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Friday Nights; Sexcapades 5

Click here to read the fourth episode on sexcapades if you are just joining us…Friday Nights; Sexcapades 4

‘Sexcapades’ is the second part of Friday Nights and a continuation of the first part; Reckless Journey; so just in case you might be wondering where the extra characters are coming from, please start reading from…Friday Nights; A Reckless Journey 1




I left Zizi’s house by mid-afternoon heading home after she escorted me to the junction where I took a bike to the BRT station. I was walking towards the queue of people waiting at the BRT stand going to TBS/CMS when a svelte, beautifully groomed lady caught her leg by the turnstile and almost fell on me, spilling the contents of her Zara bag. I watched people dodge the chaos with mere whispers of ‘sorry oo’ as they kept going into the BRT never failing to alter their line. I winced in sympathy as I crouched to help the lady collect her now scattered things ranging from hairbrush, notepad, rouge lipstick, pens, a wallet and a few other nothings.

“Thank you” she said, shooting me a quick smile.

“No worries” I smiled back, “it happens to the best of us.”

I had just bent over to reach for her hairbrush when I ran into a pair of luxurious leather brown manly slides. I waited a beat for the man to move out of my way and when he didn’t, I arched my neck back to allow my line of sight to rise. The hairy legs shooting forth from the carton colored shorts hit more than a few of my hot buttons; but it was the tall, powerfully lean body inside that made it just sensational. Still, as hot as all that magnificent maleness was, it wasn’t until I reached the man’s face that my head began to count. Wow. Just…wow!

He was making a phone call oblivious of my presence beneath him and I still found him sexy as hell. I picked the hairbrush and stood to full length, as I looked directly in front of me to him. Hit with all that masculinity at eye-level, I could only stare. Stunned. Then something shifted in the air as he dropped the call and looked directly back at me. As he looked at me in surprise, he altered…as if a shield fell off his eyes. The scorching force sucked out the air from my lungs and the intense magnetism he exuded, grew in strength. I was dazed. Reacting purely on instinct, he shifted backwards, leaving me almost falling back down.

I was too preoccupied with staring, riveted by the man in front of me that I forgot what I was holding.

“Are you okay?” he asked looking at me again in wonder.

His voice was smooth and cultured, with a rasp that made my stomach flutter. It brought sex to my mind. Extraordinary sex. Hard back breaking, claw scratching sex. I thought for a moment that he might make me orgasm by just talking long enough.

“Why are you holding a hairbrush?” he continued. I peered down at my hands wondering why I was holding the hairbrush, forgetting all about the beautiful lady that almost fell me down. My lips felt so dry, so I licked them before turning to hand over the brush, only to find the beautiful lady also struck by him, standing like Lot’s wife.

“Are you using the BRT?” he asked again.

I felt so irritated with myself for feeling so awkward while he was completely self-possessed and in control. My brain stuttered back into full gear as I realized I hadn’t purchased my BRT ticket. He bent down to retrieve the key I hadn’t realized I dropped, freeing me from what looked to me like a provocative gaze. I was just dazzled, damn it! He glanced up at me, and the pose – him half kneeling but almost in standing position – skewed my equilibrium.

He looked to me as he stood up, “is this yours?” he asked stretching forth the key towards me.

My face heated. How convenient to appear awkward and clumsy in front of the most self-assured and graceful man I think I have ever met. “Yes it is mine, thank you.”

Looking away as I proceeded to move to the ticket sellers, I notice the others looking at us like we were a movie out of the cinema, and the beautiful lady standing still – forgetting that she was also heading somewhere. I risked a glance at the man again, finding him walking towards me. I was scared. I handed some N200 note to the ticket lady and collected my change, as I moved to join the growing queue. I noticed that he was also buying a ticket and I gently wondered where he was going to.

As the line moved, I caught my reflection by the BRT door; I was looking flushed and my eyes seemed a bit too bright. I can’t remember but I know I had seen that look before in my eyes. I tried to remember when I had ever had that look and why I seemed exactly too flush. And then it dawned on me – I had seen that exact same look before in the bathroom mirror at the club in Port-Harcourt when I was still in school, just before I had a one night stand with a sexy man I had being eyeing all night. It was my ready-to-fuck look and it had absolutely no business being on my face at this time of the day, in the open and in the very before of a total stranger. I was ashamed!

My goodness Lola! Get a hold of yourself!

Three minutes was all it took. Three minutes facing a total dangerous and sexy stranger and here I was, feeling all caught up and edgy. Horns blared and two screams boomed behind me as I realized I ought to move forward. Shouting ensued when I tried to look back, and hand gestures that didn’t carry real anger behind them waved at me to go into the BRT and allow them do same so they could go home to take a rest. I sighed as I moved unwillingly into the BRT looking frantically around for Mr. Strange and sexy just as we melded into the flow of road traffic, and then I realized he was not in my bus but was still in line for the other – a frown teased my forehead.

Ah, Lola, I thought feeling a bit settled again yet worried, you have just missed a good thing but then again, thank goodness it was in the afternoon. Only the heavens can tell what you would have done if you met him in the club!



The room smelled fabulous when I opened my eyes and Dafe was crooning soulfully at me seated at the edge of the bed. I closed my eyes and opened them again to be sure I wasn’t just dreaming and smelling things but it was the exact same thing. I looked to my right; there was an open bottle of wine on the table by the bed and two goblets, one which was half-filled with white wine. There was a large tray of what seemed like food and I was sure that was were the aroma that filled the room came from. I instantly became very hungry.

“Hey you…” I whispered at him rubbing my left palm over my eyes stretching and stifling a yawn.

“Hey sexy…welcome back.” He smiled as he poured white wine into the empty goblet and handed it to me, his movements practiced and elegant. “I thought you won’t wake up.”

I pulled out of the covers and sat up as I collected the goblet of wine he was handing to me. Our hands slightly touched and I felt ecstatic. He began to open the tray of food saying how hungry I must be after sleeping these long hours.

I stared at him. He wasn’t just beautiful…he was spectacular. He was the kind of man that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. I looked at him in his civilized, urbane and lush sweatpants alongside his white Ralph polo and thought of raw, primal, sheet clawing sex. I watched him grab a plate to serve me the English breakfast of pancakes, omelette, baked beans, bacon, sausages and  fresh lettuce obviously prepared by the guy I had met earlier on when we came in.

“My dad had taught me how to read people pretty well…” he smiled at me as he dumped another pile of pancakes on my plate and added extra maple syrup, “I’m sure you will be very hungry and won’t talk to me until you’ve had your fill.”

