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FACADE – It all makes sense now!

This is a post written by a friend of mine. I loved it and I thought to share it with you guys. Enjoy!


I was fascinated by the way he writes. His well articulated diction, the compelling aura of his message and his astounding imagination. I asked him where he learnt to write and told him how I wish to be taught. He said, “Depression made me a writer. I put my trauma in writing, listing all the things I’ve gone through. They applauded it as a work of art but unknown to them, I was a dying man. It all makes sense now!

She always laughed so hard. The blistering dimples on her cheeks that pull her perfectly shaped lips which always give way for the revelation of her sparkling teeth, enchants every onlooker. I told her how I admired her laughter and she said, “That’s the only tool I’ve got to fight cardiovascular disease. I lost my baby a few minutes after birth and my life never remained the same thereafter.” I was shocked. It was not just laughter after all. It all makes sense now!

He is always mean. His fierce face dispels any slightest acquaintance. He is like evil. I summoned the courage to ask him why the display of such repelling identity. He said, “I’ve always had a receptive psyche, putting up smiles even in the midst of adversity until the people I cared about called me triviality.” Now, that’s painful. It all makes sense now!

He was consistently late to class. Sometimes, he was never there for weeks. He was always the last to pay tuition fees. He is often moody. I felt concerned and confronted him. He said, “Those times I never came to class, I was at the building site, mixing cement and gravel to raise my tuition fee. Except I missed those classes and consistently come late to class, I would be in class no more.” I was move with so much sympathy. It all makes sense now!

Her dad is extravagant. Spending lavishly on anything he felt would satisfy his crave for happiness. He is extremely wasteful. But it doesn’t happen without a disturbing cause. He lost his beautiful wife to a strange ailment. Not even his envious wealth could save her. The cold hands of death stole her from him. Wealth meant nothing to him anymore. “Life is a roller coaster,” he said. It all makes sense now!

“I am committed to my job” she said. She executed her task with excellent performance. I was fascinated by her diligence. But I noticed the speed at which she abandons her “committed job” each time she gets an invitation for any social event, even at the risk of being sacked. I shared my observations, stating my scepticism on her perceived fondness for her job. She said, “I’m really not obsessed with my job as it seems entirely. I am getting old and I so much yearn for marriage. I want to have a family but the antipathy from men as a result of my independence and career success often confine me to my office desk.” “Is it a transgression for a lady to be purposeful” she asked. It’s so unfortunate for such mediocre men who find such women in our society as an anomaly. What an antiquated mindset. It all makes sense now!

We all virtually live in disguise, tinkered and conquered by situational occurrences that threaten our genuine identity. We are all at war with self revelation. I hope we find peace. Even if they don’t make sense, find a way to understand.

I just hope I made sense.

Edwin Ugwuodo.


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I hope the above made sense to you?



10 Signs That You Might Be a Cat [Cee-C]

Hey guys, so with the on-going trend of controversy and drama going on in BBNaija 3 – tagged Double Wahala 2018, it is no doubt that ever since the show this year began, Cee-C, [our cat for purpose of this post] and Tobi has been on everyone’s lips.


If you don’t watch the show, at least you would have heard or read people’s nagging about the duo on social media via either Twitter [being the most current and active], Instagram, Facebook and even whats-app.

It is even assumed that Madam Cee-C has locked Tobi up in a bottle somewhere in her luggage and the Yoruba Demon Association of Dapper Men [YODADAM] have painfully denied that Tobi is a member of their prestigious group.


Now with further ado guys, here are Ten [10] signs that you are actually a cat [Cee-C].

1. You are secretly judging people all the time and guilt tripping them into feeling that they did something wrong to you. No matter how much they try to apologize, you remain irritated.

Tobi Begging Cee-C

2. You always like people begging you no matter the circumstance as you are always right. However, you hardly forgive as they come begging right back the next day for the same offence. You are always the Jury and the judge!


3. If you had it your way after any argument, your job would be to nap without a care. Your Partner must join you because they will have no choice. You are the cat and they are the mouse. It’s your perfect game-plan.

Cee-c nap2.jpg

4. You prefer to be left alone regardless of how the other person feels. You prefer to ignore the other person’s emotions and your job is to constantly curve making them feel they are dumb. Of course, they are…why else are they with you? Love? Pfft!



