured out some of the contents of the juice in a glass cup for me. I looked at him, who asked him to fill my glass? He stood upright and smiled, “the food will be arriving shortly. Please let me know if you will like anything else.”

“Thank you.” Dafe responded to him as a cue to tell him to leave. The waiter smiled and walked away.

I took a gracious sip from the glass cup and realized I was really thirsty. What was wrong with me and food? Just then, Dafe pulled me closer to himself, “I don’t know but I just want to hold you.” He looked at me straight in the eye.

I pulled away not liking where the conversation was towing or the reactions my body was giving.  I coughed. “So tell me mister Dafe, what do you do for a living?” I said trying to change the conversation.

“Ha, I thought you’d never ask.” He smiled as he poured his beer into the glass and took a sip. “Well, I do a lot of things, which would you like to know?”

“Well, maybe the basic ones. The ones that really, mostly take your time and attention and then maybe later, we can delve to the passive ones.”

“Okay then…that is a good start.”

Just then, the waiter arrived with the food accompanied by another waitress. After carefully arranging  the first set of dish on the table, he turned to her and picked the second dish, placing it in front of me. Apparently it was mine. He slid the covers open and placed them on the tray the waitress was holding. The aroma from the contents of the food filled the room. It was heavenly. Dafe looked at me enthusiastically, he could tell I was already salivating from the way I smacked my lips unconsciously. I suddenly felt embarrassed.

He continued as I put my fork to work digging into my food, “I work at an off-grid solar energy company. We deal with energy solutions and delivering sustainable solar power to all our clients and customers. We also try to, you know make optimal design solutions to businesses and start-ups most times upfront with no capital cost and as a way to get the clients in. So I work there from Mondays to Wednesdays and partly sometimes on Friday. On Thursdays, I try to supervise, monitor and manage the properties we have to ensure effective delivery of services to the tenants and occupiers of the premises. On Saturdays, I engage in software development and designing all the websites I piled up during the week for clients.” He cleaned his fork and knife with the serviette and beautifully cut up his fish placing some in his mouth.

I swallowed. “Wow, that is a lot of work that you do. These cannot all be tied to the same company, no?” I reached to dig my fork into his plate while scooping some of  the African salad into my mouth, it was real nice…I should have ordered this, I thought.

“No, they are not the same companies.” He guarded his mouth with his hands as he chewed a bit and continued, “they are different companies but I happen to work in all of  them.” He grinned.

“How do you do it? I mean, does your boss know that you don’t appear at work on Thursday and sometimes Friday or did you sign some sort of independent contract that gets you just 3 days of work?”

“Well, let’s say that  I typically have some sort of independent contract since I am the boss.”

“Oh I see, you own the off-grid?” I asked bemused

“Well, so it would seem.” He replied modestly.

“Oh wow…that is great. You’ve really done well for yourself.”

“I doubt I have.” He took another sip of his drink as he continued eating.

I realized I hadn’t eaten much of my food and that his plate was almost empty. I rolled my fork to accommodate more of the spaghetti as I pushed it into my mouth, chewing a bit before I asked, “hmm, how old are you mister?” I eyed him discreetly.

He laughed as he wiped his mouth clean with another serviette, “32.” He said looking towards me.

“Oh wow, you are  my elder brother oo.” I smiled sweetly at him.

“Lol, please don’t tag me already with that. Just take it back.” He chuckled. I smiled gleefully as he continued, “I see you are not a fast eater. I should teach you how to eat.” He leaned to take a forkful of my spaghetti and some of the prawns. “Hmm, this is tasty. I wonder why I never had this here before.” He looked curious.

“Please, join me.” I pleaded seeing that I might waste the food.

“No way. It is all yours to devour. No wonder you are so slender and sexy.”

“Lol, you should see how I eat. Then you wouldn’t be saying this.” I said as I returned to my food.

“I hear you ma. I can see you already, you don’t seem to like food.”

“Oh well, I cannot force you to believe.” I replied as I ate earnestly while he watched. After about twenty minutes, I was done with my meal. The waiter came in soon enough and cleared the table, returning later with some desserts. I wasn’t sure when Dafe ordered them but it was a nice distraction, as I scooped on the yogurt with some chocolate and nut toppings.



We drove to Hans and Rene at Radisson Blu to get some ice-cream. I was humbled by his choice of restaurant. He looked at me with pleading eyes asking that we sit a while to discuss, I didn’t object. I wanted to sit down by the way and enjoy the serenity of this place taking my ice-cream in silent licks. As we moved to sit down, Deji took my left hand in his and kissed me on the cheek. I was startled. I jerked away from him trying to comprehend what had just happened.

He looked at me meekly as he pulled out a chair for me to sit. I obliged as I took a scoop from my ice-cream. I was still juggling the regret I was feeling for how I had jerked away from him when I felt ice cold liquid drench my hair and trickle down my face into my mouth. Everything was happening so fast, I didn’t understand it until I heard her voice.