I wrinkled my nose at him as he set the plate on a bed-stand and pushed it right in front of me, “there you go.” He finished. What does he know about anybody? I thought as I rolled my eyes.

“You have something on your mind…what is it? I can see what you are doing with your eyes.” He asked looking at me squarely.

“Nothing.” I respond as I took a small gulp of my wine. I was very hungry. As I started to pinch round my plate, putting into my mouth bits of omelette and bacon, I observed Dafe staring at me. I wondered if he was going to stare at me till I finished my meal. I looked up at him, “I eat pretty slow Dafe, so would you mind telling me what it is that you have found interesting on my face or are you just going to keep staring at me for God knows how long?”

He grinned meekly, “was I staring now?”

I smirked at him as I rolled a pancake and took a large bite. He reached out to take my left hand and lifted it up to his lips for a kiss. I felt butterflies fluttering in my belly. He looked up at me, as I continued to act ignorant chewing on my lettuce. “Will we discuss why you were so upset with me this morning or should I wait till you finish your meal?”

He kissed my hand again and this time, I looked up and stared into his dark eyes. For some reason, I noticed he had very dark pupils instead of the regular brown. I was lost for a moment in the beauty of them, I forgot he had asked me a question. In that brief moment, I realized I liked Dafe. I swallowed and took a spoonful of the baked beans, sipping my wine along after which I meekly replied, “I don’t know if I am ready to say anything to you.”

He sat fully on the bed and crossed his legs facing me smiling.

“Why are you smiling at me?” I asked perturbed, “you are making my eating uncomfortable.”

“Am I?” He asked as he placed his right hand underneath his jaw and glanced at his wrist watch, “I am wondering when you will have to go for your meeting appointments now that the time is reading 1.20pm.” He opened his hands by the side, “are we going to have to push discussing why you were so upset this morning for later tonight, after your meeting appointments?”

I blushed red, even though nobody could see the color flush. I was embarrassed! I totally forgot that I had said that to him. I put my hand across my forehead and exclaimed, “Shoot! My goodness, I slept off, forgot about my meetings and now you’ve deceived me with food…”

“Is that so, I am now to blame? So how do you want to resolve the issue and is there anything I can do?”

I put a sausage in my mouth as I looked at him, “I guess I’ll have to call my business partners to find out if we can reschedule the meeting for a later time in the evening. It would have been better to have this meeting in the morning. I don’t understand why nobody has called me.” I picked up my phone and proceeded to call one of my friends as Dafe took a bacon from my plate and ate it. I shook my head at him as I ‘shuued’ him off.


“Hey,” I started when he picked up at the other end.

“Hello Mimi, how are you?”

“I’m fine oo. How far? Nobody has called me to say anything…is the meeting no longer holding?”

“Ah ahn, did you not see the whatsapp messages?”

“What messages?”

“Lol, this young lady! Simon put it on the group chat that the meeting has been scheduled to Sunday afternoon by 3pm since the sponsors said they will be available only on a Sunday.”

“Oh wow, I haven’t been online all day.  I will check my phone. Where is the venue?”

“One of the sponsors agreed that we could come to her house at Oniru. The address is on the page but you could come with Valerie since you both stay at the same place, she is going to be coming with Ikenna, so it will make it easier for you both.”

“Thank you Emeka. I’ll look through the chats right away.”


I ended the call just as I looked up to see Dafe sauntering towards me and a rush of liquid filled my panties accompanied with the butterflies singing hooray in my belly. What does this man want now? I thought to myself. He winked at me as he leaned to give me a peck on the cheek. “So what did he say?”

I shrugged, “nothing that concerns you.”

He took the bedside tray and placed it at the other end of the drawer by the bed as he looked back at me, “If it will take you away, then it concerns me” as he pressed his thin lips against mine. I kissed him back fervently before he let go. “How about you spend some more time here with me before you decide to go, since you are making it seem that I can’t steal you for as long as I want?” He reached out to pull me up from the bed.

“How about I spend some few minutes on this bed?” I asked, feeling naughty.

He grinned, “so what do you have in mind then?”

I let go of all my pride as I pulled him close by the collar of his polo shirt and kissed him with all the passion I felt dancing up and down my belly insides. He held my face and kissed me back with a passion that matched mine, vigorous, hard yet soft and sexy. I was experiencing bliss and sincerely I didn’t want it to stop.

He pulled away and looked at me with dark shrewd eyes, “are you romantically involved with anyone?”

I looked at him strangely, “why are you asking me that?”

“I want to know.”

I shook my head but he kept on looking at me. “No.” I finally said.

“Are you sleeping with anyone?”

The question was asked so casually, it took me a second to process what he had just asked. I inhaled sharply, “why is that any business of yours?”

He looked at me and I saw the exact same thing I saw in his eyes the first time I met him – steely control and vibrant power. “Because I want to fuck you Miranda and I need to know what is standing in my way, if anything!”

The sudden ache between my thighs had me tightening my legs together maintaining some sort of composure. I shifted back a little to give me a breathing chance, we were too close. He reached out to me but I held him at bay with my uplifted hands.

“What If I’m not interested?”

A ghost of a smile touched his lips and made him impossibly more handsome. Hey God… I’d never been so aroused. Never been so scorchingly attracted to another human being. Never being so offended by a person I lusted after – but then again, I never really lusted after anyone until now.

“What are your objections to my proposal? Tell me what I need to do to get you beneath me.” He continued

“A miracle because I find your approach very offensive,” and a major turn-on, but I was never going to admit that! I pushed back as I continued to widen the space between us.

He looked at me with narrowed eyes as he contemplated, “I agree that I could be too blunt but I am not one to tell lies and you strike me as the kind of person that wouldn’t want lies or mere flattery.”

“I think we are done here.” I stretched to grab the last sausage on my plate as I chewed on it.

“Hardly, sexy. We have established some talking points; we seem to have an intense sexual attraction to each other and rightly so, none of us wants to date the other. So you have to tell me exactly what you want and what I need to do to get you on the sheets. Seduction? Mimi, do you want me to seduce you?”

I was fascinated and tempted by the conversation. It was hard not to be while faced with a sexy and gorgeous man who wanted to get hot and sweaty with me but I found it a bit disturbing that he didn’t want to date and concluded that I didn’t want same either. Was this supposed to be a one time offer? What if he was great in bed and I wanted more? What if I was too attracted and I wanted to always be around him? “Well, sex planned like a business is a turn off for me.” I casually replied.