5. You are constantly angry and aloof for no apparent reason. Your partner just needs to stay loyal at every point in time. They are not allowed friends other than you and they are to nod at your every word.

Cee-c aloof.JPG

6. You suck at making decisions. To love or not to love? You hate to show your partner how much you desire them but you hate any other person doing that in your stead. You always want your partner to touch you but you don’t understand why you should touch them back or reciprocate the feeling. You kind of hate PDA even in private. Sigh.

tobi bbnaija 2018.JPG

7. You are always hungry and wanting people to feed you. Even if they cannot feed you, you want them to always be there while you prepare your meal. You don’t care if your partner has other things to do. Once the cat is hungry, the mouse just has to stay put.

tobi-bbnaija food.jpg

8. You are constantly on the look out for what your partner is up to. You hate when people look at your partner with deserving eyes. Your jealousy is 250% over 100% and you do not even care to hide it from anybody.


9. You are possessive and never give your partner breathing space, even if it means suffering yourself. Your partner dares not stray far off. The cat keeps watch on the mouse after all, innit?

Cee c.jpg

10. You will hurt anyone who care to stand in your way and that of your already suffering partner. He can only be yours and nobody else! Yes, that is right and anything that tries to put asunder will be striked!

Injures Lolu.jpg

There, you have it. Ten signs that show you might or are even a Cat [Cee-c]. Oh and by the way, Temitoria wrote something like this on her blog post here. Just click to read.

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Enjoy your Friday.

Public Proposals – Fancy or Nah

Hey guys…so it has been a while up in here. *Clears the dusty air* Phew, I know I have not been as active I should have been on here and I hope that I will do better this year. Happy new year guys, by the way. I hope that this is THAT year for you…yes YOU!

So there has been this recent trend of people proposing to their girlfriends and some to their boyfriends in public where people in turn, video and post on social media for all to see the tremendous joy of the newly engaged couples – and the both parties are happy about the outcome obviously.

However, the problem becomes – what happens to the person proposing when the subject of the proposal refuses to accept the ring embedded in a box?

Does it put their relationship in a fix?

Does the relationship cease to exist?

Does it mean there will have to be some sort of break period before the proposer proposes again – this time maybe more planned?

All these seemingly questions that should be thought through before the act of public proposal commences and yet we still see so many public proposals. What would you do if you were proposed to publicly – be you female or male, as is the trend nowadays? *eyes-rolling-till-it-falls-off-towards-the-floor*

Would you scream, cry and then shout for joy?

Would you act surprised as should be the case or maybe you already knew it was coming?

Would you say no to the proposer and walk away from the embarrassing scene?

Would you rather gather up the proposer, hug him/her, not say a single word and lead him/her away from the scene of crime?

What would you rather do in such a situation? Question then becomes, how sure should you be before proposing in public?

Let’s note that proposals can be of three types – Nigerians we are definitely too much.

  1. Secret Proposal – This is a proposal done secretly between the two lovebirds in the privacy of a hotel room, the man’s place, a quiet dinner for two with the entire restaurant reserved for them both, on a boat cruise with the two lovers alone, a private jet – where the man gets to fly the jet w/o interference from one hostess or pilot or better yet, his pilot is that loyal, so the word will never get out. There, you get the picture.
  2. Private intimate proposal – This is a proposal done in private between the two lovebirds in the presence of family and friends in a serene environment specially picked out for the occasion. Usually organized and arranged by friends of the female party or male party – if it is a male that will be proposed to *rolls-eye*. This could occur in a private beach, at a family and friends weekend getaway/vacation, on a boat cruise with mutual friends, at a friendship reunion – where all mutual friends will be present but away from the eyes of the entire world, at a special restaurant or at the girl’s or boy’s [I really don’t like that I have to keep putting male in the picture] home or at the place where the lovebirds first met but this time with only family and friends present.
  3. Public absurd proposal –   This is a proposal done in OPEN public my people. A proposal where the entire masses are involved, irrespective of whether or not mutual friends are present. This kind of proposal is usually an open surprise or a planned surprise – I don’t even know. This usually occurs at the public shopping mall, at the Airport, inside a public airplane, at a bus park, at the Church, at the cinemas – sometimes during a movie [goodness], at the office, on the main express road/by the streets, at a game, at an event/public show, in a public eatery – maybe inside cold stone ice-cream, somewhere on her pizza, inside her jollof rice or inside the wine glass [sigh], at a resort, at the amusement park – anywhere that is public as long as the heart want what it wants, right? Yeah, right!

