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FACADE – It all makes sense now!

This is a post written by a friend of mine. I loved it and I thought to share it with you guys. Enjoy!


I was fascinated by the way he writes. His well articulated diction, the compelling aura of his message and his astounding imagination. I asked him where he learnt to write and told him how I wish to be taught. He said, “Depression made me a writer. I put my trauma in writing, listing all the things I’ve gone through. They applauded it as a work of art but unknown to them, I was a dying man. It all makes sense now!

She always laughed so hard. The blistering dimples on her cheeks that pull her perfectly shaped lips which always give way for the revelation of her sparkling teeth, enchants every onlooker. I told her how I admired her laughter and she said, “That’s the only tool I’ve got to fight cardiovascular disease. I lost my baby a few minutes after birth and my life never remained the same thereafter.” I was shocked. It was not just laughter after all. It all makes sense now!

He is always mean. His fierce face dispels any slightest acquaintance. He is like evil. I summoned the courage to ask him why the display of such repelling identity. He said, “I’ve always had a receptive psyche, putting up smiles even in the midst of adversity until the people I cared about called me triviality.” Now, that’s painful. It all makes sense now!

He was consistently late to class. Sometimes, he was never there for weeks. He was always the last to pay tuition fees. He is often moody. I felt concerned and confronted him. He said, “Those times I never came to class, I was at the building site, mixing cement and gravel to raise my tuition fee. Except I missed those classes and consistently come late to class, I would be in class no more.” I was move with so much sympathy. It all makes sense now!

Her dad is extravagant. Spending lavishly on anything he felt would satisfy his crave for happiness. He is extremely wasteful. But it doesn’t happen without a disturbing cause. He lost his beautiful wife to a strange ailment. Not even his envious wealth could save her. The cold hands of death stole her from him. Wealth meant nothing to him anymore. “Life is a roller coaster,” he said. It all makes sense now!

“I am committed to my job” she said. She executed her task with excellent performance. I was fascinated by her diligence. But I noticed the speed at which she abandons her “committed job” each time she gets an invitation for any social event, even at the risk of being sacked. I shared my observations, stating my scepticism on her perceived fondness for her job. She said, “I’m really not obsessed with my job as it seems entirely. I am getting old and I so much yearn for marriage. I want to have a family but the antipathy from men as a result of my independence and career success often confine me to my office desk.” “Is it a transgression for a lady to be purposeful” she asked. It’s so unfortunate for such mediocre men who find such women in our society as an anomaly. What an antiquated mindset. It all makes sense now!

We all virtually live in disguise, tinkered and conquered by situational occurrences that threaten our genuine identity. We are all at war with self revelation. I hope we find peace. Even if they don’t make sense, find a way to understand.

I just hope I made sense.

Edwin Ugwuodo.


PS: Thank you for stopping by!

I hope the above made sense to you?



My cousin has grown without me…

Yes, you read right.

So about a week ago, it dawned on me that everything was moving and nothing was waiting on me. I mean, did I really expect ‘them’ to wait on me? Lol. I know how many of us don’t keep frequent touch with our family relations except the ones that we think really matter; like our parents, our direct siblings, our parents favorite siblings and maybe three (3) to five (5) cousins plus some nieces and nephews but I try to, even though I have tons of them because my heart is bursting from too much love for them.

My story? Well…where do I begin? I have always been a lover of anything family – from my parents, to my siblings, to my uncles and aunts, to my cousins and my nieces and nephews. I mean, I grew up around family, I breathed family, I lived family, I wore family, need I say, I did everything family.

What happened? Truth be told, I am not exactly sure if I want to share that part which is very much a long story and will mean me baring my heart out but I want to say that I did my fair share of the job – which was keeping in touch as much as I could. However, life reared one of its’ ugly head and stepped in the way.

It so happened that while I was growing up, the family brand I grew to know and love, started fading away. I lost my family relations to their different school activities, their own childhood friends and colleagues, their own spouse and family, or to their various jobs. So in as much as I tried to keep in touch with no positive feedback, I started getting exhausted.

Little did I realize that time was moving at its own pace, leaving me behind with my family worries. Recently, one of my cousins graduated from the university and when I saw the post on Instagram, I was very happy but yet sad. I was happy because it was a step to bigger things for that cousin of mine but I was sad because I realized that I did not even know this cousin of mine who had grown up without knowing me too.

This cousin of mine that I did not know had grown to be something amazing and beautiful, a source of inspiration to others, a source of joy and a role model to many younger ones. I was foremost ashamed and really hurt that we do not know ourselves as much as we should have. I don’t know why I was but I just was.

I called up my brother who ought to be closer to this cousin of mine than my very self but he was wowed and excited by the fact that our cousin had graduated [how the years had run by] and promised to call up this cousin of ours in a bid to send his warm congratulations.

I know some of you may say…’hey gurl, it’s not that serious‘ but I think it is.

Family is something worth celebrating and every special moment that they have should be something happy for every other member of the family. So be it a wedding, a baby delivery, a birthday celebration, a naming ceremony, a matriculation, a school graduation, a first class celebration, a job promotion, a special appointment, an anniversary, a home warming event, a funeral or even a memorial…family should always be present.

Now I know everyone has a different definition of who they term family and I do not disagree with your opinions, I for one would and still think that one’s direct cousins should be a part of this list. We should grow in as friends, strengthening the family bond we already share – I think this is one thing the Hausa man knows how well to do.

However, I will not end this post without properly congratulating my cousin, even though we grew apart, on the university passing out.

Congratulations darling…I know that this is another step to a greater path you have chosen and  I cannot be more grateful to God for letting you go through your University years with His grace surrounding you and His mercies. I believe that you have grown to be a strong-minded, intelligent, good and well-rounded person and I cannot but stop here to wish you extremely well in your further life endeavours. I love you, always and forever. Cheers to a new phase in your life and I pray for many more good things to come your way.