“I understand that but it is necessary that we create parameters now. We don’t want anyone having exaggerated expectations and then facing disappointments at the end.”

I wanted him bad but he was too much trouble for me. Honestly, I could screw up my life myself, I didn’t need any help. I pushed to the edge of the bed as I made to stand up. He stood up too and moved towards me, his eyes darkening. “Mimi, there are no mixed signals in my private affairs. I am always clear on what I want and I see you want same too, so we are on the same page. All I just need from you is your consent.”

“So this sex thing that you want from me, is it a one time offer?”

He smiled as he held my hands, “I cannot think of a good reason why I should say that it is a one time offer. Clearly I am strongly attracted to you and I am definitely sure that this fucking will not occur just once. It will have to be a repeated affair Mimi.”

“And you say you don’t want exaggerated expectations? I don’t understand you. You are asking for too much Dafe.”

“Mimi, I am not the dating type and I am not one to chain people to myself. I want this to be an open relationship. All you need do is to consent to me sleeping with you, as long as you agree to stay on the pills and I will use a condom – I cannot allow myself to catch any form of disease!”

I was upset by that statement. Do I look like a prostitute to him? What sort of nonsense discussion was this? Some men were really bastards. I strode to the door as I had no words to say to him, this had clearly gotten way above what I could handle and I was in mood to become someone’s fucking partner. I felt him move closely behind me as fast as he could and grab me by the waist. I couldn’t think of my own self-preservation when he was this close to me. I sighed. What sort of feeling is this? The fact that he had such profound effect on me while still being so damn irritating had my mind spinning. How can I be so turned on by a man whose words should have completely turned me off? Just how God?

“Turn around, Mimi.”

My eyes closed at the surge of arousal I felt at his authoritative tone. God, he smelled really good.  His frame behind me radiated heat and hunger, spurring my own wild desire. I wanted him sha. So bad but I knew he was no good, yet my body lustily craved his. “Just leave me, Dafe. This won’t work. I can’t give you what you are asking.”

“I wish I  can Mimi. I want to leave you because you look like too much trouble.” His lips brushed behind my neck as his right hand pressed itself flat against my belly. His right hand working fiercely to urge me around to face him. He was as aroused as I was, his area hard and thick against my lower back. “Turn around, Mimi, please.”

Disappointed at myself and knowing that I may regret this, I turned to face him hoping that I could quickly sit or rest my aching legs. We were so up-close, I almost had no room to breathe. The hand he had at my waist was now resting on the curve of my hips, tightening reflexively and driving me insane. He stared at me, his gazing so intense.

“Kiss me, Mimi”, he whispered hoarsely, “give me that much please.”

Panting softly, I moaned as I licked my dry lips looking at his. He groaned, bent his head locking his nose with mine as he sealed his mouth over mine. His firm lips were very soft and the pressure he exerted was gentle. I sighed as I allowed his tongue to dig dip as we tasted each other in long leisurely licks. His kiss was skilled, confident and just the right kind of aggressive to turn me further on. He growled as he deepened the kiss, tightly curved his both hands at the curve of my buttocks and lifted me up, circling my legs round his firm waist. I felt the raging beat of his heart against my chest, proof that he wasn’t just a form of my imagination.

He pulled free looking at me wildly, “I want you Mimi, trouble or not. I don’t think I can stop myself. Please.”

I was pressed, full body against him, achingly aware of his every inch, hot and hard. My breasts were tender and yet heavy. My nipples were hard and ready. My area throbbed for his attention, pounding along with my raging heartbeat. My body was literally on fire! I kissed him back as if I could eat him. I was vaguely aware of any movement and then the lush bed was beneath my back and he was on top of me. He was levered over me with one knee and his other foot was on the floor as he began to thug on my denim shorts freeing the belt. His arm gripped the back of my each knee as he pulled free the shorts and slid upwards one of my thigh in a firmly possessive glide. I closed my eyes in excitement as I giggled at the soft kisses he planted on my thighs. “Shhh,” he murmured “you are distracting me.”

He moved upwards to look at me as he kissed me again and moved to my neck, planting dangerous wet kisses. I giggled like a child as I covered my eyes with my palms. In a daze, I watch as Dafe lifted me chest up and pulled off my white polo, revealing my firm breasts cupped in my bra. I looked at him, not the least bit ashamed, as I leaned forward to kiss his cheeks. He smiled as he bent to kiss the small cleavage coming out from the brassier as he swiftly unlocked the hooks, setting free my aching breasts. I was only clad in my panties and it seemed like the only obstruction blocking my way to this happiness Dafe was proposing.

I pulled him forward as I laid back down pulling at his sweatpants. “Easy tigress. Easy!” He held my hands and circled them round his waist as he graciously sucked on my left nipples. I just couldn’t stop my giggles.

He looked up at me, “why do you keep giggling? Is that a strategy because it turns me on?”

I held myself as I looked at him, “I don’t know but what you are doing tickles the hell out of me.” I watched as he lowered his body, my legs sliding apart to accommodate the width of his hips. My muscles strained with the aching urge to lift towards him and to hasten the contact between us. He took my mouth again, lowering his head as he bruised my lips with a fine edge of violence. Abruptly, he yanked himself away…hurting my lips again as he groaned. I lay there, gasping and wet. So willing and ready and then I realized why he had reacted so fiercely.

Someone was at the door. “Shit!” He uttered as he stumbled on his feet looking at me in wild desire.



Watch this space for more Episodes of Friday Nights.

Till I come your way again next time, this is ShiozeThinksOut.



Shades of a Virgin Wife (7)

Louisa Aniebiet
I was totally confused about Efua’s reaction when she suddenly left It’soyha kneeling, begging her to marry him. I thought she would have been so excited. I looked at Denise and wondered where our plan had gone wrong. I wanted to go out and search for her but when It’soyha walked out to look for her, I calmed my nerves. I prayed silently that they would both resolve the situation and come back to make us happy. I didn’t want my friend looking all jaded on her birthday.

I looked at the guys who had come around to make acquaintance with some of the girls seated around me. I couldn’t care less about their chapping, I just wanted to see Efua come out here, all smiles.

Some minutes later, I saw It’soyha lead Efua in and we all stood up to clap for them. By the way they were both smiling mischievously, it was obvious they had settled.

We all gathered round them and gave our warm embraces in turn. I looked at my friend again as she tried hard to stop from smiling, I would never have believed she would get married this early. She was never the serious type and never talked about marriage. Just then, I heard It’soyha’s mum say to Efua

“Happy birthday love, God bless your new age. Here’s a present for you.”