I definitely do not ever want a PUBLIC proposal because they are not fancy or cute and it seems like utter blackmail. It is a manipulative and awkward way of getting me to say yes – if this ever happens to me, I will walk away without a single word to the proposer.

So here are pictures of public proposals gone wrong…


Public lady


Picture Credit: Google; YouTube

Please proposer’s, know your partner. Do your due diligence – I cannot emphasize this enough. ALWAYS make a hint of what you are likely to do, understand what your other half would want and like, discuss the possibility or not of a proposal, respect their privacy and save yourself from the embarrassment of a ‘NO’ or from the person walking away from you and leaving you to the masses to ridicule and pity. Don’t go overboard with your emotions, please keep them in check. Don’t be like the lady who proposed to her boyfriend at ICM [Ikeja City Mall] of all places. Nada!

So, I ask again…what kind of proposal would you rather prefer guys?

I’d love to read your comments below, so please leave me a message in the comment box.

Thank you for stopping by.


Ten Things I would do If I Become President…

So I was just on my own, when a colleague of mine asked me this question “I am kind of conducting a poll and I will like to know…what would be the one thing you would do if you became the President of Nigeria?

I looked my colleague, half thinking that at least, this could be some trick question but alas it wasn’t. So after thinking, I thought to write up a post in response to the question.

Here are 10 things I would love to do for my country if ever I became the President. I know that they may be hard to achieve but they are genuinely what I pray any president would at least, think of to do.

So here goes:

  1. First, I would re-model the Educational Curriculum in the Secondary schools: I believe that kids in Nigeria are made to study irrelevant stuffs, way too much than they should.  In Primary schools, kids will be taught the 1999 constitution and history of Nigeria. I would put in place a system where kids go to secondary schools where they can pick up their interests right from day one [whether it be flying, reading, making inventions, solving arithmetic, discussing political issues, understanding the human body, creating new designs, dancing/acting, talking, building things, writing, learning new languages etc.] The common entrance exam will be a test of the kids natural and true interests – activities the child would naturally enjoy and then excel in. When the kid is graded based on his/her interest, he/she will be given schools of choice that accommodate such interest and the parents will determine which of the schools to pick based on their pocket. Of course, I would naturally need the assistance of a bright educationist to achieve the right curriculum.
  2. I will build a water dam in the six (6) geo-political zones to help generate access to electricity 24/7.
  3. Then, I would put in place Social Security Numbers for every member of the Country: I believe that we need to get this SSN to enable us identify each and every Nigerian citizen who will get a Tax Identification Number [TIN], enable the government verify where they work and live, and then give them access to state WIFI and Light, give entitlements where need be [to certain age groups of course] and in turn, provide the adequate protection and security.
  4. Also, I would stop people from driving personal/private cars on week days, let them commute on a designated bus instead and drive their private cars on the weekends and public holidays. I would use this as a forum to encourage drivers and conductors that they need not be touts but can also be professionals in their fields. So in this bid, I will create several kinds of buses for school kids and professionals in the Banking & Insurance industry, Legal Practice, Aviation Sector, Real Estate development, Trade Sector, Business Men/Women, Police Men/Women, Judiciary, Political Field, Entertainment Field, Market Women/Men etc. The drivers and/or conductors will be professionals in Driving practice and will be treated with utmost respect. An Agency will be created to regulate their activities, tickets will be sold to each bus with timing and bus-stop locations. This will reduce the anyhow parking of cars on the streets, encourage walking [which is a good exercise], causing traffic commotions and so much cars on the road on official working days.
  5. I would build viable ports and buy lots of ships and ferries to encourage water transportation which will be cheap and accessible to all who require it. This will also help with the Nigerian Maritime practice, the sailors we have in Nigeria who have no work here and have to travel back abroad.
  6. I will encourage the use of ‘made in Nigeria’ products and ban the importation of ridiculous items such as toothpick, pencils, pens, rice, nuts, cutleries, plates etc. I will in turn create farms with adequate machinery and  a good factory for the boys/men/women/girls in Aba creating duplicate American/UK items and tagging it ‘Gucci’, ‘Dolce & Gabanna’, ‘Fendi’ etc. because Nigerians will not ordinarily buy their products.
  7. I will put all street beggars and stray kids in the Nigerian Military Service/Nigerian Army – they are better off there rather than begging on the streets and creating nuisance. The country will make better use of their agility and because they really have no one, they will be better committed to doing what they ought to do – to serve and protect the nation.
  8. I will create a Police Academy where all police men/women will be taught the use of logic and clear thoughts, proper defense mechanisms, act of proper investigative ability, code deciphering and use of forensics in any crime scene.
  9. I will make the National Youth Service optional for youths in the country but compulsory if you wish to engage in any public service for the Country [i.e government work]. If they decide to so engage in the NYSC scheme, they will be required to join the police Academy for 3 months of their service – scrap the camping activities in various states. They will also be made to travel round the states in the Country for 6 months to learn about the diverse cultures and heritage – this will assist them to settle in any state where they are deployed for the public service they wish to engage in. The remaining 3 months will be spent in apprenticeship of wherever they desire [of course, they will receive entitlements and benefits].
  10. Lastly, I will re-introduce the Kobo and make items affordable. How? I will put the Naira and Kobo on the Forex reserve and with the help of brilliant Economist, make the economy stable. All locally made items will be sold at an affordable rate [the manufacturers will get adequate benefits to encourage more locally produced goods] while imported goods will be sold at a far higher rate because of the payments made at the customs and excise duty [the rates at the customs will be made to discourage unnecessary imports into the country].