“So it is you!” She snorted, “You this good for nothing low life…kissing my man and appearing with him in public. Have you no shame?”

I didn’t understand, what is the meaning of this rubbish? What was all these nonsense? What the hell was she talking about? I turned to face my opponent. It was a stupid attractive young girl with eyelashes the size of both my own. I looked at her as I screamed, “are you not mad? What is the meaning of this nonsense?” I looked at my soaking wet clothes

“You think you can take anyone’s man because you are fine and fair skinned? You lie…you bitch!” She screamed at me as she proceeded to take another ice-cream cup and down it on me.

Deji looked embarrassed as he tried to push the young lady from coming close to me with the ice cream cup. I couldn’t look up but I knew everyone in the room was watching. “What is wrong with you Omotayo? What is the meaning of all these?” Deji asked calmly.

Talk of humiliation at its peak. I looked at my body which was now enjoying the soaking ice-cream pouring from my hair. My reputation with this Deji has just been damaged, just when I thought I was beginning to develop feelings for him. Stupid girl, I muttered as I took the serviette to wipe my clothes. This wouldn’t cut it.

I grabbed my bag in annoyance as I headed to the restroom with the stupid girl screaming at me and Deji doing his best to hold her at bay before she causes any further nuisance. She was lucky Deji held her tight because I would have beaten somebody’s child today. Can you imagine? The Deji that is even disturbing me. The man that I don’t even want to spend time with is the same man someone wants to kill herself for? What a funny world.

I looked at my hair in the mirror as I wiped it with a wet tissue. Thankfully, I was on braids, so it was easier to clean. As I bent my head in shame wondering what the people outside would probably be thinking of me and hoping that the ground would open and swallow me so I would not have to come out, two things lingered in my mind;

Why did Deji Elizade Kiss me on my cheek so abruptly?

Who the hell was that stupid lady that had no public manners and how was Deji involved with that kind of crap?

Just then, I heard someone knocking on the door. I realized I had stayed in too long and that I had shut off others from using the restroom. I sighed as I moved to open the door for the ladies I might have locked out. Lo and behold, it was Deji…

“Deji, please just go away.” I said walking back in.

“I need to take you home Zizi.”

“I don’t want you to take me anywhere. Just go and tend to your lost sheep.” I said flatly

“I’m sorry Zizi. I had no idea this would happen.”

“Just like you will have no idea when she shows up here; I want you to leave me alone please. Have you not embarrassed me enough already?”

“Zizi please, don’t talk like this. Let me take you home. It is the least I can do.”

“Deji, the least you can do really, is to leave me the hell alone!” I walked away and stood at the running tap as I closed it.

This was the most ridiculous thing to happen ever to me. How would I share this insane story with my friends? My goodness! Just then, I felt Deji’s hand rub my shoulder and I realized I was tensed. “Deji please…just leave me or you won’t like what I’ll do next.” I turned to look at him.

“There’s something on your face.” He said looking intently at me as if searching my face. “What is it?” I asked wanting to turn back to face the mirror.

“Let me help you.”

“Deji don’t touch me.” I screamed.

“Calm down Zizi. Let me help you, I think it’s waffles from the ice-cream.” he said as he reached to put his hands on my face while I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to look at him. The next thing that happened shocked me. I felt his soft wet lips touch mine and for the first time in months, I willingly gave in without a fight as I let the tears pour down. He kissed them away as he said, “I’m sorry about tonight Zizi, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Please let me take you home.”

I looked at him, visibly more annoyed at myself for allowing this handsome nonsense man kiss me and for letting myself slip away at his touch. I let him take my bag as he led me to the car and drove me home silently.



We left the Coors at about 11.40pm as it started to drizzle. I hoped that the rain won’t come down heavy just so I could get home to avoid any potholes it might build. As I sat beside Dafe, I wondered why I couldn’t  just book an Uber – I didn’t want him driving me to my house. I looked at him, “hey, why don’t I just order an Uber so you don’t have to stress yourself.”

“Who said I was stressing myself?” He grinned sheepishly. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you home.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea Dafe. Let me just order an Uber, please. The road is really far from here and it’s looking like it will rain soon.”

“Do you just hate me so much or is there something I am not doing right?”

I laughed, “I don’t understand. I’m looking out for you. What does hate or like have to do with this?”

He sighed and leaned forward. To be honest, I cannot explain how but he kissed me and I pushed him away ever so lightly. For the life of me, it was good. Real good. Just that short moment and I was almost caught up. I tucked my hair behind my ears as I looked away. He reached to hold my hand, I pulled them free from his grasp. This was not meant to happen. The car suddenly felt hot. I couldn’t breathe. He sighed. “I’ll take you home tonight. The next time we see, I’ll take you home – my home.”