She then placed a small box on Efua’s hand as she smiled.

“Thank you ma” Efua smiled though confused as she gave Mrs. Zika Utibe a warm hug “I’m extremely grateful.”

“Don’t you want to know what’s in the box?” I asked aloud, more out of curiosity than out of care. She smiled at me as she shrugged off my question.

“Just open the box already…” Denise trailed after her “It obviously won’t be another ring.” We all giggled at her statement as Efua looked at It’soyha smiling.

“Babe, what’s in the box? I’m curious too” It’soyha added

Efua opened the box almost reluctantly looking at Mrs. Zika Utibe and saw a key, and with a huge smile on her face said “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

The other girls and I leaned close and screamed out in delight after Denise whispered something. “Oh Ma’am, you shouldn’t have.” Efua said with her palms across her chest

“Oh no Efua, it’s your birthday and you deserve it. I know it’s a little something, not quite enough to appreciate you…but I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“Forgive you? For giving me a ‘vanquish’? Ma’am, I cannot quantify my gratitude to you at this moment.”

They both leaned to each other for a hug while we all drank more wine and ate lots of her cheesecake.

As she sat beside Denise admiring the car key, I saw Ehis lean towards her “Babe na wah oh, it’s either you are using jazz for this family or they want to use you for something. This is too good to be true nah.”

I laughed as I continued to admire Efua’s left index finger where It’soyha had placed the diamond ring. I was fascinated.

Efua Anika

It was 9:45pm, way late into the night for me, I was extremely tired from the day activities and I needed me a warm bath. My friends and I walked towards the parking lot as Mrs. Zika Utibe showed me to the crystal grey vanquish she had gotten for me as my birthday present. In as much as I was extremely tired, I didn’t want the day to end. I smiled graciously at her.

As I proceeded to step in and drive home, I felt It’soyha grab my waist from behind. Oh I knew it was him, his Drakkar Noir deodorant reverberated over him, I couldn’t miss his scent.

I turned around to face him leaning on the car as I gladly smiled.

“Why in such a hurry babe? I thought we had other plans” he said as he kissed the nape of my neck

“Oh yeah? I didn’t know I had other plans that involved you mister.” I replied poking his nose

“Then ma, I take it that you weren’t properly informed?” he murmured softly

“Maybe mister…whom do I punish now?”

“Punish me ma. I’ll take the blame, I need to start taking responsibilities for my actions.”

“You are becoming a very naughty man and I dislike naughty men. Get in, I’m going to give you a heavy spanking.”

We looked at each other for a split second and chuckled.

“Do you have any idea how much I want you, Efua?” he whispered

I caught my breath. How could he say it just like that? I couldn’t take off my eyes from his. He reached up and gently ran his fingers down my cheeks to my lower jaw as he caressed my lips.

“Do you have any idea what I want to do to and with you?” he queried again still caressing my lower jaw.

I clenched my cheek muscles in the most delicious fashion as I get tantalized by his constant touch.

Just then, I heard Louisa and Clare scream good night with Ehis & Denise waving behind them as they drove off. Goodnight? I thought…It wasn’t like I wasn’t coming home tonight, I had work to attend to in the morning.

I looked back at It’soyha who was now intently gazing at me shrewdly. “What do you want to do now?” I asked sheepishly

“Take you home with me.” He replied statically and seeing that I didn’t respond quickly, he added “Come, give me a ride in your new car…let’s see how you drift!”

“Really now, you think I don’t have skills?” I said flipping my hair to the side

“With you, I can’t be so sure…you get away with anything.”

I smiled as he climbed into the passenger’s seat waiting for me to rev the car to life. “Come on now babe, let’s go.”

We drove round the island for a while chatting, laughing and catching up with old news and forgetting about the fact that there was a tomorrow. I willingly drove to his new home at Gerald Avenue, off Bourdillon, Ikoyi because I wanted to see and know his new place.

When we got inside his home, I noticed an oil painting of me by the Foyer.

“How did you get this?” I inquired as I ran my hands through the painting.

“I have my ways Efua” he replied breathing behind my neck as he cupped my bum.

The muscles deep inside me clenched in the most delicious fashion as he squeezed my bum lightly placing feathery kisses at the nape of my neck and my ear-lobes.

I shivered from excitement. The butterflies in my belly fluttered with so much joy. My adrenaline was pumping excessively. Just a mere touch and all these were happening to me…will I burst if we indulge? I thought.

“Be prepared” It’soyha whispered into my ear as if he was reading my thoughts “I’m taking you up to my room.”

I smiled at him as he led me up the stairs and into the masters’ bedroom, scared for myself at what looked like was going to happen. He switched on the lights as he turned to gaze at me.

“I want to look at you, all of you.”

“I thought you did see me the first night we spent together.”

“I only saw a blurry shadow vision of you…this time I want to admire all your features, with the lights on.”

I blushed pink even though I knew I couldn’t literally turn pink. Just to avert my gaze from his, I walked round his room admiring the finesse of it and the lovely fittings he had put in place. The room was graceful, flamboyant yet exquisite.

I turned around to see him strolling confidently towards where I stood, eyes blazing hot and sexy. He was so freaking hot! My heart began to pound wildly, I needed to go home.

Just then he grabbed me by the neck and kissed me full on the mouth taking his time. Hmmm..I wasn’t expecting that, I thought. My blood pumped around my body as thick hot desire pooled in my belly.

Gently, he undid the back strap of my maxi dress as he unzipped me with his left hand still holding the nape of my neck with his right hand kissing me intimately.

Quietly and slowly, I felt him peel my blue dress from my body letting it fall to the floor, obviously not wanting to lose contact with my mouth. I moved my legs as I freed myself off the dress. He pressed my bum harder with his left palm and pulled me closer to him as I felt his hard-on. He moaned as he pulled my face away from his looking intently at me.

“Oh Efua…” he breathed “You are so pretty, I want to kiss every part of you.”

I flush this time catching my breath. Grasping each side of my head, he leaned to kiss me again. This time, his kiss was demanding, his tongue and lips coaxed mine. I moaned, and my tongue tentatively met his. He then put his arms around me and hauled me against his body, squeezing me tightly. One hand remained in my hair, while the other traveled down my spine to my waist and down to my bum. His hand flexed over my bum again as he squeezed gently.

I moaned once more into his mouth. I could hardly contain the riotous feeling or is it hormones that rampaged through my body? I wanted him so badly.