There. I have a lot of things to say but I feel these are urgent and necessary [my opinion].

What do you think about my list? Do you have better things you think I should have said?

Please feel free to share your comment on what you think is really lacking in Nigeria.


Lagos Hustle 1

In the end, the moral strength of any community will be measured by how we have treated our most vulnerable citizens, not by how we ourselves have fared…”

“Baboon wey no work to plant banana, go still chop free banana…” -‘Shioze

It is amazing how many things we assume and end up believing ought to be true without first stopping to probe for sure. In the country where we live in, Nigeria to be precise, it is not enough pride saying I live in the city of commercial wealth, precisely Lagos, without showing that you actually do have a job, a place to live in, enough cash in your pocket, and maybe a car to drive you round and about.

To say that you live in Lagos with a smile dashing about your teeth will mean to every other person that you have the means of survival and the strength of a hustler. It is painstakingly sad that about half of the population of the inhabitants of Lagos are hustling not for themselves but for others in privileged positions. This is the situation where you have small gods amongst gods…if you understand what I mean.

Now, my small rant all boils down to the amazing relationship between keke drivers and the small gods that they serve daily. These small gods prefer to be termed ‘Agbero/Omo-nile/touts/Area-boys’. I am sure you have most-times heard of them.

So I was going out one sunny afternoon and I jumped on the next free keke I found. As usual, we got towards Ajah market and one small man moved to the keke, pulled up a blue marker, proceeded to scribble some rubbish in front of the keke’s windscreen and said bluntly,

“Owo da?”

I looked at the hungry looking man and wondered what the money he was collecting was for. As usual, I assumed it was keke road levy to which the keke driver pulled out a #200 note, without complaint and handed the guy, who walked away peacefully.

Just a few drive ahead and another unscrupulous old man walked up to our keke, pulled out a red marker this time and scribbled some funny rubbish on the keke windscreen and looked at the keke driver smiling without a word. The keke driver, of course smiled back, and handed him a #100 note, still without complaint.

I again, assumed it was some sort of road levy for keke since it looked like a mutual consent of giving and receiving. We had not driven too far off as the keke criss-crossed towards the parking lane, when the same keke was accosted by two different funny looking Agbero’s shouting,

Ahn ahn…kilode? Owo e da? Ma fun mi #1000 oo, mi o ni shangii [change] oo”

Owo kini?” the keke driver requested “Mo ti fun baba agbalagba olowo naa”

Ma so rubbish oo, owo e da jare?”

The keke driver fumbled some words of cuss and complaint of how he had paid before and how they gave him one paper. The other dirty looking man replied saying he did not pay them, put his hands on the tricycle’s key proceeding to remove it before the keke driver opened his slosh-money hole handing them #1000 note saying,

Mi o ni change oo, e fun mi ni change e joor.”

