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Public Proposals – Fancy or Nah

Hey guys…so it has been a while up in here. *Clears the dusty air* Phew, I know I have not been as active I should have been on here and I hope that I will do better this year. Happy new year guys, by the way. I hope that this is THAT year for you…yes YOU!

So there has been this recent trend of people proposing to their girlfriends and some to their boyfriends in public where people in turn, video and post on social media for all to see the tremendous joy of the newly engaged couples – and the both parties are happy about the outcome obviously.

However, the problem becomes – what happens to the person proposing when the subject of the proposal refuses to accept the ring embedded in a box?

Does it put their relationship in a fix?

Does the relationship cease to exist?

Does it mean there will have to be some sort of break period before the proposer proposes again – this time maybe more planned?

All these seemingly questions that should be thought through before the act of public proposal commences and yet we still see so many public proposals. What would you do if you were proposed to publicly – be you female or male, as is the trend nowadays? *eyes-rolling-till-it-falls-off-towards-the-floor*

Would you scream, cry and then shout for joy?

Would you act surprised as should be the case or maybe you already knew it was coming?

Would you say no to the proposer and walk away from the embarrassing scene?

Would you rather gather up the proposer, hug him/her, not say a single word and lead him/her away from the scene of crime?

What would you rather do in such a situation? Question then becomes, how sure should you be before proposing in public?

Let’s note that proposals can be of three types – Nigerians we are definitely too much.

  1. Secret Proposal – This is a proposal done secretly between the two lovebirds in the privacy of a hotel room, the man’s place, a quiet dinner for two with the entire restaurant reserved for them both, on a boat cruise with the two lovers alone, a private jet – where the man gets to fly the jet w/o interference from one hostess or pilot or better yet, his pilot is that loyal, so the word will never get out. There, you get the picture.
  2. Private intimate proposal – This is a proposal done in private between the two lovebirds in the presence of family and friends in a serene environment specially picked out for the occasion. Usually organized and arranged by friends of the female party or male party – if it is a male that will be proposed to *rolls-eye*. This could occur in a private beach, at a family and friends weekend getaway/vacation, on a boat cruise with mutual friends, at a friendship reunion – where all mutual friends will be present but away from the eyes of the entire world, at a special restaurant or at the girl’s or boy’s [I really don’t like that I have to keep putting male in the picture] home or at the place where the lovebirds first met but this time with only family and friends present.
  3. Public absurd proposal –   This is a proposal done in OPEN public my people. A proposal where the entire masses are involved, irrespective of whether or not mutual friends are present. This kind of proposal is usually an open surprise or a planned surprise – I don’t even know. This usually occurs at the public shopping mall, at the Airport, inside a public airplane, at a bus park, at the Church, at the cinemas – sometimes during a movie [goodness], at the office, on the main express road/by the streets, at a game, at an event/public show, in a public eatery – maybe inside cold stone ice-cream, somewhere on her pizza, inside her jollof rice or inside the wine glass [sigh], at a resort, at the amusement park – anywhere that is public as long as the heart want what it wants, right? Yeah, right!

I definitely do not ever want a PUBLIC proposal because they are not fancy or cute and it seems like utter blackmail. It is a manipulative and awkward way of getting me to say yes – if this ever happens to me, I will walk away without a single word to the proposer.

So here are pictures of public proposals gone wrong…


Public lady


Picture Credit: Google; YouTube

Please proposer’s, know your partner. Do your due diligence – I cannot emphasize this enough. ALWAYS make a hint of what you are likely to do, understand what your other half would want and like, discuss the possibility or not of a proposal, respect their privacy and save yourself from the embarrassment of a ‘NO’ or from the person walking away from you and leaving you to the masses to ridicule and pity. Don’t go overboard with your emotions, please keep them in check. Don’t be like the lady who proposed to her boyfriend at ICM [Ikeja City Mall] of all places. Nada!

So, I ask again…what kind of proposal would you rather prefer guys?

I’d love to read your comments below, so please leave me a message in the comment box.

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