Gripping his upper arms, I felt his biceps, he was surprisingly strong…muscular. Tentatively, I moved my hands up to his bearded face and into his small hair. Holy Mary. It’s so soft. I tugged gently at his shirt, and he groaned as he gently eased me towards the bed.

Freeing my mouth from his, he stooped down and grabbed my hips with his strong hands as I tried to rest on my elbows. He began to place feathery kisses on my belly region, down my Navel area, nipping back and forth to my hipbone.

“Ah!” I groaned as I pushed my hips forward.

Seeing him down beneath me, with his mouth on my body was so unexpected but I loved the feeling I was getting. I tried to quiet what I felt was my too-loud breathing.

Without taking his eyes off mine, he stood up from where he had been kneeling on the floor, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off together with his singlet. He knelt down towards me again and reached for my brassiere. His hands reached beneath my back as he undid the clapping of my brassiere and tugged it free from my body. He stopped, licked his lips never breaking eye contact with me as he ran his nose up and down the apex of my breast making sure to place light kisses at the mounds of each breast. I had never felt so excited my entire life…this was so exciting.

“You smell so good” he murmured as I noticed a look of pure pleasure on his face.

He then proceeded to push me onto the mattress as he climbed on top of me placing light kisses all over my body. Gently, he knelt across my ankles, took one of my legs into his palms and proceeded to remove my Giuseppe-zanotti Stiletto from my legs. Even with this harmless act, he looked handsome and seductive, I couldn’t stop biting my lips. I wanted him so badly.

He ran his fingers through the palm of my foot tickling my insides and causing me to erupt with laughter.

He looked at me and grinned “I’m beginning to tickle your fancy, huh?” then he removed my other sandal and kissed the big toe of my left foot. Oh my…am I going to erupt?

He looked at me again “oh Efua, what I want to do to you…”

I teased him on “Oh really now handsome?” I said as I propped myself up with my elbow astonished at myself “Don’t be coy, show me. What would you have me do, mister?”

He smiled at my response shaking his head in disbelief and with a swift movement, he grasped my ankles and jerked my legs apart as he put his nose in my area. I squirmed with desire as I watched him slide my panties to the side to kiss the inside.

I wriggled beneath him. “Keep still” I heard him murmur. I can’t keep still. It’s hard work to keep still at a moment like this, I thought.

“I have to work hard on keeping you still Efua” he continued reading my mind as he hovered over me looking deeply into my eyes.

My skin was burning hot and cold at the same time. He began to trail feathery kisses on my breast and stomach region and my nipples hardened at his every kiss; this sure wasn’t going to make me keep still, I thought.

I clawed at the bed with my feet as I met his unsteady gaze. He continued with the action each time ending at my inner thigh and placing light kisses in my area. I clasped the bed-sheet tighter as my body fill with need for him. I don’t understand his sexual threat, can’t we just get this over with already?

As I closed my eyes to appreciate this sweet agony ‘Soyha was creating in me, I felt him slowly peel my panties off my skin. I was more than grateful to shed the encumbrance.

Gently, he pushed my hips up and set it towards his face as he generously kissed me there. My legs began to stiffen after a while as I opened my mouth to let out a groan. It’soyha was damn good, I couldn’t deny.

He worked his fingers in a tripartite motion around my area switching it with his tongue as my body suddenly began to build up and I felt I was going to have an epilepsy. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, this was way different from what happened the last night we spent at Radisson Blu.

“Let Go Efua” he breathed as he looked up at me “Let go.” I opened my legs wider to receive his generous lips as I reluctantly let go. This wasn’t going to be easy, I thought.

He thrust his fingers inside me again, harder this time and I squeezed my insides from the pain I felt. I didn’t like the feel of the fingers inside me that much, I wanted his mouth. I groaned more out of the pain I felt than the pleasure.

Suddenly, he sat up to look at me. I was too ashamed to look directly into his eyes. He hovered up against me and proceeded to kiss my lips gently starting from the side of my mouth and gently biting the lower part of my lips.

I placed my arms across his back as he leaned closer. Somehow, I got the courage to move my hands down his trousers. I don’t know why but I felt the sudden urge to pull him free from his clothing. He looked at me unsure of what I wanted to do.

“Are you sure you want me to go all the way Efua?”

I responded by leaning up to kiss him passionately, intimately as I unfastened his zipper and dragged down his trousers. I didn’t care anymore. I was 26 and I wanted this birthday sex. Now that I was here, on his bed, like this, I couldn’t just let another year pass me by. His ragged breathing echoed in my ear as I pulled off his brief to reveal his masculine self. He was deliciously handsome. I swallowed hard.

He cupped my breasts this time as he reached down to fondle my right breast with his mouth. I giggled in delight as I let his mouth tickle me. I felt goose bumps. My body was tired of waiting. I was tired of the exciting foreplay, I needed me some action but ‘Soyha for some strange reasons refused to go further. He just continued to punish me with his fickle kisses.

“It’soyha…” I whispered “Please, take me.”

He looked at me this time just to be sure and then moving between my legs, he spread them further apart and pulled them up. He looked at me again as he stood up to get a foil packaged wrapper somewhere in his wardrobe.

“What is that?” I asked curiously

“Well, I assume you are not taking pills so I’m going to use some protection.”

I huffed “I don’t like the sound of that. I hate condoms.”

“Seriously babe, they are pretty helpful. Why would you hate them?”

“I just don’t like it. Sounds like it will get in my way of fun. Besides, how would you know if I was on the pill or not?” I asked frowning my face

“Why would you be on the pill in the first place? Don’t tell me you’ve done it already behind my back?” he quizzed looking intently at me

I laughed slightly “Well you aren’t using any condom on me. Plus, I am on the pill so I guess we are safe.”

“Why are you on the pill?”

“Let’s just say I have a condition of irregular menstruation that requires the pill.”

He looked at me not sure exactly what to say but not wanting to ruin the situation. “Are you sure you don’t want me using the condom?”

“I’m dammed sure.” I replied smiling sheepishly as he positioned himself between my legs again

“Do you really want me to do this Efua?” he asked softly “I could wait till you are ready babe.”

“Please ‘Soyha”

Gently, he kissed me and placed himself inside me as he opened his mouth breathing harshly. “Aargh!” I squealed as I felt a weird pinching sensation pierce inside me. I felt him break through my hymen and I squeezed my legs together out of fear and pain.

He stopped, paused and looked at me “Should I pull out?” he questioned

I winced at his question not exactly sure what I wanted anymore. The pain was too much but I just wanted to feel him inside me. Instead of responding, I opened my legs wider to receive him again.