The ugly  funny men fumbled between themselves and handed the keke driver some scrappy dirty notes consisting of #500, #200 and a #100 and walked to the next keke. At this point, I felt obliged to ask the throbbing question…

Oga, why you dey give all of them money like that? Na by force to pay?”

“Madam, na so we dey see am everyday oo. If you no pay them, na wahala be that oo”

“Ahn ahn, which kain yeye wahala?” I continued probing “If person no pay, them go beat am or collect him keke?”

“No, but they go worry you taya and they no go let you carry passenger. They fit even cease your key join.”

I looked at him in amazement as I listened. The elderly man seated beside me spoke up

“So somebody will work tirelessly only to give out his profits to some jobless set of people. There is nothing we won’t see in Nigeria. I mean, I can just go and buy marker and join the jobless wagon, abi no be so?”

He finished, looking outside in a bid to come down from the keke and trek the remaining distance.

I looked at the keke man and asked again

“So how much do you pay in total?”

Ha, e plenty oo. We dey pay #2,400 everyday.”

“Ehn? #2,400 everyday? For what now?” I asked angrily as the other woman hissed and said “Oloriburuku ni omo rada rada, #2,400 se kini?”

Una no go understand at all. Na so we dey see am. You no dey see say keke no dey gree come Ajah? The money wey we dey pay too much. I f we increas price, una go shout…wetin we wan do now?”

I could not possibly understand why each keke that passed Ajah market had to pay #2,400 to the rubbish set of touts who just drink, smoke and eat dried fish all day and maybe buy a blue/red marker every week. I mean, these keke drivers have a family to fend for, some even have kids, some have to pay school fees, they still need to buy fuel everyday, they still need to remit money of weekly earnings to their boss who owns the keke [they may be lucky if they own it themselves] but then they also have to provide money for monthly checks and maintenance plus they have to feed themselves and pay rent and so many other thing that money demands.

So how does a cut of #2,400 out of the little money of about #5,700 to #6,400 they make daily help their situation? I questioned further [thanks to the traffic jam, I was able to stall] on how come the money they paid the touts amounted to #2,400 every day and the keke man gladly explained.

He told me that in the morning, they pay a total of #700 to some set of touts who claim that the land they keep passing is their father’s land. So when they come to Ajah as early as 5.00am-7.30am to drop the early risers in a bid to avoid the morning Lagos traffic, they have to settle 3 sets of touts by paying #100, #200 and #200 respectively; then they give the policemen standing on patrol #200.

I gasped! So policemen were also involved in the free-money-collection game and these touts already come out by 5.00am? Amazing!.

Then in the afternoon, they pay a fee of #900 to another set of touts who come out only in the afternoons. The #900 they pay in batches as well and if they are unlucky to drive by again and see a strange face that they did not see earlier when they had paid, they have to pay another #100 or #200 depending on the tout’s demand. If they refuse, the tout will also refuse them to drive away or just yank away something vital from the keke, thereby leading to extra costs. What do you have left to do asides from being ‘penny wise, pound foolish’?

In the evenings, they then pay #800 and this includes policemen levy as well.

I could vividly remember one evening when I was in a keke and there was this hold-up, only to discover later when we got forward that a certain baba was accosting keke drivers and holding them to ransom if they did not pay the compulsory #200. This certain baba was collecting the said money for the policemen on patrol.

How did I know this?

When the keke I was in had successfully passed the baba [after payment of course], we were stopped again by the policemen just ahead. I had thought it was some sort of regulatory control for traffic, only for one of the policemen to shout across to the baba saying’

Baba Ado, shey oti gba owo’ eleyi?”

“Ehn, mo ti gba awon keke. E je ko lo.”

Eh! I did not just believe my ears. The police too? Just beautiful! The lady and the man seated with me just kept on complaining about the police and their continuous form of corruption and the keke man laughed. In his mind, hustle must still continue, no giving up.

We keep saying we need change, but how does that happen if we all don’t join together to create this change? I realize that everyone has his or her own struggle and only when you wear the shoe, do you realize how much it has been hurting the next person before you.

It’s not enough to complain and assume, it is for us to ask ourselves, if I were in the position of the keke driver, what would I do different than hike prices?

If I were the touts, what would I do different to stop keke bullying?

If i were the policeman on patrol, what would I do different for the keke drivers and the way-laying jobless touts?