He started driving and I stared hard at him in disbelief. Did he just say that? So bluntly! What audacity! My heart felt like it was literally going to fall. I swallowed as he drove on, playing a soft tune. I couldn’t utter a statement. I feared this man was going to rape me – in a good way. As if he knew what I was thinking, he placed his hands on mine and softly began to caress it. It was soothing but also disturbing and so I pulled them away. He turned to look at me when we approached the traffic lights and smiled, reaching to caress my cheek…”sexy girl, smile for me.”

I pouted and ignored his comment. We got to my home area in record time and I requested him to drop me off along my home. He refused bluntly and said he was going to take me home, see me walk in through the gate before he drives off. I was tired of arguing so I let him take me home. When we got to my gate and I made to come down, he reached for me again and kissed me. I didn’t know whether or not to resist, as I battled in my head. I placed one finger on his lips as I gently pulled away from this man that was causing me to feel strange. He looked at me with shrewd eyes as he asked, “When will I see you again?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Can I come pick you up in the morning?”

“What morning?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Dafe, I have other appointments tomorrow and besides it is 12.38am. Go home already.”

“Do you want me to come drag you out?”

“I have appointments I can’t cancel Dafe.”

“Should I drive you there tomorrow? These appointments, I mean.”

“No, you are not allowed to do that. Thank you for the offer.”

“What does a man have to do to get to you?” he asked distraught.

“To get in my pants, you mean.”

“Either ways…what do I have to do?”

“Get away you dirty mind!” I responded as I flung open the car door and shut it behind me.

He came out from his end and shouted, “I’ll call you tomorrow morning. Goodnight sexy.”

I walked away hoping no one around my estate heard him call me sexy.


Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.



Flirty: Will You Shoot Your Shot?

Hey guys, will you shoot your shot even when the odds are really against you?

Yeah you read that right and I agree that this is now a budding sector this year…the act of shooting your shot whether career wise, in creating a fantasy relationship or even pitching forward a somewhat crazy idea.

don't Shoot.jpg

If you don’t still have an idea of what shooting your shot is, it typically means taking the bold initiative to getting what you want no matter the circumstance or the possible outcome. For instance, when a basketballer dunks the ball, he is not entirely sure whether or not the ball will succesfully dive into the net, right? But he takes a shot anyways and hope the outcome is a great dunk-goal. So also it is in life, you do not just sit, wait and see what happens – you take your shot at the possible opportunity.

shoot career

Now like I stated above, you can shoot your shot in different levels. The game you choose to play on, is entirely up to you. So for career development or growth, I will totally shoot my shot with all bravity. If the opportunity available is something I see as great, I wouldn’t even think twice. If I am rejected, I will try and try again till I am successful. I will use a different approach if I don’t get it the first time and I will totally go for it!

However, when it comes to relationships, I doubt I will ever shoot my shot. I know that rejection doesn’t mean I’m not a great person but I will rather the guy shoot his shot at me. Yeah, I agree…I am definitely old school, sorry to burst your bubbles. I mean, if I ever have a crush on a guy, I will definitely kill that feeling especially when I know that the guy has someone else or that the feeling will never go any head way. Thankfully, I am able to kill a crush feeling on the onset without losing my mind.

images 2

Hey but if you think you can take a go at it, why not? Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot – you never know if the guy/girl is the shy type that cannot come forward or has not really noticed your existence because somehow, well they just aren’t that observant. [Well, that will be odd.]


So here are a few tips to take a possible shoot at your potential shot – who may eventually be a spouse…

  1. You could send an SMS or a DM to that crush via IG, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. Follow them on social media, stalk them if can – I know people that do this tbh. Sometimes the first shot doesn’t go rfight but don’t take this personally – Thomas Edison didn’t succeed on his first try.


2. Do a little research about that crush so you can get aware of what you are getting into. Is the person a person you can interface with properly on social media or just personally? If yes, choose the suitable option.


3. Shoot your shot with a purpose and not basically for the fun of it. Think about what you want from it and go on from there.


4. When shooting, choose the right greeting. Don’t start with a basic ‘Hi’ or ‘hey You’ because there are chances that you will receive a ‘Hi’ back…so how do you continue from there? The easiest way to do this is usually to continue from a recent conversation or responding to a particular post made by the person – the shot becomes easier from there, especially when you key into what they were trying to say.


5. Keep your shot more on the person’s personality rather than on the physical. Research shows that when you compliment someone on their choice on something, it sticks deeper rather than a regular ‘oh, I love your smile’ or ‘oh, your butt is amazing’.


So there guys, 5 tips on how you can shoot your shot. YOLO right? So here are my questions to you…

  • Would you shoot your shoot?
  • If yes, have you ever tried to do that? Did it create something good? Was it worth it?
  • If no, why not?

Oh and  for the relationship aspect, there is a new game called ‘Shootyourshot’ to test how smooth your game is at http://www.shootyourshotgame.com.


I will love to read your comments on the box below. What are your thoughts? Yes, Rofiah did a post on this here and Temitoria here as well. You guys should totally check it out.

Thanks for stopping by.