He gazed down at me as he thrust deeper this time making me scream loudly. It was too painful, so painful I wanted to cry and push him off but he looked at me with eyes so sincere I thought I would melt. “Trust me babe, I’ll go easy.”

“Open your legs wider, you are so tight” he instructed

“My legs can’t go any farther” I said in reply scared that I won’t be able to walk after this.

“Of course it can Efua” he said “Just let go and trust me”

I looked at him as I tried to consider opening my legs further apart. I was already in so much pain, I was afraid to feel more.

Just then, he leaned forward to kiss me deeper and sensitively. I melted at his kiss and somehow I felt my body warming up to him as my legs out of their own volition opened wider to gain him access. He continued kissing me and just then I felt him go deep inside me. I groaned into his mouth as the tears fell off the corners of my face. His free hand caressed my breast and I felt something stir up inside me.

He pulled his mouth free from mine as he searched my face “Efua…” I opened my eyes to look at him “I’m going to move now inside you, are you sure you want me to continue?”

Oh…I thought, we haven’t started yet?

He eased out himself slowly, closed his eyes, groaned and thrust back into me deeper this time. I screamed at the force.

He began to move rhythmically thrusting deeper each time making me scream and squeal like a little child. As if I was making lots of noises, he reached down and French-kissed me as he continued to move up and down inside me. I followed suit, my hips moving tentatively with his rhythm and just then I felt the sweet pleasure. It was overwhelming and suddenly I didn’t want to stop.

He sped up his movement. I moaned, and he pounded on, picking up speed, merciless, a relentless rhythm, and I kept up, meeting his thrusts. He grasped my head between his hands and kissed me hard, his teeth pulled at my lower lip again. He shifted slightly, and I could feel something build deep inside me, like before.

I started to stiffen as he thrusts on and on. My body quivered, a sheen of sweat gathered over me.

Oh my… I didn’t know it would feel like this… didn’t know it could feel as good as this. My thoughts were scattering… there’s only sensation… only him… only me… oh please I begged… I stiffened.

“Oh Efua…” he moaned out loudly “I’m coming baby”

I wasn’t yet accustomed to this so I kept mute hoping silently that he wouldn’t stop as I tugged on him tighter. I loved the feeling I was getting but my body felt like it was going to explode and my legs began to shake uncontrollably just like his was doing too. Biting hard at his lips, I stilled myself as we climaxed together with him, feeling hot wet liquid pour inside me.

We laid there for a while as I began to pant, trying to slow down my thumping heart. I flickered my eyes open to see him looking down at me all smiles. Gently, he pressed warm kisses on my forehead as he slowly pulled out of me.

“Ahh…” I winced at the unfamiliar pain.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked as he propped up beside me on one elbow

“A little bit.” I replied grinning hard “I’m not going to give myself to you again” I said defiantly

“I bet! You are mine and only mine alone.” He kissed my breasts “Don’t you forget that.” I giggled

“We have to work on you keeping still while I touch you. You are way too responsive. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it, it’s just that you make my work too easy” he nuzzled on my ear “like keeping perfectly still while I do this, can you do that?”

I shook with excitement, it obviously wasn’t going to be possible to keep me still beneath his touch.

This was the best birthday present ever. Just then, I remembered I had to be at the office tomorrow. Shit! I thought.

Shades of a Virgin Wife (4)


My heart is pounding fervently. The elevator arrives on the first floor of Olaniwun Ajayi, and I scramble out as soon as the doors slide open. I race for the wide glass doors, happy that it’s Friday and I’m free from work and in the cleansing, damp air of Lagos Island. Raising my face, I welcome the hot scorching sun as I put on my Louis Vuitton shades. I close my eyes and take a deep, purifying breath, trying to recover what’s left of my equilibrium. No man has ever affected me the way Utibe It’soyha has, and I cannot fathom why. I roll my eyes in exasperation.

Is it his looks? His civility? Wealth? Sexy Baritone? I don’t understand my irrational reaction. I breathe an enormous sigh of relief. What in heaven’s name was this all about? Leaning against one of the steel pillars of the building, I valiantly attempt to calm down and gather my thoughts. I shake my head. Holy crap – what is this? My heart steadies to its regular rhythm, and I can breathe normally again. I head for my car. As I drive away, I begin to feel foolish and embarrassed as I replay the just-ended phone conversation with It’soyha in my mind.

Surely, I’m over-reacting to something that’s imaginary. Okay, so he’s very attractive, sexy, quite intelligent, confident, commanding, at ease with himself, I snort – but on the flip side, he’s too proud, arrogant, and for all his impeccable manners, he’s cynical and cold. Well, that’s on the surface. An involuntary shiver runs down my spine. He may be arrogant, but then he has a right to be – he’s accomplished so much at such a young age. Who wouldn’t be so proud or have such an air of arrogance?

Again, I’m irritated at myself for having agreed to spend the weekend together. It’s been barely five weeks of our meeting and I can’t stop thinking about him. So, he came over again to Lagos yesterday after I had refused to fly on the next plane to Asaba for a meet-up. Obviously, I knew I loved this man but I wasn’t so overtaken by my emotions that I’d stupidly fly on the next plane just so I could meet-up with him! If he wanted so badly to meet with me, then he’d come over. I had said so on the phone when we spoke at length on Wednesday and by 4:45pm Thursday afternoon, crazy Mr. Utibe arrived Lagos. I wasn’t too surprised. Yeah, I thought he would give up on me…men are always like that, especially when they haven’t got that booty call after five weeks.

I got home by 7:20pm after trying to beat the Lagos traffic. I had my shower, packed a small bag and waited for It’soyha to call. I wasn’t sure what to do…I didn’t want to eat because It’soyha was good at spoiling me with food and I wanted my stomach to be ready. I wanted to call but I wasn’t sure if it was right for me to do so, I didn’t want to seem like a creep, I felt extremely awkward and I somehow hoped he wouldn’t call but then again, I’d be very disappointed and I knew It’soyha was definitely going to call. Tripping down the stairs, I lay gently on the sitting couch and slept off.
[It’soyha’s Memoir…]
Date: 15th January, 2016
Location: Radisson Blu Anchorage
Time: 07:10pm
Mood: Superb!

It’s been a while I wrote on here and I can’t say just exactly how I feel. Efua has taken over my thoughts and I’m scared to say but I think I’m in love. I know you’ll ask what I mean but I sincerely can’t believe it either. She is so different from the rest I have met and her every word brings adventure and excitement. She’s breaking my every bounds and making me do things I’d not do on a normal.