If we succeed in answering these questions truthfully, we may realize just how far we are not from being different.

What are your thoughts? Please kindly use the comment section down below, it will be very much appreciated.


‪+234 817 660 1456‬ 20150705_191238

So I sat down today and started thinking of several things. How would life have been if certain things were put in place or certain things were to happen? How would we have been able to live life without totally been ashamed or embarrased of some certain things? Would we have been courageous enough to go around when certain things happen to us? Okay, enough of my ramblings; let’s start imagining.


Let’s imagine that you were in a public gathering; say a conference meeting with reknowned officials or a church service or a Group interview or a BRT stand or even inside a bus or anywhere PUBLIC! and suddenly you feel your tummy rumbling, releasing gastro-intestinal gas and then your buttocks feel the immediate urge to release air [fart as we call it], and then because you cannot hold it any longer; you indeed release poisonous air for the public to perceive.

I know what some of you might be saying; “what do you mean? Pollution is a free gift of nature, why hold it in?”

do not

I know right…but just imagine that before you release that fart, your butt needs to fully expand and so you need to stand or arch your waist so your butt faces up [that’s if you were seated] and then do the pollution which will automatically make your entire face “GREEN”. That would then send immediate signals to everyone around you so they know you did it. In that circumstance, would you just smile it off or cover your entire face with a paper-bag to avoid been caught “green-headed”? Buahaha…

farty      green head

Let’s imagine again that you went to visit your lover for the weekend, or the entire day or just to spend some quality time and somewhere along the line, you both kissed or made love or did both; and then you had to go home. How would you feel boarding a private cab or a public bus when you lips are all out, showing infact that you had been kissed…

[Nb: the more/deeper the kiss, the longer the lips and if you decided to french kiss, then your tongue will just keep wagging. This will usually last the entire day] or would you request your lover to drive you home to avoid been seen and stay home till the symptoms are all gone [but then people will see both of you together on the road and know exactly what you two have been doing…HA]? Would you go home to your parents after you had made love [Nb: The signs will be all over you, your cheeks will be entirely pink and flushed, even if you are black and your hands and body will be entirely blue]?


Let’s assume now that as a girl, you were seeing your period and going out would mean that everyone out there would see your red legs because trust me girl; in my imagination world, your legs will be entirely red for the 5 days’ you were to see your period. Would you go to school, work, market, or even church or would you rather stay at home till the 5 days’ period is all over to avoid been caught “red-legged”?

red leg

Let’s assume again that something happened to you and you just had to lie, maybe to cover up for someone or impress someone or get something done for you or to avoid implicating yourself or for whatever reason you lie for and after doing that, you entire body begins to vibrate and everybody knows for sure that you are lying [Nb: the more you lie in a day, the more your body vibrates. This will usually last till the entire day is over]. Would you still lie?

Now imagine that you were the kind that loved all kinds of food; infact let’s call you a foodie, and you happen to attend a three-course meal/five-course meal dinner party/event; it could be a wedding anniversary/reception, a birthday dinner, a house-warming ceremony, a hotel launch or whatever and you were allowed to eat as you liked!

Would you be brave enough to eat so much knowing fully well that the more you eat, the more rounder/slimmer you get for that day and probably your clothes won’t fit at that point [Nb: Different food species with different implications. If you were to eat boiled or fried foods i.e. rice, chips, moi-moi, semo, meat, fish, chicken etc., you would be round but if you were to eat baked/natural foods i.e. cake, salads, fruit salad, ice-cream, cookies, barbequed fish, grilled meat, KFC kindda chicken etc., you would be slim]!

fat    round

Okay this is going to be the very last, I promise. Let’s imagine together that you were the kind of man that was very aggressive; who would beat up his girl-friend, lover or wife for whatever reason and after beating her up, your entire hands become white [even your arms and shoulders], your eyes become all black, your eye-brows all gone and your breathe permeates a certain kind of stinking odour for the entire day, would you still beat your lady or if you would, would you be audacious enough to go out to face the public?

black man   eye

[Nb: Even if you saw your lover at night go for dinner at night, lie at night, beat her up at night, the consequences will usually last for 24 hours, so it would spill over to the next day till the 24 hours is done.

POSER: What are your imaginations like or if you were to imagine stuff as this, what would you imagine? Share them with me if you have any funny imaginations…cheers!