Dayo and Habeeb have been so sad because I stopped going to the strip bar with them every Wednesdays…I don’t feel like it anymore. Like I said before, I think I’ve had me enough girls to last a lifetime!

So, I see myself coming to Lagos almost all the time because of Efua and I’m always excited but truth is, I don’t have much time to always come over, else I’d be coming around every other weekends to see her. I decided that I’d branch out to Lagos and move down here to settle but then again, I’m not so sure how she feels about me. I know she thinks I just want her ass, which I still very much do but then again, I want all of her. I don’t think I’d be able to share her with anyone and as I can see, she isn’t with anyone and I’m very grateful for that.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about tonight. It’s going to be our first night together and I feel so awkward about it. Our conversation earlier today was quite provocative but very overwhelming…I didn’t know that girls could get mad over the fact that a man did all he could to come around to see her even after she indirectly asked for it. It was the most complicated thing ever, I can still hear the shock in her voice when I had called her this mid-afternoon…

“Hey babe, what’s up with you?” I had started
“I’m doing alright and you?”
“Oh, I’m feeling very excited today…can’t seem to stop quelling.”
“Oh really? What’s getting you all excited?”
“The thought of seeing you, waking up with you and just being with you throughout this weekend.”
“Oh yeah?” She giggled over the phone and then stopped suddenly, “Wait, what did you just say?”
“Oh come on, you heard me the first time, don’t play sneaky.”
“I don’t understand what that means. Are you still saying that I should come over to Asaba?” she huffed “I told you before, It’soyha, I won’t do that. Besides, it’s Friday already so it’s obvious I’m not going to come anywhere near Asaba. You have to come here if you want to see me and you are too busy for that…you possibly can’t be traveling up and down plus I’m guessing your friends would like to spend some quality time with you by the weekend. Just stop dreaming already!”
Why does she have to say a lot? I chuckled hard before I spoke up “Okay, first of all, that was a ton of words. Secondly, you don’t have to trouble yourself anymore, I’m here already.”
“Sorry, you are here? As in, you came over? Like seriously, you traveled down to Lagos again? Are you here for business or you really just came to spend the weekend?”
“That’s what I said before…I came here to see you and spend the weekend…not alone but with you.”
“You are definitely one crazy man. Who told you it was okay to come over and why didn’t you say that you would be coming around?”
“You said if I wanted to see you, I would come around and I came around. You asked for it!”
“No, I didn’t! You took me by my words literally? I just said it, I didn’t literally mean that you should come. And besides, if you were coming, you should have said something. What if I was going off somewhere…?”
“Somewhere like where? You aren’t going anywhere obviously or are you?”
“What if I had a wedding to attend tomorrow? What if I had to travel?”
“Oh well, what a shame…I’ll just come along with you.”
“Are you okay? Come along with me to where? Who invited you?”
“Efua, I don’t care if no one invited me…I’ll trail along with you even if you don’t want me to. Now can we stop ranting about what not and just attend to what is? I’m here to spend the weekend with you because I want to, do you want to see me or not?”

She was quiet for a while and for a split second I thought she had cut the call on me, I checked my phone and saw that the connection was still on…
“Hello Efua, are you still there?”
“Yeah It’soyha, I’m here…” she sighed
“So…do you want to see me?”
“It’soyha, you know I do…but spending the weekend with you is what I’m not sure of. I didn’t…I didn’t plan for this.”
“I know it’s a bit of a surprise but I really want to see you Efua. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have come all the way down here.”
“Okay, I’ll come…” she said almost reluctantly “but that would be after work and all.”
“No problem Efua, I’ll send a cab to go pick you up when you are ready.”
I heard her snort, “I don’t want a cab to come pick me up It’soyha…it’s either you come over to pick me or I drive myself over when I feel like it.”
I laughed, girls could really be something, now she wants me to do all the work… “Alright my lady, if that’s what you so desire, I’ll come myself…I don’t want you driving over when you please.”
“See you soon then mister”
“See you soon Efua.”

She dropped the call before I had a chance to say any other thing. Now I thought that was rude but then, its’ Efua…she gets away with anything.

Now, I’m wondering why she hasn’t yet called. Is she cancelling on me without a word? It’s 8:58pm and I doubt she’d be stuck in any Lagos traffic heading home. She should have gotten home a long time ago. I’m just going to ignore all odds and call her just to be sure…I really want to see her.


I FEEL a heavy throbbing on my breast and I jerk up immediately to see my phone vibrating on the floor. I bend down to pick it up and see It’soyha’s face greeting me with a warm smile. I accept his call and we talk a while. I then head upstairs, carry my small bag and head out for my weekend-get-away with It’soyha.

It’s been such a long time I ever had a weekend-get-away and that was when I was 19 with my first boyfriend when we went to “Obudu Cattle Ranch” at Calabar spontaneously on a Thursday. I even had to miss my Friday lectures just for that trip but that was because the trip to Calabar just happened.

I remember when Victor had said to me that Thursday afternoon,
“Babe, let’s go to Calabar.”
“Calabar? Why?”
“We haven’t really travelled together before or ran off somewhere exciting and Jos doesn’t provide the best social fun, let’s go to Obudu.”
And just like a fool, I had excitedly blurted out “Oh yes Victor, that would be fun plus I haven’t been there before. When do you want us to go?”
“Now!” he grinned widely at me as I smiled back thinking he was just joking
“Okay, let’s go” I said thinking I was playing along and before I could mutter Olusegun Obasanjo, Victor ran inside to pack a bag for both of us and that was how we went to the airport and I found myself in Calabar, all expenses paid for.

“Why are you smiling?” I heard It’soyha ask
“Oh…nothing. A thought just popped up my head”

A while later, we headed to his suite at Radisson Blu. As we were on the elevator, several indecent thought flashed in my head…look at what you are thinking Efua, the unwelcome still small voice of my subconscious whispers. I banish the thought immediately as I look up to see It’soyha smiling at me. He took me to “Voyage Restaurant” where we had a decent dinner after we had gone to drop my bags.

First, we were served with Arra Viognier white wine and I took a gracious sip because I loved white wine and it’soyha knew to order a refill. Then, It’soyha ordered for an appetizer of Fresh Prawns grilled with Coriander-garlic butter for both of us and I heard my stomach melt with pleasure as I filled my mouth with the creamy taste. After we were done with the prawns, the waiter brought to our table another exciting dish of Grilled fillet of sole with lemon shrimps butter, spinach and mashed potatoes. I couldn’t be more pleased. I ate to my heart content as It’soyha watched me with delight. The mashed potatoes were bae, finely mashed and it felt so soft in my mouth like melted butter.

As I took another sip of my white wine, It’soyha announced that dessert was coming. I was so full but I couldn’t upset the worms in my stomach by refusing to try to eat the variation of Belgian chocolate filled with Chocolate mousse with chili, warm chocolate-hazelnut soufflé and chocolate ice cream. It’soyha obviously wanted to kill me with food.

We headed back to his suite an hour later and I could testify that I was drunk with all those food [if there was anything like that]. I was amazed at his composure even after eating such a bogus meal. He went in the bathroom to have a shower while I just changed into my shorts and boogie shirt after wiping the Office-Ante USA- red matte from my lips and cleansing my face with my facial cleanser, I was too tired to take another shower, I just wanted to rest my aching belly.

I punched on my phone and scrolled through my Google mail to see if I had any important message related to work or so. When I had satisfied myself that I had no extra work business, I visited my twitter page to find out the trending gist. I loved twitter, it was The-Way-I-Tried-To-Erase-Reality. Just then I saw a tweet on EFCC VS. TOM POLO, A cat and Mouse Game? I began to wonder what was happening.

Just as I clicked on the link below the tweet, I felt It’soyha climb on top of me as his warm hands grabbed my ass. I giggled as he planted tiny kisses on my back and neck. I couldn’t concentrate on the post I was trying to read, It’soyha even collected my phone from me and dropped it aside…”Tonight you’re going to be all mine” he whispered “No phones allowed babe.” His voice was warm behind my ears, I giggled at his every touch. He turned me to face him and kissed me deeply. It was so intense I couldn’t even breathe. He pulled his mouth off mine as he gasped for air, I loved every bit of him and I couldn’t lie about it. I reached out to touch his side stubble, he placed his palm over my hands and planted a warm kiss on it. I smiled at his gentle touch and brought down his face to mine as we shared another intimate kiss.

This time, he carried me off the bed, sat me on the nearby sofa and knelt in front of my open legs still kissing me with his hands on my butt. “I don’t want to rush this…” he muttered in between our kiss “I want to remember every bit of my first night with you Efua.”

He looked me in the eye, went to the fridge beside the bed and brought out a bottle of Prosecco. I watched It’soyha open the bottle of sparkling wine as i bit my lip. He was tall, clad in his bath robe, strong shoulders and great abs, dark hair and burning brown eyes, he was just so hot, I couldn’t deny. I smiled as I watched him cork the bottle open, it made a loud pop…he looked up at me and smiled as he poured the wine into two glasses and handed over one to me. I smiled as I took a sip…I don’t want wine, I say to myself, I want to kiss you.

I relish at my thought and just then, he pulled me up and kissed me pouring wine into my mouth. I chuckle as I placed my head on his chest. It feels like heaven and I don’t want to leave his embrace. I mouth down all my wine as I feel his hand gently massaging the all of my back way down to my butt. He pulled back from me, collected my wine glass and dropped it on the table in front of us.

Gently, he pulled off my boogie shirt and placed tiny kisses on my neck, then down to my lower part of my breast and then to my belly button. I tingled with light sensation as I giggled uncomfortably. He came back up, carried me  on top of him, kissed me hard and placed me on the bed. I sigh in exasperation as his mouth moved round my stomach area.

I push him back up to meet my lips where we kiss again, this time, I take the lead. I pulled off his robe and placed tiny kisses on his nose, shoulders, chest nipples and up back his temple as I run my hands over his body gently scratching his side stomach which caused him to giggle hard. Just then, he tried to pull my shorts and I freeze in fear. I loved every bit of what he was doing to me but I sure wasn’t ready to let him down that area. It was against everything I believed in. He looked at me, half-smiled and planted subtle kisses between my thighs. I felt goose-pimple all over and I’m ashamed to say my nipples were hard, craving, wanting more.

I pulled him away from my legs and half-smiled at him as he came up to me. He placed his hands across my chin as he looked me in the eye…

“What’s the matter Efua? I’m I coming on too strong for you?”
“It’s not like that It’soyha…I just don’t know if I’m ready.”
“I don’t understand. If you’re ready?”
“I really do care about you It’soyha but I need to be sure that you feel the same way about me too. I would be dammed if we made love and you didn’t.”
“I still don’t understand you Efua. I sincerely do care about you and you know that. I need not tell you.”
“Then marry me, and have me as you please.” I touched his lips and smiled. I heard him sigh
“What are you trying to say?”
“I’m saying that I can’t have sex with you till we are married.”
He huffed “Are you a freaking virgin?” he asked dismayed as he sat up
I looked away feeling quite uncomfortable at his stare…
“You’ve got to be kidding me! With such great ass, who would have thought…where the hell have you been?”

I closed my eyes as I shook my head…who would have believed me in this situation…in this 21st century, I rolled off the bed as I tried to grab my boogie shirt. Just then, I felt his warm hands grab me from behind and I don’t know why but I started to cry. I tried to hold them back but they just won’t hide themselves. I felt him placing tiny kisses on my face as he hugged me tightly from behind. Just then I spoke out in between sobs…

“I don’t know if I’m ready…to share my soul with you It’soyha because I’m scared” I swallow my spit as I grit my teeth “I’m scared that you’ll take away this night from me without so much as to a second thought, as to how much it means, to bare my heart to you. As much as I want to live in this moment with you and share in this limitless pleasure, that I know you’ll bring me, I just don’t think its best until I know I can trust your lips.”

He pulled me to face him and looked me deep in the eye “You can trust me Efua, I won’t hurt you.”

“I don’t just want this night with you, It’soyha. I don’t just want one night with you. I want countless nights with you as I rise and fall, above and beneath you…can you give me that?” I watched as his expression changed “On this night, can you assure me that you’ll give me that?”

I looked on at his confused face as I half-smiled “Forgive me It’soyha for rambling on, I’m just tired of carrying my heart in two pieces. I really don’t like pieces, pieces of candy, pieces of chocolates, pieces of fruits…I prefer things whole, like a whole heart that I’d love to share with you but only if you’re ready…to share…your soul with me.”

I rubbed his face as I planted a light kiss on his lips… “I’m tired It’soyha, let’s go to sleep.”

I detangle myself from his hold, put on my boogie shirt and lay inside the covers. I knew it was over before it even began, it always was. I smiled as I tried to sleep closing my eyes.